Secret Valley, Corrupters


VERY IMPORTANT: Yes, i'm updating this thread before the contest ends. The only difference is that now you must pick Orcs, instead of Undead. As i couldn't try the map by myself i didn't realized that the triggers associated with setting the starting units wouldn't work using UN as base race. Sorry for it, but not updating it would drastically change the playability of the entire map, giving you double starting units and eliminating the starting corrupted zone.

The Corrupters. Aquir, Qiraji, and N'raqi. Horrible and very different creatures, with only one thing in common: Corruption. They born and live to obey the willing of their masters, the Old Gods. They are created from their flesh, and extend their tentacls and insects between all Azeroth, living just under our feets. Now, the war has begun.

The corrupters are an out-of-box techtree, based on a system without buildings (only 3 in total, no one of them is buildable and oe is an upgrade of another) that uses the concept of evolution to create a complex web of units, that transform or create anothers. All of them are commanded by the Overlord, a giant Aquir monstrosity, and distributed by the corrupters, a cult of N'raqis experienced on corrupting the land and trees to allow the expand of their own. If your Overlord dies, you instantly lose.
The corrupters are very exposed to attacks, as they don't even have a main base, and they gold extractors (scarabs) are very vulnerable. This is a big disadventage, but it seems equilibrated by their ridiculously good movility, that allows them to create entire armies on just seconds, and use tunnels to move across the entire map in just seconds.
They don't have the normal 3-tier upgrades for all units. Instead, they have very specific upgrades made to extremely benefit a specifical unit, giving it a new role that completely changes the main strategy. The 2 most important ones are Underground temples for mid-game (that gives your tunnelers the capability of instantly summon small advanced posts when they are burrowed, that get destroyed if they get out) and Willing of the Old Gods for late-game, that gives your Herald of the Old Ones (by far, the strongest unit you may ever seen, the ability to cast 4 extremely powerful spells that completely change the direction of a battle in just seconds.
The evolving system allows to create lots of advanced units very fast and at the same time, but requires a good control and knowledge about all available evolvings, to do't spend time reading. For that reason, soon i'll add a diagram showing all the units and heroes, they available evolves, and a basical description of each.

The map was done using 1.31. To play as the Corrupters, select Orc at 90% handicap. This is my entry for the 17th Techtree Contest: Swarms

Known issues:
-A very few times, burrowing a tunneler with the underground temples update may not create the buildings. I dont know why this happens, but to solve it it's enough with reburrowing the unit, it oly makes you loose a few seconds.

-Mc !
-Uncle Fester
-Blood Raven
-Blizzard Entertainment

Secret Valley, Corrupters (Map)

Awaiting Update based on reviews from: Techtree Contest #17 - Results Please consider the given feedback to improve the map.
Approved in accordance with Techtree Contest #17 - Results A very experimental and very lovely faction, this one is definitely worth checking out as an inspiration source and, of course, for playing around on. The major issues are that rushing with...
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Feb 8, 2021
Genius ! 😁
but :
1.why is there overlord in goldmine
2. if one of the overlord die, You will loss 😕
3.Tunneler bug :


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Dec 16, 2018
Overlord in the goldmine? You mean, an extra overlord? I have a theory about that, and it isn't good, as it could only be fixed editing the map
About you loosing when the Overlord dies, its intentional. As you can play without any stable structure, the only thing that assures your techtree is the Overlord. It's a strong unit, yes. But you must protect it as much as you can.
About the tunneler, what are you trying to do? That message should only appear when you use the spell Burrow on a not corrupted zone, without the upgrade that is made to make you able to do that. Consider that the corrupted zone is a special zone for the techtree, similar to the blight of the Undead. It gives your units an extra movement and attack speed, and allows special things like burrowing.

I think both problems come from having used Undead as the base race for the techtree, which isn't good at all. I guess I have no choice but to change that race to Orcs, as right now this may completely change the game experience. I think I'll do that ASAP. Hope it isn't considered an edit, it isn't a change to the map itself, but a modify so the map is really playable. Thanks for the advice, I didn't noticed the special stuff for choosing undead (the initial blight, the altered goldmine that works like a building...)

@Jarl Bob Check it now if you want, you have to pick Orc, it should work (if it doesn't, then i have no idea about what's going on)
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Dec 16, 2018
Oh, that's intentional too. I just thought having it from the beginning with a normal vision rate would make it able to do way too op rushes, or use it to clean creep camps. When reducing its vision rate, you must keep at least one other unit with him, which is also good to protect him. I was gonna clarify this when updating the description of the map, I just was too busy last weeks (maybe today I can make myself some time). If you want to use it to attack, you must either sacrifice your corrupters (that are the only way of getting food at the beginning) or keep creating amalgamations (that are ridiculously easy to kill). Or spend some gold and time creating fully-working units (my recommendation is the Web maker, they are great, probably the best way to rush with the techtree)
@Jarl Bob another big bug solved, now you should be able to play normally.

I'll try to not update the map anymore until the contest ends, unless it several affects the playability of the entire map (must admit, i couldn't get time to try it out enough before uploading it to be sure nothing bad was happening)
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Feb 5, 2009
Approved in accordance with Techtree Contest #17 - Results

A very experimental and very lovely faction, this one is definitely worth checking out as an inspiration source and, of course, for playing around on. The major issues are that rushing with the faction is all but a guaranteed win, but that should not mar the experience that can be had with the faction. Feedback will be following the results provided in the Techtree Contest. Congratulations on first place :)