I Stand Ready

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I Stand Ready: Freelancers vs Followers of Darkness

What is "I Stand Ready"

-As the name suggests, I Stand Ready is a series of maps created by me, Optimise. I Stand Ready introduces new races and new gameplay where everything is ready for you, your troops and your buildings/upgrades.

Why Create "I Stand Ready"

-It is an odd name but hear me out, I Stand Ready features an already built base for the players and introduces new terrain and races. You no longer have to build to get what you want as what you already want to do is there in front of you!


-A race called Freelancers and Followers of Darkness.
-Modified races
-Backup for Both races every 50 seconds
-2 orange camps and 2 Red camps.
-6 neutral buildings
-Built Bases
-Complete Terrain

The Freelancers

Units and Buildings

-Trains Peasants ( reskinned )

Alcazar ( Barracks Reskinned )
>Iron Maiden ( footman reskinned and buffed )
>Bow Maiden ( Riflemen reskinned and buffed )
>Golden Rider ( knight reskinned and buffed )

Farm ( your regular human farm )
>Provides more food ( 12 food )

Lumber Mill
>All upgrades researched

Blacksmith ( Reskinned to Hunter's Hall )
>All upgrades researched

Sanctum of the elements
>Magicbound ( Mud golem buffed. Has the Hurl Boulder and Slow Abilities )
>Dragonhawk rider ( your regular dragonhawk rider )
>Guardian ( Spellbreaker reskinned and buffed )

Den of Secrets ( Workshop reskinned )
>Chaplain ( Reskinned Priest, Has the heal, Dispel Magic and Healing Wave abilities )
>Wandering Witch ( Reskinned Sorceress, Has the Envenomed Weapons, Curse and Cyclone abilities )
>Lone Beast ( Reskinned Mortar Team )

>Trains Gryphon Riders

Memoria of the Light ( Altar of Kings Reskinned )
>Magicsent ( Remade Blood Mage. Can learn Healing Spray, Holy Light, Entangling Roots and Tornado )

>Leader of Light ( Remade Mountain King. Can learn Forked Lightning, Stormbolt, Cleaving Attack and Starfall )

>Prophet ( Remade Archmage. Can learn Monsoon, Sleep, Serpent Ward and Charm )

>Warstrider ( Remade Paladin. Can learn Shockwave, Warstomp, Mirror Image and Avatar

Followers of Darkness

-Still your average undead with a few units deducted to balance the game


Hujimasa Hojo for the Blood Elf Huntress Model!

I Stand Ready (Map)

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Too long as Awaiting Update. Substandard until the author updates and requested another review.


Map Reviewer
Level 58
Jun 4, 2009
This is considered for 1 player but you can choose the other side too.

  1. Iron Maidens have the description of the Footman.
  2. Heroes have the description of the normal racial heroes.
  3. All units have the description of the units they were made from instead of the actual ones.
  4. Two heroes with the same spell, Healing Spray for the same faction?
  5. The map is a mumbo jumbo of mixed Warcraft III assets. Races are not logically made at least at the first glance and everything is available from the start.
  6. It's one of those maps when one starts out using the World Editor.
  7. The room in which to fight in is pretty much inexistent.

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Awaiting Update.

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