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(2)Tirisfal Glade

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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~DARK~ Presnets

Tirisfal Glade

Created by ~DARK~

Map Info:

4 Gold Mines

2 goblin merchant

2 goblin labotory

2 mercany camp

1 Traven

I Also used mixing titles if it didn't bother you and also i scared about using caves but i use it hope it is ok

(2)Tirisfal Glade (Map)

00:16, 11th Aug 2013 Orcnet: lacking map description and sonofjay's review




00:16, 11th Aug 2013
Orcnet: lacking map description and sonofjay's review
Level 10
Jan 20, 2011
Btw this is actually a melee, as long as you havent changed units. If you have imported or changed doodads its still a melee map.

I know WE says different but thats how it's classified. Also screenies are always nice. I would check but im on my phone. So I will check tomorrow morning (for me)
Level 28
Oct 28, 2011
Well let me review this one for you.

The map layout is symmetric and also look nice with lots of routes to go around though I will prefer if there are cliffs blocking behind the trees on the routes since trees can be cut down and (If someone clever enough) cut down the trees then that will leave the whole center field wide open.

Terrain design.. well I do not approve of your weird use of the man-cliff with ground tiles since they don't blend each and just not realistic looking and they're just together. I give you credit for trying to blend different trees together, might have work for other trees but to see trees, that usually can be seen on different season, together is just ridiculous. Also your designing is kinda inconsistent, there are places which looks good(those small ponds with ruined tower) I even like that you put some efforts on decorating the creep camps but some places is just empty like the player's base and some paths. Also you kinda spammed some rocks, flowers and other organic doodad on weird places(like on bricked tiles that is just unnatural).

Lastly, you might want to improve the creep drops, currently the creep drops is just ridiculously weak. Also add fog.

Anyway, this might be good to anyone but it just get 2/5 from me. I like that you tried to make something unique but the execution is really lacking.