Orc Amulet Variations

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
All icons are slight edits of each other and were made through direct-size drawing and editing.

This bundle is significantly smaller and simpler than the last one, with less edits from icon to icon.
Tried to be more careful with the magic glow this time.
The style of each item was picked to match my previous works - Horde-Themed Items and Magic Staff Variations.

The list of icons:

  • OrcAmuletRed - an amulet, that matches a theme of my other bundle - Horde-Themed Items. The original idea behind the icon is a skull with chains and a stick with red cloth around it. An initial icon I made, the rest of icons in the list are it's edits;
  • OrcAmuletOrange - a magic variation of OrcAmuletRed;
  • OrcAmuletBlue - an edited recolor of OrcAmuletOrange;
  • OrcAmuletGreen - an edited recolor of OrcAmuletOrange;
  • OrcAmuletPurple - an edited recolor of OrcAmuletOrange.
Ingame screenshot:

BTNOrcAmuletBlue (Icon)

BTNOrcAmuletGreen (Icon)

BTNOrcAmuletOrange (Icon)

BTNOrcAmuletPurple (Icon)

BTNOrcAmuletRed (Icon)

It may be cartoonish with the thick black line art, but it has pretty decent shape and details with accurate purpose, good work.