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Jul 19, 2015
Aug 21, 2005
December 25


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Eleandor was last seen:
Jul 19, 2015
    1. lazybone
      Eleandor I recently download your squad system but I don't know how to use it. Please reply!
    2. Slaydon
      Choclate Rain!
    3. Starquizer
    4. Starquizer
      Can you help me with this ?
    5. Eleandor
      Yeah, but I'm back in business now. Well, not completely...
    6. Starquizer
      Its been a long time away from the site :)
    7. Craka_J
      If you're not going to be working on the Wc3:WoW campaign, please upload it to Rapidshare and link it in the private section of Wc3:WoW so Ray can fix bugs, remove leaks, etc.

    8. Craka_J
      What's your status?
    9. CloudMax
      But i said for a couple of time that we should quit talking about this, it leads nowhere.
      So cant you just stop it? Or go to CW and talk to him insted.
    10. CloudMax
      Im sorry...
      But for gods sake, i have said a couple of times that i want him in the game but not playable, and if your not stupid, you should atleast understand that it would be a bad move to add him insted of working on important stuff, afterall he is a joke, and that is a valid reason becouse a joke is a joke, and you should not pretend it to not be.

      All im trying to say that i dont want him playable becouse that would ruin the purpose of the map and we have more important stuff to do then adding him.

      I hope you understand me now.
    11. CloudMax
      Archievist is not already in diablo 3, it is an april fool, he was suppost to be a joke.
      Adding him would be alot of work for us, and he is not even in the game.
      And the team talked a few days about the achievist and we decided to not add him, so i was not talking for myself, i was talking for the entire team.

      And that is enough reasons to not add him, we are trying to make a seriuse map, not an aprils fool map. I hope you understand, and im sorry that i was talking like a child but i have been spammed about 50-100 times since 1st april by people that tells me to add him, but we decided already at the 4th april what we wont add him, atleast that is not our plan.
      We want to do the important stuff first before adding stuff that never was suppost to be.
      I hope you understand.
      Please, stop telling us to add him, im seriusly getting crazy :(
      And i do not want that to happen. we are not going to add him, atleast not in the near future.
    12. Craka_J
      What's your MSN? It's pretty important to have so that you, I, Hanky, and the rest of the team can contact each other directly. PM's, forum posts, and visitor messages aren't exactly the best ways to communicate as a team.

      My MSN is Craka_J@hotmail.com
    13. kamermanbr
      hi can you help a little on my map TRIGGERS ?
      plz i am not very well and i see some of you tutorials and are cool , but dont have wat i need, can you help plz? =p

      here is my msn if you want it:

    14. Need_O2
      Ya I myself wanted to get banned because Ive noticed that someone I dont see as respectful has power to ban me in chat
      I mean someone I dont think its over than me should have power to ban me

      Ya I know extremly idiot statement but I couldnt stop thinking this way :/

      about losing people: I dont talk to you guys much anyway, I just post short solutions on WHEZ or stay on chat without saying something that someone cares (no not paranoia)
    15. Paladon
      Very strange.
      I had to move the JassNewGenPack Files into the Warcraft III directory.
    16. Need_O2
      it was for 2 weeks...
      lame I shouldve got a permanent one
    17. Paladon
      We are currently discussing my vJass problem in the Chat. Feel free to join.
    18. Eleandor
      I think "frenzy" does it as well.
    19. LordDz
      Hai thar! Thanks for the help in da thread:

      Now to the thing:
      Do you know any other spell than Berserk that activates INSTANT (allows you to move at the same time). I need them for a little race thingy I make for my map, but if I use two different abilitys based on berserk, only one of them triggers.
    20. Eleandor
      An avatar is only used as an easy way to identify someone. Well, I'm easily identified as "the guy without an avatar" :p
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