[General] Camera zooming

Level 2
Mar 19, 2020
Hello there!

I am trying to make a cinematic prologue for my custom campaign, and I am sadly experiencing that I have no experience with this at all...

I am watching tutorials as I am writing this, but I wanted to ask a specific question about a camera movement.

I want a cinematic view where a camera looks at an object up-close, and then pans out to reveal a group of people from afar. I can't really do it. I first thought about two cameras, one viewing the object, and one overlooking. I thought that I could make one camera go into another... but I don't think that this is how it works. Then I tried to find an order to make one camera do all the moving, but I couldn't find out which command is the most appropriate.

Can anyone, please, help me with this?

The exact scene:
"A totem pole stands tall in front of the midwife's tent. The view widens, showing shamans gather around, bickering and whispering the strange birth of Turul. The camera stops as it reaches the father, Wallmot, moving from one side to another, waiting for the arrival of his child."
Level 12
Jan 30, 2020
Hello there.

I am note sure I perfectly understand your problem, but this native allow you to apply a camera setup with a duration.
native CameraSetupApplyForceDuration takes camerasetup whichSetup, boolean doPan, real forceDuration returns nothing

If you use that native to apply your "overview" camera when in close-up (or the other way around), it should do what you are looking for.