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  • Hello Crafty! I saw that you test and review maps. Would you like to take a look at my beloved project War of Sanctity? ^_^
    Hello, just curious how those reviews are holding up? I was really thinking about setting up a contest on the Forums. But I don't want to start with a loose ends from the first one.

    Also, I would like you to help me set the next contest if ever, I am very willing to judge. ^ ^
    I'm really glad! I don't mean to rush or anything, but how are you feeling doing the reviews from the last contest? I asked sonofjay to review on your behalf but it seems he didn't have the time.

    Anyway, once again, welcome back to the Hive :DD
    Every xbox unit already have a logged-in account in the gaming center where I play xbox. Can I make one even if I don't own the unit? Never really bothered trying. I'm content with it since I just play halo in singleplayer or lan if I grabbed a friend to play with me.
    That sounds good but it is actually pretty hard to find someone like that with the level of knowledge on melee maps as you. Maybe Ken-E but he is participating. D:

    I'm not really into winning this contest since the contest is just an excuse for me to make another melee map so I will really have no problem on the way you will judge the contest but the problem is not everyone joined the contest with that mindset.
    Now that we finally come to light on the difference of competitive melee map and custom melee map.. how will you review the contest? It will be utterly unfair if you become bias to one side.
    That is great to hear. I might go back on melee mapping now that someone who truly appreciates custom melees is around.
    Hey hey,

    How are you?

    Yea I've had a little break once again from the campaign. I've been writing a book that's in the same world.

    So how're you?
    I'm sorry to hear that.
    Well, I hope you can still living up well :cgrin:
    Just remember, don't give up on living!
    hey there, how's your time with map reviewing? do you still have plans in doing so? :)
    This year is wonderful, never seen so many girls fishing ever :) However catch has never been worse, but i got new reason to continue another fishing season :p


    Just came back
    Uploaded our gameplay :D its in description of map, just arena got bugged 00:00 duration, however this will be enough to get watchers bored
    I have tried to apply this :) it was 89kb on 256x256 in blp, but it was more than ugly :D

    I will try with larger images, 150kb for all these textures sounds cool.

    I must go outside, to have few beers, so that is all of wc3 for today :(
    I have fixed earthbender (forgot that today power went down and i havent save triggers :D)
    Now everything is fixed, i believe, except Witch's portrait. Because i have increased size of her root bone in all animations, but when i was capturing portrait camera was on unanimated and now you will be looking her belt :S I will fix that tomorrow.
    Or if you have hosting bot for thats fine :D But you will have to download map then here is The Link

    Since i have already filled your screen with posts, ill just edit last comment.
    I am going to watch some movie, maybe fall a sleep, probably. If you have chance, try playing map with some of your friends. As we already spoke it has both pvp and pve aspects. And 4 different heroes to pick at each side.(Earthbender is weakest one - shouldnt be played til balanced)
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