Kobold Slave

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
So just for fun and to practice geoset visibility, as I like kobolds, I made this little worker unit. It is extremely simple and should probably be in substandard, but it works.

Enjoy. Be nice. Don't take candle.

Kobold Slave (Model)

Kobold Slave Portrait (Model)

General Frank
Very simple model edit, but probably useful to some people.
Level 18
Apr 30, 2007
Simple, still useful tho. But even if its just a simple edit, I'd suggest adding anything to differentiate him from the ingame kobolds. Maybe make the backpack a little wider?
I've thought about differentiating him more, so that might happen. Thing is I'd like to eventually make an entire techtree's worth of kobolds, and the idea was to keep the worker unit the closest to the original, as a baseline of sorts.
Level 5
Mar 5, 2015
I suggest exchange the weapon to a pickaxe, you can also edit it through any Model Editor in order to look like a pickaxe, since he is a Kobold Worker.

Really think this would be the difference - now it's a little bit hard to differ from other kobolds unless they are side by side