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  1. Nightmare05010

    [General] How do I make it so that when a specific unit type kills any type of unit, player gets 100 gold?

    So, I would do the other thing on here, but I am not sure how to write it, so I will attach a screenshot of the triggers that I made. Where did I mess it up? First line says "A unit dies".
  2. Zimrim

    [General] Custom Minimap / Preview

    I've been following many, many, and when I say many, I mean dozens. Of tutorials and techniques on how people setup a custom minimap (And preview), and I cant seem to get it to work, after hours of trying I've came here for help. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. It doesn't show...
  3. PerPlumeShake

    [General] AoE skill questions

    I remember that AoE skills such as Rain of fire and thunderclap only be cast by a computer if there's 2 or more enemy units but is it possible to make the computer cast it with only fighting 1 enemy? Thanks in advance
  4. Pagchomp

    [General] Giving units, of certain type, abilities.

    Hello, I would like to ask how can you add certain abilities to units of type, that means even those that aren't on the map (like units that are trained afterwards)
  5. Samizo

    Is it possible to swap models and/or use skins on Reforged?

    I remember I used to play with a bunch of custom skins and models for my hero's before the game got updated to reforged which I did by swapping out .mdx files (ex I'd rename my new model that I wanted to use HeroMountainKing or something similar) and such. Is doing this still possible? I've...
  6. NortinFB

    How do I enter the hall of fame

    Hello, I have just completed the campaign in Hardcore difficulty with 1 give-up because I forgot to buy zocmo boots in chapter 2. How do I enter the hall of fame that is displayed at the beginning of the game? I love this campaign and it is one of the best RPGs I have played, probably the best...
  7. Hana_Aoka

    Any good survival map?

    Hi, everyone! I want to know if you have a good survival map to share with me. I usually play MineralZ and I like that base building, coop (sometimes) aspect of the map. Do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks!
  8. HerlySQR

    Serious Question

    How would they convince someone to stop playing the victim? (Without using morality)
  9. OverClocked

    Show Quest for a specific Player?

    Basically, i have this trigger that gives you a special passive ability of your choosing and i want to show the description of the ability. Since i don't want it to take up space in the inventory or abilities, i want it to show the description of the ability in the quests section for that...
  10. EmnoS

    [Spell] Copying and Pasting Units/Spells

    So I'm doing a learning with custom abilities and up until now everything went great the tutorials here are god damn amazing. But I just copied a "buff" and just pasted it to copy all its properties without having to redo everything if I want a variation of it but only change one thing. And my...
  11. Cheshire

    [Spell] simple damage engine

    hey there, I'm trying to make a spell that very basically modifies the attack of some units ( I just want to make "all picked units" attack for X% more damage when they attack units belonging to player Y ). I am having trouble detecting a few aspects necessary for this - how much damage the...
  12. ravellani

    Upgrading with percents

    Quick Question: If I make an upgrade that effects units with a 25% health increase, each level will it increase by 25% of the current health or of the starting health? What happens of I trigger the upgrade 3 levels at a time? Will it do each upgrade individually so 25% then 25% then 25% or will...
  13. Appreauntis

    Which patch would you recommend as the most stable for lan on the same network?

    Hello, I realize that this may be hard to quantify, possibly. But like I asked in the title, would any of the members of this site have an idea of which patch may be the most stable in regards to playing on lan (such as not desyncing on longer maps), specifically playing on lan with multiple...
  14. Urain

    Team color problem for 7 iq man

    Am trying to add teamcolor to a model but i'm not getting something right even though i dug up the tutorial from w3cnet... So i edited geotset1 and 2 of the orcwarlock mdl, then alpha-ed the parts of the texture i want teamcolored (both use the same texture) but only geo1 gets the color...
  15. Urain

    Suggestions for the Stromic Insignia

    What's a texture you fellers used for either the crimson fist or the white hawk thingy? :peasant-neutral: In-game files preferably, i'm tempted to just paint one but nah
  16. ravellani

    Metamorphasis Skin Path

    I am trying to design a demon hero and I want to use the model that the demon hunter turns into when he uses Metamorphosis. I have been searching everywhere for a model path. Does anyone know what it is? I have looked at what the demon hunter turns into in the editor but when the game runs it...
  17. lil apex

    Need help creating a simple white box...

    Hey guys, Can someone help me create a 256x256x3 white model? I was using this tutorial to create a model. As you can see, I made the box, added a standard white texture, then exported using the DeX script to generate the .mdl, deleted the comments and converted it into an MDX with this "MDLX"...
  18. BranHUN

    [Crash] PTR World Editor won't open

    Hello there! I don't know, if this is how it's supposed to be or not, but I have moved to the Public Test Realm to play Classic Warcraft III, and I thought about creating some custom scenarios. However, I can't seem to open the World Editor of the PTR edition. It always pops up, then...
  19. BranHUN

    Fear of copyright law

    Hello there! I am a writer, and I want to create a story in a custom campaign for Warcraft III. This is a story that I also plan to release in a book - and it's completely separate from any intellectual property made by Blizzard, except for the fact that I wish to create a campaign "edition" of...
  20. BranHUN

    [General] Camera zooming

    Hello there! I am trying to make a cinematic prologue for my custom campaign, and I am sadly experiencing that I have no experience with this at all... I am watching tutorials as I am writing this, but I wanted to ask a specific question about a camera movement. I want a cinematic view where...
  21. BranHUN

    [Solved] Blight without gases

    Hello there! I'm really new to this forum and the world editor - although I have been playing Warcraft III almost since it came out. I'm just saying this in the case that I say something stupid or nonsensical, so... sorry! I am trying to create a terrain that would represent a land filled with...
  22. Recklessness

    Purpose of the Skins?

    What purpose does the 'Normal Skin' and 'Hero Skin' serve on the Object editor and how do I tap into that? Is there a way to set a skin for a single unit that one can easily swap from and to that changes the spells? or am i misunderstanding what those features mean?
  23. Appreauntis

    What game do you wish blizzard had made?

    I have been following all the reforged news and with anticipation am hoping for a good release with plenty of support afterwards! With Reforged coming out soon, I thought I would ask what your favorite dream Warcraft game or even just Blizzard game would be? For me, that game would be, if...
  24. HolyWillRise

    Is there a way to play cinematic everytime an specific ability is casted?

    Is it possible to make a sniper ability which start short cinematic everytime it being used? or to turn the camera to 3D for x sec while sniping someone?
  25. Gabriel C Sullivan

    [Melee] Map with new units and skills for these units?

    Of course that we already have a lot of maps with additional races, units, new technologies, new skills like that, "my map" its not that much different from these, but I wanna try something for fun at least. In my "project" of course each race (besides the new units) has only one type of attack...
  26. Shunpomaster

    Change Ability tool tip in game for each hero

    I made a long ability tool tip change in game and then i found out that it change the base Ability tool tip instead of for specific hero or player. Is there a way through triggers (Gui) to Change tool tip for each hero?
  27. Shunpomaster

    [Solved] Mark Above Target for one Player

    So i have an ability that deal damage based on target missing health, if target is low health it always Crit. Is it possible to show a mark or any other thing on target or units around the hero with 30% health or less? Or if it is possible to show Health Percentage above target even if all time.
  28. Pr0nogo

    [General] Object editor questions

    These questions all relate to the latest patch. Some of these may fall under jass/triggers, and some may be impossible with the current tools. I'm looking for the simplest, most performant methods of achieving the following: Round 1: 11-4-19 Income multiplier for AI players -- solved! I want...
  29. rainn

    [JASS] Is learning JASS still worthwhile ?

    Sorry if im asking at the wrong place. I know WC3 had a thriving community a few years back , are there any useful guides and resources to learn and start a project and hope to have people who play/test it? I do know basic JAVA so maybe the entry barrier isn't that high (I hope). But I'm not...
  30. Mirko Soto

    questions about performance of the repeat option

    Hello, does anyone know how the Warcraft 3 repeat save option works? I have that doubt since the files are light and apparently keep the commands + the values that were used in that game, that being said ... is it possible to modify those commands and the values of the replay? for example, a...
  31. victorsuazo1991

    Help pls...

    How can I make the damage that this detonator causes in the area only my enemies receive? When I activate it, it damages my own units and my allies and I do not want that.
  32. deepstrasz

    Dark Times (campaign) author?

    Does anyone know who is the creator of this campaign? Dark Times
  33. Stormshock

    Question about: Unit - Move unit and face angle (instantly)

    Hello all, Currently I'm working on map to create a chess game. I got a nice idea for the movement. I use the [Unit - Move unit and face angle (instantly)] trigger command and move a unit (which are the chess pieces) 256 points to move 1 space up, see also the image below. I've got this...
  34. katho

    [General] Remove Player from a game

    Hello there, my question is: I have already have a map with 10 players, I want to delete 2 players totally from the game, I know how to remove the "slot" but can I see all the trigger where these 2 players are in? so I can remove them from this too?
  35. StormWarriors2

    Github Warcraft 3 World Editor?

    Hiya this is a wierd question does warcraft 3 world editor support GitHub or coding repistories for storage? I am planning on getting back into it just for fun while I wait for the next gig. Are there any major ways to update the system (world editor) to use more tilesets and or increasing map...
  36. Stefanni

    How to create a melee unit that deals area damage?

    I am creating a Hero and i have the desire to be a Melee Unit that deals Area Damage but i do not know what to do because i am new to the world editor. Can someone help me?
  37. Zartyzzo

    Different "gold" mines with different resources

    (Short version: How do I make a gold mine, for example, give lumber instead while also having another gold mine unit-type that actually gives gold?) Hi! I've been trying for a while to make 3 different resources, which are all mined at a "gold" mine, (meaning they have different models and...
  38. Greenfist Warlocks

    Is JASS (Just Another Scripting Syntax) Really necessary if making a campaign?

    I know it's a silly question. I'm just a beginner, that I don't know alot about these things. Can somebody set up an answer for my question? I was just wondering, like.... I'm using Warcraft 3 : World Editor for almost a few days from now (You might want to know that this Hive Account is...
  39. Sleepless

    Absolute attack speed bonus?

    There is no item that gives flat / absolute / fixed attack speed value, everything is percentage.
  40. Ksatnod

    [Solved] Looking for help in determining on whether or not a certain trigger would work

    It's difficult for me to check to see if this trigger actually works or not, does it look like it will treat my item variable as the intended item if I've set it as such? And is there anything else that any of you are seeing or noticing that I might be missing? I'm not knowledgeable in JASS at...
  41. stonneash

    Member Description list?

    I see that it says that I am a well-known member. What are the other automatic descriptions and how are they achieved?
  42. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Length Question

    After i asked deepstrasz about something several weeks ago. I'm saving some lengths for me to do a super duper huge Hive announcement comment after posting another media on Saturday December 2. I don't think i can do a trillion-sextillion character long comment on there. I don't know how many...
  43. Furry Nova

    [Guide] All Riddle Question Answers

    The Chosen Ones - All Riddle Question Answers ### Spoilers Beware ### At the end of every chapter. You're given three riddle questions to test your in-game knowledge. The first two questions rewards +5% Gold based from your current gold amount and the third rewards +1 Honor. After countless...
  44. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Felblood Elves

    Okay. When i was middle of looking around the Warcraft wikis (WoWWiki and Wowpedia). I thought of something about Felblood Elves (Or Fel Elves or Chaos Blood Elves). I remember looking around the models on Hive (Such as the the Blood Elf or High Elf race categories) having that. But they don't...
  45. leopold39

    I dont know how to indicate simple (I think) condition

    I have a little question. I created something like this: Event: Unit X - dies Action: Unit Y changes ownership to Neutral Hostile Unit Y replaces with Unit Z using Maximum HP and Mana I want to make condition that Unit Y must be alive, but I don't know how. Could you help?
  46. W

    Questions about YouTube

    A month ago, I started this channel: Oaf Jabber (I think it is fine if I just mention/promote it here once, right? :D) Still, I'm lack of copyrighted-related knowledge, I wonder how to know whether the used external music/sound sources are copyrighted or not copyrighted? And so what about...
  47. HerrDave

    [General] Torch light disappearing

    Can someone explain to me why when I have a custom model (no mesh, just omni light) in my map, all other light sources stop working? Custom torch models and regular ones no longer produce light, and this is rather annoying as that was the entire point of having them there.
  48. MyPad

    How would one block incoming damage (greater than unit's max life)?

    Suppose that you have a unit with 450 max hp. Another unit attacks that unit, dealing 475 4500000 damage. Footnote: I have no idea where to place this thread so I've gone ahead and posted it here (in Triggers and Scripts)
  49. firevlad711

    Unclear Rule

    I searched the rules to inform myself about my little problem and I didn't find anything mentioning it? I know it is against the rules to post wow rips. But if I want to make and upload a campaign with a lot of wow rips, will it be a problem? Thanks in advance to anybody who wants to help me.
  50. meatfactory

    Why is topic locked and can it be unlocked?

    Hello everybody, it's been a while since I have been online here. So, some time ago I developed a very light mod for Warcraft 3 : Warcraft 3 TFT Meatfactory Mod and wanted too see how it is going, and are there any replies or suggestions, but nothing there, then I noticed the topic is locked...