Great contributors on Warcraft editing tools

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Jun 5, 2018
They created great fundamental editing tools for Warcraft III. Any map maker or modder throughout the world benefits from their hard works. In the field of wc3 modding, they are experts, heroes, and legends. Many respects and reputations should be given to them. Could you remember their names? Here I have listed their names and brief descriptions on their contributions. For credits, let’s don’t forget them and their great contributions that are as bright as pearls.

World editor Enhancements/Addons:
: assembled JNGP v5d, created vJass language and the JassHelper compiler and WC3 map optimizer.
PipeDream: creator of Grimoire.
MindWorX: created SharpCraft and WEX, involved in RtC development, and the maintenance of JNGP.
PitzerMike: creator of WE unlimited, BLPalletter, widgetizer, Grim extension pack, involved in Pjass development.
eejin: creator of HiveWE.
Moyack: assembler of JNGP 2.0.
SFilip: developer of Reinventing the Craft (RtC) and nAPI, and TESH.
Zoxc: creator of WE Helper, GradientMixer and JassCraft, involved in JassShopPro development.
Actboy168: main developer of YDWE and his Lua engine as well as the w3x2Lni.
UMSWE Team (Scio, Starcraftfreak, FyreDaug, etc.): creation and development of UMSWE.
Xttocs: presenter of jAPI.
Jeff Pang: Creator of Pjass.
ScorpioT1000: Creator of campaign builder.
Risc: Creator of Risc's Colorizer FINAL.
Cohadar: Maintainer of JassHelper.
LeP: Maintainer of Pjass.
Looking_for_help: Maintainer of TESH.

Art editing:
: creator of War3 model editor, mdxlib library, and Wc3SlkEdit.
BlinkBoy: creator of NeoDex modelling kit.
Retera: creator of Matrix eater.
Oinkerwinkle: creator of Oinkerwinkle’s MDL toolkit that contains many MDL tools including a vertex modifier and the Warshape.
Alexey2005: creator of Mdlvis.
3dmaxhy: creator of VA and IK tools.
Guesst: creator of Mdx squisher, MDLX convertor, Texture pather, MS3D exporter and the Warforger.
Shadow Daemon: creator of BLP lab and Button manager.
bbolthou: creator of LithUnwrap.
TheProphet: creator of Warcraft III viewer.
Prophet: creator of Blizzimporter.
Khalv: creator of Warcraft MDL Exporter for Blender, still in progress but very promising.
midiway: creator of wc3styler.

MPQ editing:

: creator of SFmpq library and WinMpq.
Ladislav Zezula: creator of Mpq editor, Stormlib and CascLib libraries.
Soar: creator of Mpqlib library and MpqMaster.
Wilds: creator of PowerMPQ.

War3 mods:
: creator of RenderEdge.
Nirvana Team (uduuduuud and DumplingG): Warcraft III: Nirvana.
Ev3nt: creator of MM engine.

Language compiler/preprocessor:
: main developer of WurstScript development environment.
ADOLF: Creator of AdicHelper.
Van Damm: developer of AdicHelper and TESH.
Ruke: Creator of vrJass.
karukef: Creator of Wewarlock.

Contributors on miscellaneous tools:

GhostWolf: Creator of MDX/M3 Optimizer, and some useful web based programs such as WEU fixer, map viewer and sanity tester.
karaulov: Creator of a set of tools like UnrealLoader, Unreal Jass Spy, War3 bypass map size remover, Custom w3e injector, Doo&w3e to Jass, and Raichu Fire Tool.
Barade(tdauth): creator of Wc3lib, and Warcraft III: The power of Fire mod.
geX: creator of GMSI.
Zepir: creator of zepir’s map editor.
u9shasure: creator of Wc3SlkOpt.
Magicforrest: creator of WC3 Item & Skill Designer.
eGust: creator of JassShopPro.

Have I missed any other important contributor? Feedbacks and comments are welcome.

Please note that the list does not involve ranking.

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Updates - 03/17/2019
  • Added contributor: karaulov
Updates - 02/13/2019
  • Added contributor: Cohadar, LeP and Looking_for_help (Thank GhostHunter123)
  • Added contributor: GhostWolf (Thank Clanzion)
  • Added a link to campaign builder
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Level 7
Jun 5, 2018
Excited to see that I made the list with Matrix Eater! The world waits for me to fix up the new one enough to actually release it. At my current rate it will have to be Matrix Eater Reforged by the time it releases.
Matrix Eater is a great 3D modeling program well-known by artists. Glad to see that it's still in the process of updating.