HF Tirisfal Glades

This is the Tirisfal Glades LV melee map with Heaven's Fall mod content added, built for patch 1.30. Previously I released a map that was compatible with 1.28, but that map is incompatible with 1.30. This was due to compression and other things. So, this version is totally uncompressed and is the highest quality that I have as far as source material goes.

I am aware it still has some bugs. There was a great review on HF Emerald Gardens by deepstrasz, and he made many good points that I still need to address. Updating this mod has not been the primary focus of my time, but I want to get this new release out so that players could enjoy the map.

Some features were lost in translation to map status and still need to be fixed, so I am happy to receive any feedback given. I'm currently aware that the "Credits" menu (quests menu in game) does not correctly display because the mod's language files don't work in a map.

Also, the tavern now has a rotating heroes system at the start of each night during the game. Couriers will periodically visit your base to offer flyers listing the heroes available at the "tavern" that night (it has been replaced with Gnorf's Traveling Party).

Races available:
Human @ 100% Handicap: Zear Fallen
Orc @ 100% Handicap: Lost Tribe
Undead @ 100% Handicap: Voidspawn
Night Elf @ 100% Handicap: Northpact
Human @ 90% Handicap: Final Alliance
Orc @ 90% Handicap: The Enlightened Tide

I hope you enjoy!


Retera is the sole creator of the Northpact race, the Voidspawn, and the Final Alliance and greatly remastered and redesigned the majority of the Zear, the Enlightened Tide (originally the Naga), and the Lost Tribe (originally Draenei). Management of game JASS scripts for the mod has also been undertaken by Retera, although the Caster System code was first created by Vexorian (see Vexorian section) and implemented into the mod's original map by Naresh (circa 2005).
All custom models not otherwise given an author's name can be assumed to be created by Retera.

Naresh was one of the originators of the mod when it was first created circa 2003, serving as the lead designer for the Forsaken, High Elf, and Naga unit data.
He gave lots of general design and troubleshooting help as Retera remastered the old races and developed new ones. He is the creator of the Risen race unit data as it exists in its developmental form (not currently available for play).

Naresh is also the creator of the original Harvester's Mill (a building in the Lost Tribe, updated by Retera to have Stand Work and Birth animations), Crystal Spire (a building in the Lost Tribe), and the Wanderer of Worlds neutral hero (demon form and normal form) models (this hero is not currently available in-game).

Wurmcrusher was a concept designer for the Zear who worked with Ben to produce the original unit, ability, and upgrade data for the race circa 2003.
Since then, the Zear race has seen many changes made by Retera. However, with the addition of Retera's Zear custom models the race has simply been implemented into an even greater version of what it was. Of all the original races of the mod, the Zear are the one left the most intact by Retera because it felt to him to be the most creative and unique of the original mod's races.
Wurmcrusher also gave inspiration on a few of the Voidspawn's hero abilities. In addition, Wurmcrusher was a leading concept designer for the Harbinger of Armageddon, Duelist, Mercenary Captain, Grim Guard, Firewalker, Earhshaper, and Storm Lord neutral heroes as well as the Earthshaker Golem and several custom neutral units.

Ben was one of the originators of the mod when it was first created, and designed numerous old spells (circa 2003) and worked alongside Matt to create and implement the original Zear as a race (before it had any custom models).

Dollerbill was the designer of the Blade Warrior hero ability ideas, which were then implemented by Retera.


Khaloracy provided conceptual ideas and support to Retera while Retera was constructing the Enlightened Tide race, and also served as a game tester (circa 2008).

Vexorian is the brilliant JASS scripter who devised the Caster System and offered it for the world (http://www.wc3campaigns.net/vexorian/) along with his magnificent Spell Template system, which was used throughout the design of this mod in nearly all races.
It must be admitted that although Vexorian, to the best of Retera's knowledge, knows nothing of this mod, it still could not have been made as it exists without his code.
A small handful of spells, such as the Forked Chain Lightning ability, are nearly direct copies of spells created in example maps by Vexorian, but most of the mod's newer spells simply take advantage of his brilliant Caster and Template systems. Heaven's Fall thanks him graciously for his code!
(Note: Vexorian's Caster System is now far beyond the version 12 originally used in Heaven's Fall, but the makers of Heaven's Fall cannot easily use vJASS for a mod environment. For more information on this, research Vexorian and the newer caster systems, which he kindly continues to provide.)

This guy drew that epic set of UI panels you see surrounding your screen when you play the Voidspawn and Lost Tribe. He also drew their custom ground textures, and the helped stylize the new version of the Voidspawn's blight. He's a pretty sweet artist.
Also, he made his own mod, called Four Empires. You can check it out and download it at [Altered Melee] - [MOD] Four Empires
He's made several custom races and worked on other projects more recently as well. He runs the Custom Race Makers discord chat what has kept me motivated about Warcraft III when I might otherwise have been distracted away to some other game.
He's also served as a play tester.

This guy made the awesome leaping wolf animation for the Northpact wolves.

Blizzard Entertainment:
The Northpact's Tuskarr Chieftain hero uses World of Warcraft icons for his fishing skill, and for the fish items he can find by fishing.

The terrain used in this map is from the default Emerald Gardens melee map, changed to the Ashenvale tileset. Somebody else had this idea first. I played a map on the Hive with Spellbound that had changed this melee map to Ashenvale, and thought it looked interesting. So, I attempted the same process on my own. As such, I'm not using their work, but I've used their idea.

Loading Screens:
All loading screen artwork was found on Google image searches, then modified in some cases.

Cheerleader :)

HF Tirisfal Glades (Map)

Approved based on (since it's the same thing): HF Emerald Gardens v2.01b I suggest you compile them in one thread but it's up to you.
This is one of two Heaven's Fall maps that were recently uploaded that had a bug in the data -- relative upgrade costs were turned of -- which will cause early downloaders of the map to have very high upgrade costs on certain custom units. The 2 and 4 player adaptions were not fixed on the day of the upload. The other adaptions were fixed on that same day.