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God's Word: The True Way is a singleplayer RPG by PUVer and his team. Leaning on the standard RPG formula, PUVer has plans for some neat features: NPCs will move around the world and will behave differently depending on your reputation. There is an interaction system thanks to dialogues. Other features include starvation (food system), sleep and guards arresting you.

The community has voted for God's Word: The True Way as the most interesting project of March 2013.

Ѻ AI (World)
↬ NPCs move around
↬ NPCs sleep, work and notice your actions
↬ City Guards can arrest you
↬ Improved Multiboard
↬ Improved Text

Ѻ Dialogue
↬ Allows the player to talk to NPCs
↬ Trading, learning skills, etc.

Ѻ Reputation
↬ General: Be socially helpful and do quests to gain the people's trust
↬ Individual: Gain the trust of individual characters through oratory

Ѻ Classes & Abilities & Quests
↬ 9 Classes + Different Stats (Stamina, Oratory, etc.)
↬ Learn abilities from idols of Gods
↬ Linked Quests

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