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Feb 19, 2019 at 7:29 AM
Jun 23, 2007

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TriggerHappy — Code Moderator


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TriggerHappy was last seen:
Viewing Portal, Feb 19, 2019 at 7:29 AM
    1. Jareded
      Dear TriggerHappy, I was very surprised to see your work, I would like to use your work with inventory, but I do not understand anything in the Jaas language, if it is possible to contact you and explain my problem, I would be very happy about it, thank you
      If you become impudent, could you fix something, I would be very grateful,
      The fact is that I want to create a map for myself and a friend using your inventory with the inventory, I wanted to make a tavern with the heroes and when you choose a hero, he would appear with your inventory ...
      If it's not difficult for you, can you contact me?
      1. TriggerHappy
        Take a look at the "Start Game" trigger to see how to give any unit their own custom inventory.
        Feb 14, 2019 at 10:53 PM
      2. Jareded
        The fact of the matter is that I understand <Start game> exactly what I need, but I can’t figure out how to change the place where the hero was created, the inventory was given to each hero that players choose from the tavern ...
        Just want to say, I do it not as a public project, but just for myself and my friends, and I don’t really know much about the Jaas language.
        Feb 15, 2019 at 6:30 AM
    2. blanabasjim
      Hi TriggerHappy, I was really realllly hoping the MMO project you were working on was still available for DL, but the links seemed to be dead

      1. TriggerHappy
        The project is on hold for a bit.
        Feb 14, 2019 at 5:18 AM
    3. yxq1122
    4. yxq1122
      Please, I beg you, manage the thread [Feedback] Request Features for JASS and the World Editor, and update the open requests.
      Many requests were posted, making this important thread nearly outdated.
      1. TriggerHappy
        I feel using a single forum thread as an avenue for feedback is pretty inefficient. I've been working on a system for feedback which I think should work much better, but it's not finished yet. (Preview: https://i.imgur.com/dvOH888.png) It's taking a bit longer than I expected and it's also not the only thing I am busy with. I don't have the time or motivation to manage another feedback thread so in the meantime if you or some other moderator is up for it then that would be great.
        Feb 9, 2019
      2. yxq1122
        You created an awesome system. Continue on your great project!

        Edit: I am now not a moderator.
        Edit2: Could I send a request to blizzard directly via this feedback tool?
        Feb 9, 2019
    5. Pinzu
      Hey man, could you comment on my libraries when you have time? Both ArrayList and HashRecyler.
    6. C3loot
      Hey man just a idea for Dark Lineage Owen if you decide to do any updates. How about the ability to redo your attributes?
      1. TriggerHappy
        I've considered it but not sure. It would encourage people to create save codes for every type of build once they get max level.
        Feb 9, 2019
    7. pyf
    8. deepstrasz
    9. Dark-Zalor
      Hello TriggerHappy

      I made a spell that prevent enemies from attacking when they are around. To make that I created a struct Data that check periodically the enemies around. For each enemy found I create a Struct Buff, that add the spell to prevent attack and check periodically if the target is not too far away from the caster and the duration too.
      The structs Buffs have the reference of the Struct Data.

      The question is : When my struct Data is destroyed, i still can access to the data inside from the Buff Structs. So How long is it possible? Why ? Is it a way to check if a Struct have been destroyed? does the struct is reused?
      1. TriggerHappy
        in the destroy method you need to manually set all instance variables to 0/null. you can check if a value is null to see if the struct is empty, or add a boolean flag
        Dec 17, 2018
      2. Dark-Zalor
        So after the onDestroy method the struct is never removed.
        Dec 18, 2018
    10. Jay-B
    11. zaltan35
      Hey guy i'm would like to restart this game, i'm looking for player to finish this new version.
    12. Sikstrom
      In DarkLineageOwen, i get cheat warning without doing aynthing im just farming and levling up then i get level reset, do u know the rules for cheat warning?
    13. MeMeMe123
      Heya TriggerHappy! Your inventory system (https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/inventory-equipment-ui-system-v1-4-3.291826/ ) is incredible, but there a few things I'd like to note:
      1. Changing slot_width and slot_height seems to also affect the icons to the left (drop/sell items)
      2. Also, the window size doesn't change to scale when slot_width and slot_height are changed, as well as the number of rows/columns
      3. Unless I'm seriously confused about the meaning of these words, changing the number of rows actually affects the number of columns and vice-versa
      4. Would be great if some of the calculations were using the values of other parameters - for example, the size of the window surrounding the inventory slots would be based off the number of rows, columns, and icon width/height.
      5. Also would be great if once the inventory fills up, the normal hero inventory started to pick up items instead.

      I'll try to address some of these points myself, but I'm nowhere near your level...
    14. Napoqe
      Do you know if the patch will still be extended?
    15. NaserKingArthas
      DC vs Lewis :D
      1. TriggerHappy
        DC's gonna win but it will still be awesome
        Oct 11, 2018
    16. Bond009
    17. kahara66
      Hello... is it possible to be contacted on PM? or other instances?
    18. Dark-Zalor
      Hello TriggerHappy.
      I know I've already asked this to you but will Blizzard correct the bug on function BlzSetSpecialEffectX()?
      Have a nice day.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Dark-Zalor
        Do you know how I can have PTR version and official version on my computer?
        Oct 2, 2018
      3. TriggerHappy
        the PTR has a separate installer. Install it to another location.
        Oct 2, 2018
      4. Dark-Zalor
        Ok so I've downloaded and installed the PTR version. I tested the functions above, they are not working.
        Oct 9, 2018
    19. JSRGN
      1. TriggerHappy
        Nope sorry
        Oct 2, 2018
    20. Pyraeus
      Hello, um.. fuck map... avatar looking... mods person... But hi, how are ya? Mr. Ralle contacted you about a resource of mine. Strangely, this resource has the same map filesize as it had when it was working. I hope you look into it whenever you can. I will be patient to wait about your report on it and that way you don't have to bother him with it. Will be standing by, just to let you know and thank you.
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