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Mar 1, 2021 at 8:56 PM
Jun 23, 2007

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Mar 1, 2021 at 8:56 PM
    1. Pwnica
      Hi Trig, I have Question is there anyway to change the Manabar Color (over Heros and Units) im asking you cuz your Well Known for Complicated Stuff..
      Would be nice if you can Anwser my Question
      Cheers Pwnica :)
    2. Ralle
    3. cemxokenc
      привет, хотел спросить по поводу твоей темы https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/hp-mp-bars-team-colored.249492/ я правильно понимаю, что это в итоге дает тот же результат, что и https://xgm.guru/p/wc3/hp-bar-player-dependent ? если да, то можно узнать как это добавить просто в игру, чтобы работало на всех картах и что нужно сделать, что менять цвета? в том варианте с xgm надо просто вкинуть в корневую и работает, но хочется один цвет изменить, может у тебя с этим проще?
    4. GetLocalPlayer
      Sorry for such a "google" question. Is there a module for object generating to use it with your ts-template?
      1. TriggerHappy
        Not yet but I started working on it a while back and haven't got around to finishing it.
        Nov 21, 2020
    5. Ouro
      Good morning, sorry to disturb you, i just wanted to ask some assistance with with importing your Codeless Save Load v1.3.9 system to my map. Using war3 editor - NewGen WE with Juss helper (Vexorian) If i will open your map with system and start test it will loads, all good and work fantastic. BUT as soon as i turn off trigger SaveHelpLib and turn it on, game doesnt start eny more. Same will hapen when i`m doing import. Receiving error and game is not starting. ALso after import trying to saave, but giving Syntax error Line 2405 Unexpected endif. If you will have some free time could you please assist me with problem. This is happening with eny Jass triggers i transfering. Even if i open your map with COdeless save load system, and i add 1 unit or item, map won`t start any more. What i`m doing wrong? Thx in advance.
    6. flixdrako

      Sorry to take your time, I'm just wondering if you could give us some help in regards to the Bot.
      We've been using it for a little over a month now, until today where the !notifychannel command seems to have stopped working for us..
      Me and different other admins on our 2 different servers get the same error message after trying to to !notifychannel ##### *****.

      "You are not a member of that Discord channel." - This is what we are returned, either when DM'ing the bot directly or even when doing the command straight from the channel we want notified and we have copied the ID (right click, "Copy ID").

      This worked only a few days ago so I am wondering if maybe a discord update is interfering with how the bot views permissions on channels or something?

      Anyhow, any help would be greatly appreciated!

      1. flixdrako
        Oct 28, 2020
      2. TriggerHappy
        I will look into it, thank you
        Oct 28, 2020
    7. GetLocalPlayer
      What is war3-transformer? What is it for?
      1. TriggerHappy
        Oct 23, 2020
    8. Itachi2020
      Hey dude. I saw on a thread that you gave some instructions on how to reset the minimap after importing a custom imagine in reforged. You said use this: BlzChangeMinimapTerrainTex

      How exactly do I set that up so the minimap resets at map init and replaces the imported minimap image?

      1. TriggerHappy
        import your preview as war3mapMap.blp

        import a copy of your actual minimap as something else

        and use call BlzChangeMinimapTerrainTex("realminimap.blp") at map init
        Oct 16, 2020
      2. Itachi2020
        Oct 17, 2020
    9. Grotxx
    10. Grotxx
      Hey man. I can see you obviously get a lot of these. I have got your Codeless Save + Load System working, but can't seem to get the Dialog System to work? Just keeps giving me an error.
      Shoot me a message or let me know if you have time to help. Thanks!
      1. TriggerHappy
        what error are you getting?
        Sep 24, 2020
      2. Grotxx
        You need to enable local files to load your character from disk on patches prior to 1.30! - It just comes up with this message no matter which option I press.

        I have local files enabled and have saved from other games that use this system. The manual commands (-save / -load) work fine.

        I have changed a few variables around but nothing serious and I have tried changing them in the dialogue system trigger also but no luck.
        Sep 27, 2020
    11. TZAR90
      hi man can you help ? i m in need for 1.29 patch or something like that ? i have 1.31 and in windows xp my other pc is not working....
    12. Eddu1500
      I need your help, I want to extract a model from warcraft 3 frozen throne (with animations and bones) to blender and then to a game, but I have only managed to extract the model but not the bones or animations, can you help me?
      1. pyf
        Sep 5, 2020
    13. leon knight
      leon knight
      i downloaded custion map but is they a way i can unzip themwith a patch without paying
    14. Bond009
      Yeah i could kinda tell :p
      Do you like/play reforged much? or do you wish Blizzard never took it beyond classic bnet? Not to mention the new EULA..
    15. Bond009
      How do you feel about WC3 these days and reforged?
      1. TriggerHappy
        Not great, and a little burnt out from it.
        Jun 29, 2020
    16. Bond009
      I feel the pain in that peon's eyes..
    17. Bond009
    18. yxq1122
    19. emperor_d3st
      TriggerHappy, save Warcraft!
    20. Footman16
      Hey man, were you able to find the cause of the wrong model showing up in game? If not I'll probably just import the High Elf models to replace them that way but i appreciate the help!
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