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  • Hey Levdragon, I presume that you're the creator of AoC. We'd be honored for you to upload it to the map section as we set up an official RP map type.
    I think I still have the UI but it would need a fix, the different parts of it need to be placed correct so everything fits together. I'll send you them later.
    If you have an interest in editing Steel's I'm willing to lend pieces of my own creations. I have some fixed up models that're similar to Steel's and as the author of Vuen's D&D TE/GP I also have tons of RP compatible coded systems.
    Initially, I didn't found any Tutorial on how to merge two models into one file and connect bones between them with the tools I use to make the model. There were some but it was slightly confusing to me...

    The model was done through numerous trials and errors...

    At first, I utilize almost all the tools available in Oinkerwinkle's website, following all the tutorials. I even manipulate and reconstruct models to my design (Unfortunately, this method have many limits and flaws).
    After some time, I was hit an obstacle (Oinkerwinkle's tools are unable to link multiple bones to a single Geoset) until last year (2011), I was introduced to a tool that overcomes that obstacle. It was this tool; Mdlvis, and it have enough function to make the 'Mounted Spear Thrower' possible...

    On Oinkerwinkle's website did mention about merging Geoset but the flaw was it connect the Geoset to only ONE Bone...

    I hope this helps...
    Uhm no, Azeroth (US East), but I would prefer to talk eitehr via this, WoW if you have it, or Skype. And as for your role... I have a terrainer, I have a unit concept designer, I myself work on Object editor and such... Do you have any experience with AI or Triggers?
    Aw that sucks, I'm still working on my project atm, you wanna help maybe? You don't have to be an actual mapmaker, what other Warcraft 3 things can you do?
    Yeah maybe :p, hey you still need that Stromguarde footman? I think I actually have time to do it now xD
    Nope, sorry. But if you're looking for a terrainer my pal L2love is looking for a good project to terrain for.
    Hello, dude. I'm back from my mass offlineness. Feel free to send me the instructions of what to terrain and stuff of your DA-O project (if it is still under development). I'll probably be able to work in the eastern holidays.

    - MK (A.K.A. Illidan_Hunter)
    Dude my terrainer organised the information i shall perma link to you :)
    i just need a little more time to organise it all
    Right its about 8am in your country correct? well if you log on soonish whisper Mackid23 :) i am going to bed atm its like 10 0.0
    Dude pleaaase Answer! Arrange a time with me at the weekend and me and mackid can talk! i tried sending you information but it didnt send and i dont want to type it again :'(
    Sorry i forgot you are in GMT+10 :/ Maybe sometime 2morrow?
    EDIT: Ah ill just Give you the information :p is Perma linking.......... Secret?
    The thing is we want this to be kept a secret :p and if you wanted you could be one of the testers :p
    Please just make an account on northrend just for this :p
    And Whisper Findeath[HoAR] when your there :D
    Or mackid23
    Well we have this game which i shall tell you in Bttle net
    Can you make an account in Northrend?
    And My name is Findeath[HoAR] :) Go to channel Unforsaken War :goblin_boom:
    Btw if im not on Whisper Mackid23 :)
    And sign up on HoAR for all the details!
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