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Oct 26, 2014
Sep 22, 2007


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Belgarath was last seen:
Oct 26, 2014
    1. fladdermasken
      Belgarath, Belgarath, Belgarath, Belgarath.
    2. Amargaard
      Yo dude, I read through your "Terraining: Principles of Pitch & Roll" tutorial and sadly couldn't comment for some reason, but since I couldn't get it work, I wanted to ask you here instead - I pressed the "Allow negative values in OE" button in preferences, yet my OE doesn't allow numbers below 0 - have you any idea, what could have caused this problem? And how to fix it? :)
    3. SuperCoke
      Nah, Unfortunatly I'm to poor to afford SC2 and D3 :(

      Still having to stick with WC3 with anybody who manages to ever log on, which is usually Supabb.
    4. HFR
      Is that sean bean in your avatar?

      I love you
    5. fladdermasken
      Dandimite bredda.
    6. fladdermasken
    7. fladdermasken
      Just so we're clear, I'm leaving the judging criteria all up to you, being that you're chief judge and all. Given you don't vouch for something so obnoxious that I want to slit my throat in the process, I'm game for whatever you have in store for us.

    8. SuperCoke
      You're still alive?!

      Still play Warcraft III or have you moved on to bigger and better things?
    9. Gilles
      I wish I had those moves.
    10. tobyfat50
      Yes, that is the one, it's a crapy sky. It looks good in the video because of the water.
    11. tobyfat50
      Send me a link to the image you were talking about, I have a lot of sky boxes and lots of requests so I don't remember, sorry!
    12. 88WaRCraFT3
      Map, i love your chat [Gui] system, and i want to use it, but what things, have you changed in Advanced - Interface? Can you say me pls whole names?
    13. Total_Warrior
      A fellow LOST watcher! :P
      My favorite show, I'm watching it again on ABC.com, currently on season 5.
    14. Alagremm
      Oh and Walt is probably either going to be the next Protector or the leader of the Others.
    15. Alagremm
      But what intrigued me the most is that Ben is going around as DHARMA representative closing the leftover facilities and Hurley on the totally new DHARMA van... looks like they are going to recreate the society on the Island and make it free of DHARMA and Hanso. Man, I wanna get in the renewed Island...

      I would kill to get those discs and files Ben had with him! Probably they are going to recreate DHARMA as it should has been, since it was created for helping the Island by Jacob, but got disled by man in Black and then destroyed by the mislead Others.
    16. Alagremm
      Yeah... especially the part about Room 23. Scray stuff. But I kinda luled about the "Island deity called Jacob". Wonder how much they learned. Anyway, I wonder why wasnt there anything about sharks in the orientational film.

      Guess Walt will be the leader of the others, huh?

      Anyway, that Dharma Logistics Facility rises only more questions! Who has been paying them and bringing food? Hanso Foundation? But dont they know that its long dead?
    17. Alagremm
      So... dude? You checked it out?
    18. Alagremm
    19. Alagremm
      So... did you like... the End?
    20. Alagremm
      Dude... I... I love your new ava! :cry:
      It reminds me of the last episode! D:
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