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Medivh brought all allies that he can.
Time to fight more greater evil than Legion.
Ner'zhul awaits!

Paladin is a russian campaign by Sansaney that I translated into English. Permission in screenshots.
This campaign ends the previous two campaigns and ends Arthas story.

Paladin is third campaign in Warriors of Azeroth series

WARNING: TO UNDERSTAND STORY YOU SHOULD PLAY PREVIOUS TWO CAMPAIGN. You can get them here: Destiny of Blood Elves and Calm Before the Storm

This campaign will show the fate of Arthas and Ner'zhul

Heroes from previous campaigns are transferred to this campaign

Follow an interesting story in the Warcaft universe.

I tested this campaing on 1.27b. But this campaign should work on 1.31.1 too.

Good luck!


Author of campaign - Sansaney
Translated to english: LordNefarian.
Campaign model: Vampir21, Carash. Destroyer, Milash, Dumat
Campaign made in 2011
Original campaign posted here: Воители Азерота: Паладин - WarCraft 3 Reforged / Моддинг - XGM

Special thanks to Sansaney for his series campaign!

This is third campaign in Warriors of Azeroth Series. I hope I will translate the next part of the series: Shadows of Ashenvale.

Paladin (Campaign)

For some reason Battle for Andorhal lags during the intro. There should be a way to open-close the gate as Meat Wagons cannot be reached if the gate is closed and you're forced to destroy it. Takes a lot of time to figure out where the Zeppelins are...
Level 9
Mar 29, 2015
I open the campaign and there's only 3 chapters showing. Battle for andorhal doesn't have a title, and nothing happens in the cutscene, its a black screen with fighting sounds. The second mission also doesn't have a title in the main menu. I liked the previous 2 campaigns, and would actually to be able to play this one
Level 2
Feb 1, 2018
When the next campaign will be ready I waiting for since i play all your campaign i hope it ready very soon
Level 8
Feb 21, 2015
Good campaign. Very short, though. The first chapter is great, but the second chapter is just annoying. The cinematics are well-done, they would look far better in Reforged. The creator knows how to play with the camera angles. However, most characters are stupid here and act stupid. Also, the campaign picture and name are spoilers.
Level 1
Dec 14, 2020
[QUOTE = "Shellshock, publicación: 3463607, miembro: 263417"] ¿Quieres que te dé la versión 1.31.1? [/ QUOTE]
You can pass it to me if you can, no


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
  1. For some reason Battle for Andorhal lags during the intro.
  2. There should be a way to open-close the gate as Meat Wagons cannot be reached if the gate is closed and you're forced to destroy it.
  3. Takes a lot of time to figure out where the Zeppelins are after the scene where they come and that time is needed to actually use them not to fail the optional quest.
  4. I don't think it's OK for Meat Wagons to shoot from over the other side. That pretty much forces you to make air units.
  5. In the last scene, the heroes remain selected.
  6. Kira has no hero glow and looks like a Warden.
  7. Goblin Builders should have another model since they have hero glow and don't have a decay animation.
  8. I think there's an issue after the intro ends in Encounter that you can't see any abilities and unit attributes descriptions. Got fixed after the second scene. Third broke it again.
  9. The last fight with Arthas vs. Arthas isn't engaging. It's very Divine Shield dependent. You retreat, wait for the spell to recharge and so on.
Generally, the gameplay is not very special but it's creative within Warcraft III original material. It has a nice fan-fiction story to go with it. Too bad it doesn't have more maps but I guess it can be approved.

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