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    Don't fix what's working!
    I don't agree. What's working might have 100 leaks but it can work.
    Ah okay, I wasn't sure ^^
    Hm, well, no, I don't need it for life, but it would save me a lot of time creating either that system myself or creating a system keeping track of all armor changes.
    I think you can also upload a Jass version to the official section, too, if there is no other one ( especially if it has GUI conf for GUI users)
    Hm, not directly. I am going to use an armor alteration system in my map project ( armor does not reduce percentage, but value-wise ( example: 2 armor reduce damage by 2).
    If you are already in the topic, you could save me some time if creating a base for it, I would be very grateful
    Hey, do you have/ did you create a Jass version of your Armor Altering system ?
    I don't think there's anything wrong with it nor do I use it or keep up with it. I voted because it would be pointless to do any of the other points. Systems are not necessarily meant to be light; more configurations = more flexibility, always good; shorter code =/= better code, unless you're optimizing. The only thing left to improve (if there's room for improvement) is functionality. I don't have World Edtior with me atm, so I will check what your system has to offer now and I'll edit this post if I have some suggestions.

    EDIT: Apart from having different graphics for movement (afaik you only have a parabola atm) I don't have any suggestions.
    How about this? From Rules:
    "Submitted Icon Resources have to be at least 50% freehand work. Filter works, recolors and copy-pasting of other artworks are not considered freehand content.
    Stealing Artwork, or in other words, CnP (Copy and Paste), is prohibited - these resources will not be approved and might result in punishment, if done continuously.
    Only artwork created by yourself may be uploaded, unless the original author has allowed you to upload his/her work...."
    I don't just want the problem to just be 'solved' :D I want to understand it and be able to manipulate it or change in when I like. Changing the trigger to jass would prevent me from doing that.

    I'll post it there hold on.
    Maybe the problem is the second local? Maybe it shouldn't be an integer.

    I was intending to post it in the map development section but it's still too early, because it's the first chapter of a campaign :D Also not fully functional yet.
    Is there another way for me to post it?
    Well, I actually wrote exactly what you posted (I'm lazy), same custom scripts and everything, almost copy-pasted and it showed these errors.

    Expected a name on: local integer i = GetTypeId(GetTriggerUnit())

    Expected a name on: set udg_Hooman = i

    Expected a code statement on: set p = null

    Expected a code statement on: //===========================================================================

    I don't know what this is!!

    Expected a code statement on: call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_HoomanUnitsRespawn, function Trig_HoomanUnitsRespawn_Actions )

    Here's your trigger again:
    Unit - A unit Dies
    (Owner of (Dying unit)) Equal to Player 2 (Blue)
    Custom script: local location p = GetUnitLoc(GetTriggerUnit())
    Custom script: local integer i = GetTypeId(GetTriggerUnit())
    Wait 60.00 seconds
    Custom script: set udg_HoomanDying = p
    Custom script: set udg_Hooman = i
    Set TempPoint = (Center of Region 083 <gen>)
    Unit - Create 1 Hooman for Player 2 (Blue) at TempPoint facing Default building facing degrees
    Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Attack-Move To HoomanDying
    Custom script: call RemoveLocation( udg_TempPoint )
    Custom script: call RemoveLocation( p )
    Custom script: set p = null
    Can you explain to me how you changed the trigger? I don't understand the steps you took.
    Just did it on the other way though.
    I made 2 dummies *on far side of the map where they will attack each other, then i subtracted the maximum health of the first dummy to his new damaged health, then it will loop everytime they will attack each other :D

    Anyway, thanks for your response :D

    Custom Damage Detection System
    Unit - DamageDetectSystem 0009 <gen> Is attacked
    Set Game_SurvWpnDamage = (Integer((125.00 - (Life of DamageDetectSystem 0009 <gen>))))
    Unit - Set life of DamageDetectSystem 0049 <gen> to 100.00%
    Unit - Set life of DamageDetectSystem 0009 <gen> to 100.00%

    <span style="font-size: 9px">(125 is the full health of the dummy)
    (DamageDetectSystem is a dummy unit)</span>
    Hey man, i think i need your help :)

    How am i going to make the damage of 'this ability' equal to the attack damage of 'rifleman'?
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