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The Legend of Ergl 1.1

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
This map only functions properly in 1.31. It can be played in 1.32+, but it will not display properly.
Ergl is a lazy murloc who must earn his way back into his tribe. But in the process of searching for an artifact, he enters an ancient, underwater temple guarded by ill-mannered creatures. But this fish boy might have a few tricks up his scales.

This is a short, fast-paced shooter map with elements of bullet hell style games. All controls are done with the mouse, and abilities are based on tools within the terrain rather than traditional abilities.

  • NPC dialogue is now color-coded
  • Narraration is more prominently different from dialogue
  • Increased dash speed by 20%
  • Doubled maximum dash charge bonus
  • Death bug fixed involving the player dying and triggering game-skipping events
  • Reduced Dragon Turtle boss HP by 20%
  • Reduced Sea Witch boss HP by 25%
  • Sea Witch boss is vulnerable an average of 2 seconds longer after being hit
  • Sea Witch boss projectile speed reduced by 30%
  • Sea Witch boss move speed reduced by 15%
  • Doubled stun duration against the hydra
  • Removed excess objects[/color]


Greatest, Eldest, of All Hydras


All other models were either made by me or lightly edited from internal models to fit the map.


Ready to Fight
Guns Blazing
Proceed With Caution

Forever Friends

Forever Friends

Temple of Water

Rose at Meridiem

The Legend of Ergl 1.1 (Map)

Level 12
Mar 4, 2014
Cool map, here is a small review.
I played this map for a few minutes and it seems super unique, i loved the dialogue between the frogs as well, pretty funny, my only problem with the map was the delay when you try to move and when you shoot, when i right click to move it takes like 1 second for my murloc to actually do it, and 0.5 seconds for the shooting, which is very annoying, i hope this delay can be fixed somehow, i played until the boss fight with the turtle, i did try 4 times but i couldn't do it, the delay is too hard to play with, but the concept is amazing, i hope you will keep working on it!

Other things i suggest to make the map better:

- When the murlocs talk i suggest changing the text to the color of the murloc that is speaking, for exemple: (when Ergl (the yellow murloc) speaks his text is yellow, when Flargl (the blue murloc) speaks, his text is blue).
This way the players can know better who is speaking to match better with the visuals as well.

Regarding the text, i wonder if you can make it a little bigger as well if it's possible.

Another small issue with the text during the dialogue is with the narrator text, the first time i watched it i didn't actually notice that was the narrator speaking, so i wonder if you can make it more obvious that the narrator is speaking as well there (but that is just a personal thing)

- And the only bug i guess if you can call it that is this, when the game starts there is this black block on the screen, i assume is not intended

- It seems like the map cannot be played in single player as well (i played it in local area network the first time i tested it), after i start the game in single player and the intro cutscene starts i cannot do anything, i tried clicking , typing, nothing, it just stays stuck in that cutscene with the blue murloc line, i tried pressing esc, but that only breaks the cutscene to bring me back to the first part where the yellow murloc swims back and forth, rip.
Last edited:
Level 21
Aug 13, 2011
@Blasterixx Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely adjust the text colors for different characters and narration. The delay is something I was worried about being an issue, because the unit isn't being directly controlled by the player. I'll see what I can do to make it feel more responsive.

I had the same issues with the map when playing it in the latest version of Warcraft 3. I'll be working on making it compatible with more than just 1.31 and certain aspect ratios when the contest is over.
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Level 6
Mar 7, 2011
i played this on 1.32, so i had some bugs with mouse events, but this was still sick. bullet hells on wc3 is bliss. i thought you had all the right controls, keeping it simple with move+attack+jump felt really nice. i bet having an occasional ice/sliding levels would have been a lot of fun as a change up to regular movement. also i feel like bullet hells would be amazing multiplayer and you should get on that
Level 21
Aug 13, 2011
@Serenity09 Thanks, and I agree that a sliding area would be fun. It would also work well with the new movement system I'm working on.

As fun as a bullet hell could be in multiplayer, I doubt the game's engine would be able to handle too many extra projectiles flying around. Maybe if I change projectiles into special effects instead of units to reduce performance stress? That might make the map function more efficiently in general if I can get it to work, and if it even works the way I'm thinking. But a multiplayer version isn't really in my sights at the moment. I'll definitely keep it in mind, though!
Level 12
Mar 4, 2014
Replayed the map and is much better this time {I played on war3 version 1.31}, i managed to beat it as well, loved the bosses, especially the hydra one, looks amazing, The map was short and sweet, i hope you will add more levels in the future! :infl_thumbs_up:


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
I'd not call this an RPG as there is no real progression. It's rather action oriented, an arcade type map.

My only annoyance is that sometimes I don't properly estimate the hold time of right click to dash when needed.


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