Project Spotlight - March 2013 [Nomination]

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ʃ Project Spotlight: March 2013 ʅ
[Poll is up!]


Nominate the projects you think were interesting and active enough to earn your praise in this thread.

  • Unlimited amount of nominations for every user allowed. (Every nomination for a different project of course!)
  • Keep all of your nominations in one post - If you want to nominate another project later, just edit your first post.
  • Self-nomination not allowed.
  • Bribing other users to nominate your project is not allowed.
  • Add a link to the project(s) you're nominating!
  • Projects that have been released to our Maps Section cannot be nominated.
  • Discussions are not allowed!

Nomination starts on the 18th for every month and takes place till the 2nd of the next month. On the 2nd, the projects with at least 5 nominations will be added to a poll which will run for only 2 days!
In the end, the top 5-voted-for projects will receive a spotlight.

Just a heads-up, if you want more publicity, put this image in your project's thread with this thread's link:


Ѻ Requiem[c][IIIIIIIII] (> Will make it to the poll)
[r]Ѻ Symphony ORPG[c][IIIIIIIII] (> Will make it to the poll)
[r]Ѻ The Enlightened Ones - Munil[c]
[r]Ѻ Argos: Rise of Elements ORPG[c][III]
[r]Ѻ Heroes Tale[c][IIIIIII] (> Will make it to the poll)
[r]Ѻ Extreme Survival[c][IIIIII] (> Will make it to the poll)
[r]Ѻ Clash of the Elements[c][IIIII] (> Will make it to the poll)
[r]Ѻ The Last Bastion[c][II]
[r]Ѻ Heroes Lore: Zero[c][III]
[r]Ѻ Tides of War[c][III]
[r]Ѻ Pokemon Scarlet - Recruiting[c][IIII]
[r]Ѻ Project Y4: A Total Conversion[c]
[r]Ѻ Memento Mori[c][IIIIIII] (> Will make it to the poll)
[r]Ѻ Everden - The Assassins Guild[c][III]
[r]Ѻ God's Word: The True Way[c][IIIIIIIIII] (> Will make it to the poll)
[r]Ѻ Hunting Unlimited[c][II]
[r]Ѻ Marcher Lords[c][II]
[r]Ѻ Naruto Uzumaki - The Life of a Young Shinobi[c][II]
[r]Ѻ Lithion's Awakening SPRPG[c]
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Nov 29, 2012
I nominate [thread=224467]Symphony ORPG[/thread] by Legendary. Quite nice and I gotta say it has lots of interesting feautures like Guilds, Guild Quests, and other else! Also, [thread=231285]The Enlighten Ones - Munil[/thread] by DSanhuenza. He/She is just starting on it but it looks interesting and somewhat cool! Also [thread=231897]Clash of the Elements[/thread] by MasterTrainer because he makes fast progress and also nice game concept he shows! Another one again, [thread=225471]Dungeon of the Chilling Lord[/thread] by Hammerfist132, it really looks promising and also has cool terrain, gameplay of course and epic Bosses!
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Feb 5, 2012
I nominate the project...

Argos - I like the trick use to make the playable LAN even it has 8 MB+ size..

Heroes Tale - My favorite project because of its developer's determination to finish it

Extreme Survival - Tried the game...lots more to offer..

Symphony - Yeah..

Clash Elements - It has good description
Here are the list of Project that I nominate, as well the reasons :

Reasons : Promising Project for Naruto Fans, as long the author won't give up

Reasons : I love RTS based maps, and this Project has a very promising future

Reasons : A Unique SPRPG, which is very promising, I hope it succeed :)

Reasons : Best Project I have seen, excluding SotP and Blades and Gore II
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