Tirisfal Glades

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This map that took me about 2 weeks to create, is my best work so far, a replica of the glades of tirisfall using the wolrd of warcraft as base inspiration. A recreation of the appearance before The Scourge or the plague that came some time later. I couldn't say exactly when it is located in time, but between the first and second wars I think it is.

-The idea of this map apart from being contemplative and to give you a few laps in the area, is that people who are knowledgeable in creating campaigns, cinematics or other topics of that type use it for their projects, I give free use to whoever wants to use it for their campaign or whatever you need, I have prepared the map to be adapted to a "FOUNDATION OF DUROTAR" style campaign, but it can be modified to taste. Of course I would appreciate a mention or a space in the credits if it happens.

-It will not be the only map. As you can see, areas of the clearings are clearly missing and I have left indications that I will make more maps of the eastern kingdoms, I would like you to tell me in the comments after reviewing it or whatever you want to comment on, which area you want me to do next: Silverpine Forest or the Eastern Glades of Tirisfall or as it is now called "The Plaguelands". I hope you enjoy it and any suggestions or changes you would like to see I am attentive to read and answer.

-Credits for custom units and props to: @Vulfar, @Mr Ogre man, @Fugrim, @BurnedSmackdown and @jixed

Tirisfal Glades (Map)

Level 6
Oct 11, 2021
Important update! I have changed the faction of the Scarlet Crusade, for the Silver Hand. Because the Scarlet Crusade did not exist until the breakup of the Silver Hand after the fall of Lordaeron. Now the territories that were of the Scarlet Crusade will be of the Silver Hand as it was in the past.