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  • Heya re you still active?
    I would like to talk about stormshingle mountain, there is a glitch with taverns (neutral heroes get stucked in between trees)
    I hope you can get back to me about it!
    Heh, you added me eh? Glad you're active again, as CRA has been a really anticipated map (update) for quite a while ^ ^. Hope you'll keep me up to date with your projects!
    Wow, flashy profile ^^
    Anyhow, you can give the map a rating of 4/5, before anyone else begins to complain ^^
    It's only fair and besides: the 1/5 should be removed soon.
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    (Post) Thanks for the good, constructive comment - I may add some eye-candy things ^^ (and maybe remove some colors... who knows ^^)
    Hey man, thanks for telling me. I'll re-review it when i get the chance.

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    (Post) Great map, keep trying to improve it... I'm glad I asked you as the terrainer for my orpg, you're amazing :)
    Heya, long time ago ^^
    Welcome back, I'd be glad to test your map too, I'm finally "on a distinguished road", still got a long way to go though :p

    Glad to see you're modding again... :)
    Hey, i saw your maps...not bad! Makes me proud to see meelemappers,which are better than i am!
    Which int edition you play ? Currently all my map going through a major update because it have lot's of minor leak.

    Once those leak remove, the only thing that possibly need fixing could be the grammar error which I won't be able to fix it myself unless I can find somebody who are good in english.

    Fixing this 2 stuff and my map ready to become gold edition :grim:

    About your map, I would review it asap. I been review several map in this past 5 hour.
    (Post) I've always loved the Exorcism soundfile from Wc2, and have 'hunted it down' for years now. Thank you so much; it's just as awe-inspiring as I remember. ... Oh yeah, and great job on the hero, too :p
    It had been fix. Mistake in review, forgot that some shop sell unit/item to ordinary unit.
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