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Trip the Darkness (Campaign)

Trip the Darkness (Campaign)
Created by Stormvarsel29

This an ongoing custom campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged.

As of right now, the campaign contains 3 playable maps and 1 interlude.
Additional maps/missions will be add as they are completed.

- The campaign uses the HD graphics for Warcraft 3.
- Since the campaign is for the latest patch for Warcraft 3, you will have to play each mission through the singleplayer custom games menu.

If you find any bugs please do let me know.

Currently there is no difficulty settings, but this will most likely be added in the future.

- Play as Shalis Darkhunter
- New (somewhat) custom Night Elf Watchers race
- New abilities
- Items with unique abilities
- Ongoing story
- New satyr race to fight

Due to recent satyr attacks, Maiev Shadowsong has sent Shalis Darkhunter, an amateur warden of the watchers, to investigate in the town of Leafchase. This marks the beginning of a dark journey Shalis under no circumstances could have anticipated...

The story itself is set in Ashenvale, in the Warcraft universe. This means that the campaign will feature a familiar face or two, but most of the characters, locations, etc. are custom.

Missions (so far)
- Chapter I - Disturbances in Leafchase
- Interlude - Council of the Wardens
- Chapter II - Echoes of the Past
- Chapter III - Insidious Affection
- Chapter IV - Path to Dawnshire Vale





Video of the "Council of the Wardens" interlude

- High Elf Warden by Superfrycook
- Spiked Ring by -Berz-
- Corrupted Ancient Model Pack by Kedras666
- Kirtonos the Herald by Mr Orge man
- BTNNatureGauntlet by PrinceYaser
- Night Elf Ranger by Kedras666
- Surge by Vinz
- Windwalk by Vinz

Note: additonal imports may be stored in the import manager in certain maps, but these are not used yet / and or will perhaps not be used.


- Initial release

- New chapter! (Chapter IV - Path to Dawnshire Vale)
- Tooltip fixes
- Small landscape changes
- Added dialogue
- Quest trigger fixes


Trip the Darkness 01 (Map)

Trip the Darkness 02 (Map)

Trip the Darkness 03 (Map)

Trip the Darkness 04 (Map)

Trip the Darkness 05 (Map)

A lovely night elf campaign that could use more custom-creative material in what the gameplay (especially abilities and techtrees) is concerned. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S...
Level 10
Aug 25, 2018
I liked everything so far, the items where unique rather than the standard wc3 ones. Both races displayed are really cool and have new units/tech.

Chapter 1 - your good nothing seem out of place and the sight lines for hidden paths are well done. Enough where you can miss them if not paying attention.

Chapter 3 - 1 or 2 pathing issues in final part, idk if that's the map or wc3 being dumb. Can you change portraits of the 2nd warden rather than having two of the same portrait?

Chapter 4 - Furbolg caster nature spell is not set to auto cast when they are trained like the other two casters are. After cutscene reveling the base text pops up saying "Destroy Green base" when it should say Red. Quest Log says Red.

In all its really good for 3 maps can not wait for you to release the whole thing. The story your building has been set up nicely, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the review!

I'm not too sure about those pathing issues, but if it becomes more evident what it is, I'll definitely look into it.
I don't know how to change portraits, but I how it can be confusing at times having two of the same portraits. At least their colour is different.

I was actually going to put the Furbolg nature blessing spell on auto-cast from when they were trained, but in my experience I just preferred having their ability off auto-cast so I could control their mana usage and not waste the ability. So, the thought was considered.
I'll fix the colour thing, as well.

I appreciate the feedback, and I'm very glad you liked it. :)
Level 11
Apr 27, 2009
Hey I just started playing this. It's so cool. I was wondering at the end of the mission where is the Save game code or something. Loaded few times too kill the end boss of the first mission and I saw there was none. Entered the next mission and my items are at the exact same place where they were. Are they getting save or something? Custom game data?
Level 14
Jun 12, 2012
Just finished the campaign. It's wonderful to see that there are such projects for Reforged (especially about the Watchers - I always wanted to make something related to this faction). The campaign itself feels well balanced and pretty interesting for me. The only thing I should mention is that side-quests in first missions start without any comments: I believe that the hero should somehow react on the item when she found it or a rescued archer should tell that there's more of her sisters nearby in cages.
Waiting for future updates!
Level 2
Jan 24, 2022
Okay so i have played through this map and the other before and i noticed a few details that could see some improvments. First off The enemy bases have acolytes and they will not rebuild meaning if you run in with blink and kill them you can abuse the AI. (do not know if intended or not). The furbolgs have overlaping hotkeys in Healwave and Natures blessing (E). There are not a lot of trees at the starting base so maybe adding a few more would be nice. Also the sidequest could maybe have a few less to find because they are kinda hard to see because of reforged and they are blending in. I would also suggest adding a bit more gold to the mines. I had no troubles myself but maybe other players would. since i stayed below 50 to get all gold before spending it. And lastly maybe adding a few new units in the red base (maybe some demons) or give the red army some upgrades. they only had 1/0 upgrades. again acolytes in red base ( do not know if intentional). And my final point please make it so you dont have to destroy every single moonwell and haunted goldmine to get the quest finished. Thats all hope this helps <3. Good map and campaign overall and i cant wait to see the rest. PS: there is a crate on an island not contaning anything (at the start)
Hey, thanks for taking your time to tell me these things.

The ai is not meant to be abused, but if you decide to use blink like that to kill the acolytes then I'm afraid it doesn't really make a difference. The acolytes don't actually do anything, since the ai gains resources automatically and is programmed not to rebuild. This is because I don't want destroying their base too much of a hassle.

And yeah, I could imagine the disappointment when that one island didn't have an item xd

Very helpful oberservations indeed, I'll look into everything - thanks again! And I'm glad you liked it overall.
Level 5
Aug 18, 2017
Well, this campaign looks promising.
What coudl be done... In chapter 3, It could be nice if the enemy base would be revealed when main quest shows up (Yellow Base), and it would be nice if you add to your casters upgrade icons from tier 1 to tier 2 (Like regular casters have their adept and master trainings).


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
A lovely night elf campaign that could use more custom-creative material in what the gameplay (especially abilities and techtrees) is concerned.


If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!


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A new updates arrives!

I know it may disappoint some people that I don't have any more to offer than a singular further chapter in the campaign. But, that's just how it is. This map making thing is not in any way my full time job, nor my full time hobby. It's something I do from time to time, sometimes with extensive time gaps.

Anyways, I have gone ahead and looked at some of the issues and other comments you guys have provided, regarding the other chapters, and tried to fix some of them. Besides that, this new chapter has quite a lot of new stuff to explore and experiment with, which most likey isn't perfect. So, if you do play this new chapter, let me know what issues you came across.

Thanks! :D
Level 2
Jun 26, 2023
I just played this campaign, and I must say it is overall well-executed. Besides some typos, I enjoyed the story about the Night Elves pre-WC3, the custom Satyr civ was interesting to play and, of course, it's a Reforged campaign which we don't see enough of!

Please consider continuing development, especially now that Reforged has custom campaign support-- I want to see what comes next!
Level 8
May 12, 2018
At last, HD version of Night Elf Campaign!
Terraining and environmental works are pretty and beautiful, and they're also harmonizes well with gameplay-level designs. I felt like I was playing Blizzard's official campaign.

Fresh new abilities has raised gameplay interest.

There are minor problems such as cinematic scene skipping and icon output not working properly, but I wasn't too disturbed by the progress of the game.