Project Spotlight - April 2013 [Nomination]

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ʃ Project Spotlight: April 2013 ʅ


Nominate the projects you think were interesting and active enough to earn your praise in this thread.

  • Unlimited amount of nominations for every user allowed. (Every nomination for a different project of course!)
  • Keep all of your nominations in one post - If you want to nominate another project later, just edit your first post.
  • Self-nomination not allowed.
  • Bribing other users to nominate your project is not allowed.
  • Add a link to the project(s) you're nominating!
  • Projects that have been released to our Maps Section cannot be nominated.
  • Discussions are not allowed!

Nomination starts on the 18th for every month and takes place till the 2nd of the next month. On the 2nd, the projects with at least 5 nominations will be added to a poll which will run for only 2 days!
In the end, the top 5-voted-for projects will receive a spotlight.

Just a heads-up, if you want more publicity, put this image in your project's thread with this thread's link:


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Feb 6, 2013
I love lot's of them. = =
Well,]Clash of the Elements and Heroes Tale and also Requiem and even Symphony ORPG Rise Of the Ancients is four project that I love them most.Each have great plot, great models, skills, icon and great terrain.

Secondly, I spot some new rising project. Sin's Paradise, which has a lot of heroes, all with custom skill. The Prophecy of the Dark Angel - Part 2, although it is part two and also I have play part one, it have change a lot as the maker of the map improve and improve. The system is interesting, and lots of heroes and skills.

EDIT: a fun idea RPG called Heroes Lore : ZERO

That's all. I think I am too greed, right? XD
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Just want to ask, is my project "Dungeon of the Chilling Lord" so bad, so it can never join this, or it is because I am inactive in saying "thx thx", and why are here only the same projects, personaly few projects that you have mention here, have much lower quality that what I have expected. I know I am idiot right?

EDIT: People voting for your "internet friends" will not bring you good maps.
I would really like to you think before you vote for your friends?
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Apr 14, 2012
According to the first post, projects that earn our interest and those that we think are active enough to earn our praise are those we should nominate... I guess different users see different projects in a different way than you see yours.

If this is in violation of the No Discussions Allowed then I will delete this message upon recognition as violation.
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Nov 29, 2012
Heroes Lore: Zero because the way the game is presented is very neat and also neat thread. Basing the game from a mobile game looks good and every content of it is really good.

Another project that really impressed me, Everden - Assassins Guild, has cool features, terrain, decisions that can change the flow of the story and many more interesting ideas....
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