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Ham's Strat & Chill (HSnCv3.5cC)

Submitted by Ulfsire
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Discord link: Join the Ham's War Game Discord Server!

Hello Hive,

An unofficial sequel to Build and Brawl, this is a strategy map in the vein of Risk / Broken Alliances, except with reduced micro-management and sandbox random world generation. You only have control over your Leader, who can issue attack-move commands to your units. Your Leader can also construct various buildings and cast powerful spells.

You start the game with a Capitol and a small army. You have the option to join a Culture, read from a book of Magic, and join a team.

The goal is for you and/or your team to capture the four powerful Altars and hold them for a certain amount of time, until Victory is achieved.

The map features full random generation, and most structures, including Capitols, can be captured. The map will also change over time, as barriers against Hell and the Void are broken. Bandits can invade and Ancient Liches will rise from the Underworld. Player actions will influence this.

Unused player slots will be filled with AI players that will join teams and try to capture Altars / Capitols.

This map can be played like risk, but making elaborate bases or focusing on your Leader/Hero like an RPG are also viable strategies. The game is intended to be open world and supports many different play-styles.

For example, a valuable teammate might choose to build walls and towers around their Capitol, worship the Void as their culture, focus on Lumber income, and disrupt enemies by summoning Shadow Horrors on their spread-out empires.

Players are never eliminated, and can always reclaim land by resorting to banditry.

v3.5b+c + C (1/31/19)
- several balance changes and bugs fixed
- terrain generation updated to not get messed up in Reforged
- Lichcraft should now work properly
- names MESSED UP
- (C) fixed 100% slow form poison + melee slow
- (C) removed the black mask at end
- all models should still work in both classic + reforged - if anything is broken in CLASSIC, let me know
- (cC) frost slow reduced
- (cC) units resized because of reforged scaling changes
- (can't change player names) -- this is supposedly being "worked on" by blizzard

v3.5a (1/24/19)
- several balance changes and bugs fixed
- more researches added / reworked
- powerful magic items can be created by using Wild Alloys, that appear in the world and the other Planes
- Leaders start with spell scrolls that can be enchanted to become a spell, based on your Book of Magic
- the Pact researches are much more powerful, and the AI rushes with greater effect :)
- perhaps it is all for nothing, brothers and sisters, as reforged shall break the systems :(

Change Log
v3.2f (1/2/19)
- several balance changes and bugs fixed
-blight entirely removed, have tentatively stopped experiencing desyncs (!)
-the AI will now generally try to ally their neighbors

v3.2a (12/28/19)
- trying to fix a desync issue, tutorial temporarily disabled
-kobold distribute wealth improved
-some magics changed
-necromancer ult now only summons in the world and not hell etc

v3T (12/25/19)
- big changes - Merry Christmas, you can now enter and conquer Hell!
-New and reworked magics added to the books

v2.9 (10/31/19)
- big changes - Altars reduced to 3, map size reduced
- can enter the Void AND the Underworld, with various structures to conquer - Hell to come in v3
- MANY balance changes / reworks, several new Magics that give spells to units
- collision globally reduced, units move through narrow openings more fluidly

Change Log
- fixed some outdated hints
- Altar of Wealth should now work properly
- universally increased the cost / train time of all turrets
- Meisterzwerg now has a bouncing spark attack, and is primary INT attribute

v2.5 (10/25/19)
- several new Magic research items (Blood Vengeance, Firegeist, Astral Army, etc)
- 2 new cultures, Dryad Conclave and Assassin's Guild
- Night Witch re-flavored to Vestica, with several units / structures getting Romanian / Serbian names
- "Warmage" learned hero passive added to several leaders, which increases the damage of their spells by 10% every level
- Autarch structures / units given more Greek / Byzantine names
- two new Altars, Wealth and Spirit
- turned off "Wilderness attacks" (there is a bug where they won't attack Altars, it was just adding unnecessary lag spikes)
- Knight, Bandit Knight and Cataphract armor reduced, Cataphract upkeep reduced
- several bugs fixed (such as paladins blessing arrow turrets)
v2.4 (10/16/19)
- fixed a bunch of buildings randomly giving mana tribute
- Dwarf set to "finished"
- Increased the Hell and Void breach of Open Hell and the Netherdrake
- Shredders, Goblin Missileers and Missile turrets added to Factories, unlocked with Goblin culture, and Goblin culture gives vision of all factories
- some changes to Night Witch (assassin)
- Orc Warmage reflavored to Szaman, with polish-derived unit names

v2.3 (10/12/19)
- balance changes
- Factory neutral building added, wood income, allows training of additional Shredders if Goblin culture, trains Clockwork Soldiers if magic is Book of Metal
- Shredder upkeep 4->3
- **NEW LEADER** Meisterzwerg, a chief of the dwarves
- Dwarves can train riflemen and mortars and powerful mechanical units with periodic cannon attacks
- lots of AOE damage, cannon towers, strong stone walls
- Unfinished, leader still lacks a W ability
- To come: AI for Dwarf, W ability, and more!

v2.1+.2 (10/9/19)
- Assassin Queen is now Night Witch, ultimate and shadow ceremony changes
- Defensive Tower, a Kalima, added to Caliph
- reworked "world knowledge" building into a multiboard, along with teams (suspected the text changing was causing lag"
- note: much lag is still being caused by late game AI commanding large armies
- Player 1 can type -noai (After game starts) to turn off AI behavior
- several balance changes / tweaks, Caliph AI still not as intelligent as he could be :)
- original player names revealed 10 seconds after game ends

v2.0T (10/7/19)
- new Leader, the Caliph; trains sacred Ghazi and unclean Sahiri, can transform Nodes into holy Masjids
- Assassin Queen to Night Witch, Shadow Ceremony changed (more changes to come)
- Or can now train Marauders and Flame Turrets in war halls
- New Tech, Vine Defense (Life)
- FIXED problem where you could attack your own capitols / altars to spam events
- FIXED several "Target building" abilities could target units too
- many other balance changes, more additions to come for version 2+

v1.999 (10/2/19)
- reduced solar turrets created by Autarch's ultimate spell
- reduced headhunter damage gain
- improved tutorial
- MADE WIN GLOW NOT PERMANENT (it just flashes now to warn players)

v1.997 (10/2/19)
- added a NEW intro cinematic, should be more legible
- added Hamlets that spawn during world generation for Wilderness, guarded by a Priest

v1.996 (10/2/19)
- fixed bug that spawned a ton of Ledgers
- removed attack from livestock so they don't aggro

v1.992,3,4,5 (10/2/19)
- *BIG CHANGE* - Force Move command cooldown changed from 120 - 15 seconds
- Attack Move will order a direct attack if it targets a unit, cooldown raised to 5 seconds
- *NEW LEADER* - Angilak, commands the ice folk, can also train and summon various beasts and spirits, gains boons when using magic on ice or snow, can spread ice and snow
- New mobile wood income buildings, in the form of "livestock," for Angilak (seal) Khan (sheep) and Pit Lord (blood swine)
- Leaver AI added for Pit Lord, Druid and Autarch
- Grand Market (baron) can now continuously raise the mana of your Culture
- Baron can now build Shrines
- glaciers will now generate in the northern regions of the map

v1.991 (9/27/19)
-Hotfixed some icons and units costsh
v1.99 (9/26/19)
-Black Market (Culture) unlocks illicit trade in bandit tents and bandit tower
-Gnoll Junta (Culture) unlocks Gnoll Bruisers in mills
-Grand Burrow (Culture) unlocks Kobold Comrades in mines
-Book of Stars improves Contact Mutts
-Book of Blood improves Contact Imps
-Book of Fire improves use of Stone of Transmutation
-brought Autarch right back up a bit :)
-added AI for Autarch

v1.98 (9/24/19)
- brought Autarch down to a reasonable power level
v1.96 + 1.97 (9/23/19)
- added a new Leader / Race, the Autarch
-magic-heavy High Elves with powerful defenses and good Mana Tribute
-tweaked Troll and Druid
-added some units that can be summoned from Crumbling Barriers, at the cost of weakening respective Void / Hell barriers in general (this will be expanded upon and be perhaps Book-dependent)
-Anger (Book of Fire) research changed to Martial Might, which gives +20% damage to any trained unit

v1.94 + 1.95 (9/20/19)
- hotfixed an outrageous bug with Demolisher
-Divine Judgment now actually summons a Paladin
-fixed a few other bugs

v1.93 (9/20/19)
- released on Hive

Resource Credits: Loading Screen by unknown

Testing Credits: Hamsamwich, Flymanzen, Hot Grill 2, SlyM, LUMBER/DEADLY

HSnC V3.5cC (Map)

It's rather Strategy & Risk, not quite RPG. That way even melee Warcraft III is RPG. Glow for heroes? How to add Hero Glow without Modeling It's weird not to be able to retreat whenever you want. That's unrealistic and problematic. Maybe find...
  1. Hamsamwich


    Sep 25, 2009
    A tester for this map, but another strike of gold. Glad to see you've finally posted this on hive so you can get more publicity! Long, long over due.

    But please nerf necroscum. Necromancer should always be the weakest race of any game.
  2. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    It's rather Strategy & Risk, not quite RPG. That way even melee Warcraft III is RPG.

    1. Glow for heroes? How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
    2. It's weird not to be able to retreat whenever you want. That's unrealistic and problematic.
    3. Maybe find different icons for Strength Up and Intelligence Up.
    4. Another issue is not being able to attack direct targets, at least buildings, troops getting lost attacking everything on/in the way.
    5. You waste time and resources taking over a neutral building and then the enemy can take it from you easier because its HP is low.
    6. Maybe a buff for regrowth on units apart from the FX?

    Generally, a really good map which requires patience and time.


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  3. Ulfsire


    Sep 18, 2017

    Thank for the approval!

    1. Fair point. It's my aesthetic choice not to have glow. I find it doesn't translate well onto certain models.
    2. (fixed) New version has a low-cooldown retreat command*
    3. This will happen eventually, ideally they will be replaces with something more unique
    4. (fixed) Attack Move command can now target individuals, which orders a direct attack*
    5. This is intended simulate the instability of war-torn areas. Fair point though.
    6. Trying not to mess with buffs, unless there's an practicable way to have stacking info buffs.

    *Part of the reason for making this map the way I did was to reduce apm / micro requirements - trying to avoid carpel tunnel. However, loss of control can be really frustrating. I think the new low cooldown in this version for Force Move and the cooldown-limited option for direct attacking has struck a better compromise. (direct attacking is similarly problematic because optimal play becomes manually ordering your ranged units to focus fire, or something like that. Just trying to move away from micro ha ha)
  4. Slein


    Aug 20, 2014
    Really good map, I enjoyed a lot of concepts about it and reminds me of a little bit of majesty or dominions of war.
    I would like the option to see who was who at the end of the match though or a rename feature of sorts other than that, no complaints.
  5. Ulfsire


    Sep 18, 2017
    Thanks. I'm a huge fan of Dominions of War. People don't play that enough.
  6. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009

    You should do something about that fanfare at the beginning, make it play as music, not through the sound channel. It's really loud.
  7. Ulfsire


    Sep 18, 2017
    Ha ha, I play so much with my sound off and yet add all these sounds...moved to the music channel.
  8. Ulfsire


    Sep 18, 2017
    Messed up quote haha
    -> Slein fyi
    (v2.2) Player names now revealed 10 seconds after victory.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  9. disruptive_


    Mar 19, 2017
    One of the best wc3 mod i've played.
    In my opinion the only thing it lacks is game mode customization, because it already has lots of non trivial deep in-game customization.
    Maybe the player pool (as a whole of course and with minimum votes to be really binding) can vote for the number of altars themselves. Or banning certain books, races, etc. Just giving the option would be nice.