Project Spotlight - March 2013 [Poll]

Top Projects of March 2013

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ʃ Project Spotlight: March 2013 ʅ
[Poll - Voting]


The projects with at least 5 nominations have made it to the poll.
It is now once again up to the community to vote for the top 5 projects of March.
The top 5 voted for projects in the end will receive advertisement and the creators rep.
Hurry up though, the poll will not last for long! Hivers have 3 days to vote.

One rule: Voting for your own project is not allowed.

Deadline: April 5th

Nomination Thread
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Oct 6, 2008
I Vote For Extreme Survival Because The Leader of the Espada Vote that

Logic at its best...

I voted for Memento Mori and Requiem. MM is a project actually started in march with great potential and Requiem is probably the most anticipated single player map ...ever. Plus these are the two out of hundreds (just check the last 10 pages of submitted projects) RPG's that really look unique and out of the regularity bubble.
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