Last stand

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- in order to win the game you must kill the king in the enemy base
All right - i going to start talking about this map i have made for 3 or 4 months
This map is like castle def and is a team up type of game.

if you are playing it with friends you can have a choice of having 1 to 4 heros at the same time.

if you like to play the hard way then all player only buy 1 hero and team up together and fight together to win the game.

the basic team of hero i have is human and undead.

Human force.
Angel - a hero that is highly on Armor, he have a skill that armor LOTs of armor to nearby alliance . which is very good in your party.

A priest, this character is a new hero that has be made to help out in the party but this hero weakness is, it cant attack, but fear not at lvl 180 you will be able to learn a new skill call "Genesis" is very powerfull and deadly you will love it when you get to see it yourself.

Bowman - also known as windrunner, this hero can mirror in to many of herself and her clond is able to attack as well but is weak, it has 25% of host this character is ideal of damage when a tanker is at place.

Fire mage - this character is ideal for starting of the game. it has super high fire damage on enemy no matter how much the enemy armor is this mage can destroy the enemy Hit-point in a blast.

Human reinforment - This character is able to summon lots of army to slow down the enemy for closing in the base is a Ideal of def as well.

Undead forces.
Hell Guard - a hero that has super high damage but weak on armor but has high hit points.
he is able to stun alot of enemy in the area and do a massive damage too, is also can be the main attacking team member.

Human Hunter - also known as Devil, this hero is very powerful on dodging the enemy attacks
it also have a skill to burn his near by enemy like lava.

Undead windrunner - This windrunner is the sister of the human windrunner, she is be killed in battle and be bought back to life as a undead, she manage to break free of the undead mind control, she heard of her sister is having a battle at "North Last stand city" so she ran to join the battle.

Soul of death - a undead mage summoned to help the humans, this hero is dead for many year and now this soul is noting but a pet to the elfs this hero is able to summon lots of undead, a ideal of def but they are very weak.

Lightning mage - a mage that has killed his own master of lightning he died in battle but was bought back to life after 400 years he now a pet to the elfs, he is very powerful his lightning is able to flash his enemy in to dust.
The Story
The people of the city was being push out of the city, it has being 3 months and now we are ready to retake the city, but we are out numberd - the king has order mans to go all over the world to find great warriors to fight in this great battle of "North last stand"

-but after afew weeks the king was be killed by the enemy spy, but the king is able to say his few last words.

These are the king last words. Who ever Commander manage to protect and retake the ctiy will be the next king.... those are his final words...

so the new footmans was be send out to call for great commanders and there was hope

4 Great commaners have ans the call.

now the battle is about to start.
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Last stand (Map)

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