The Noble Paladins

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Closed tilll update with maps sorry for that.

The Noble Paladins (Campaign)

21:16, 9th Mar 2014 Hell_Master: No maps.


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
-this level is too small to be considered such
-units selected in the scene where the seer appears
-this feels like a RoC ripoff
-killing the seer will result in the cinematic scene where the Grunts won't be able to attack the two Paladins as they are invulnerable

-wasn't it at Stratholme where Arthas realized Mal'Ganis was the one behind Kel'thuzad?
-the Footman seemed pretty healthy; you could make him walk slower with some blood or effect on him
-the hero wasn't saved in a game cache, I think, since pressing "1" didn't get him selected
-hero selected during the Gold Mine scene
-a 200k Gold Mine!?
-the terrain needs work
-does Manathar even heal?
-he doesn't even attack, he only follow Paulo... he at last started doing something


-I almost can't believe it. This is a copy of the level of RoC where you have to wait for Jaina to bring the reinforcements; you didn't even see fit to make the eastern garrison be attacked
-the Chaplain is a Priest with a different model and some extra HP...
-their bases are vulnerable

-apart from being so short and having such meaningless information, where/how did they know of Mal'Ganis? They didn't even seem to realize he was a creature out of this world
-was it really necessary to start the movie with Arthas killing his father? The problem is TFT switched to the RoC executable because of that

-suddenly, Paulo has an Orb of Lightning
-this level does not have black mask
-undead are keeping people in cages instead of turning them to, well, undead
-so how did they build the bases so near each other without having any interference in the process?
-this is the worst level since the first one; at least chapter 1 had an excuse for being the first level

-an abrupt rupture of events; they just got to Kalimdor like that
-the red orc AI goes to gain experience on neutral hostile units; that's not quite the way of a campaign but never mind
-shouldn't the red orcs on Kalimdor be the ones under Thrall and not the Blackrock Clan; also, the Warsong Clan is near them and they're both allies
-the quest with establishing a base is finished upon meeting the orcs in their base...
-yet again a Gold Mine with an enourmous amount of resources... this time 400k
-if you gave the Pal' a Portugese name, this campaign could at least have been about conquistadores
-how did the orcs build towers up there if no ground unit can reach the hill?

-it just ended with the campaign menu? The campaign is not even finished?

1/5. Sorry, you should do better. It does not even at least match RoC.