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Oct 19, 2019
Sep 8, 2008

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Stavropol. Russia


User, from Stavropol. Russia

Diazz0229 was last seen:
Oct 19, 2019
    1. Sanvone
      Hey - Playing Goblin Survival 1.2 ENG (cause it is the only one which works that I found). There are some bugs which I listed in map topic. Any chance for fixing them. Any estimated time for them to arrive?
    2. Pickles
      Hey, really like your map Miners 1.42. Just want to say that it crashes on lobby countdown ever since patch 1.30. I hope you can update it for us sometime!
    3. StoPCampinGn00b
      Hey Diazz, you should reply to the user by click view conversation/clicking their profile. Doing what you are doing right now give no notification to the user you are trying to message.
    4. Diazz0229
      Wow, I haven't been here for a while, didn't see your message0Yeah% Yeah, I'm getting GS ready for realease on English. I hope you'll like it.
    5. BandolXD
      Hey, any new updates about your map ? [IMG]
    6. Diazz0229
      Hi there)) Sorry for not replying for so long time - I'm very busy with the map at the moment, so no time for checking the forum)) The map is closer than ever to realease. BTW people are playing it on russian for 2 years already =D But now it's almost finished to version 1.0, and when I release it on russian - I'll start making an english patch. I hope you'll like it like 2000 russian fans on this map =D If you'd like to get it now on russian - you can PM me and'll give you link for downloading. But this map requires reading and thinking, so if you don't know russian - you won't be able to survive there for a long time))
    7. ssgohan45
      Hey there, just interested in playing your Goblin Survival Map. I'm not sure if you've released it somewhere, I read that you were almost ready to release it a while back..I'm very interested in this style of Map :) Translated or not could you release it? ^^
    8. myfoot1
      What happened to the goblin survival eng patch ? I'm still waiting for it ><
    9. Daffa
      Thanks :)
    10. Diazz0229
      Okay, I will)) But that's you who'd shown this tool to me, so you've deserved it ;)
    11. Daffa
      However, thanks for giving me Rep
    12. Daffa
      Hi Diazzz, I want to tell you that the MDG is belong to Vengeancekael, he own that tools, I only advertise it to make sure no more improper description in the map Section. You should Rep him instead.
    13. Diazz0229
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  • About

    Stavropol. Russia
    Current Project:
    Goblin Workshop
    Goblin survival
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    If you have something to talk about, and even if you haven't: that's my ICQ:482271209
    My skype: Diazz0229
    Garena nick: Diazz0229.
    Why 0229? That's because I was born at 29th of February. ^_^ Yes-yes, I am lucky!

    Wc3, CoH, l4D, Wh40k




    Formerly known as diazzz
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