Truesighty bat icon.

Made this a long time ago for my Kobold icon pack. Now it's uploaded. It's based on a screenshot but I'd say it's well over 50% freehanded.

bat, true sight, truesight, sight, scout, observe, eye, troll, vampire

BTNBatSight (Icon)

00:13, 11th Apr 2010 enjoy: Awesome.
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Batrider has flames concept on the default Warcraft III, you know. It has liquid fire and unstable concoction (even if the second seemingly isn't of a fire concept, it does make the unit explode and burst into flames).
Plus, fire would give that "extra" feeling for the ability. An ability that produces "extra" sight (or whatever the concept would be), it would require some enhanced graphics for the icon, rather than just the bat's plain eye.
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Aug 18, 2008
This is awesome!
I am planned on using Cavmans bat model along with the regular one in my map. So its very likely I will find a use for this.

I suggest you create a "upgrade" of this icon.
One that has the elements of what Pharaoh_ is suggesting and..
One that has the elements of "improved" nocturnal eyesight. I mean, it is a nocturnal animal after all :)
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