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Rally of Azeroth 3

Submitted by tomek83
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Rally of Azeroth 3

Singleplayer survival rally, with 3d "front bumper" camera. Drive your car carefully on a twisty track, avoid pitfalls and evade creeps. You win when you complete all 3 laps. You lose when your HP reach zero (creeps attacks) or damage reach 100% (collisions).

  • About 3 km lap length x 3 laps = about 12 minutes of gameplay
  • 3d "front bumper" camera; engine sound
  • Arrow movement, smooth acceleration, brakes and turns
  • High speeds - exceeds standard max. unit's speed
  • Collisions with damages - damages are permanent and reduces speed
  • Car slides - a little on slippery surfaces
  • Some hostile creeps around and on the track
  • A horde - will be removed in future versions
  • A few other pitfalls: obstacles, uneven road
  • Reverse gear - tap down arrow once to activate
  • Back to road button - restores position and direction
  • Wrong way warning - but don't use it too much or it'll get lost :)
  • Show the way command - summon spirit that shows you the right way
  • Max speed limiter for beginners - console command to limit max speed
  • Computer-controlled opponent car - simple, without physics, standard max. unit's speed
  • Simple dashboard showing: time, lap, speed, damage and mileage
  • singleplayer
  • possible a few camera-related glitches
  • no save-game, no replays
Tips and hints:
  • The main goal of this map is to survive all laps, optional - to be faster than your opponent
  • Use brakes frequently - pushing up arrow constantly and bumping from wall to wall is not efficient
  • Drive slowly and carefully on the hills in bottom-right corner of the map, there are narrow roads and cliffs
  • If you get stuck between trees, walls or other obstacles:
    • tap down arrow once to activate reverse gear (press up arrow to deactivate it), or
    • use back to road button (S key) - it'll restore your previous position and direction
    • do not try to force your way through the obstacles - that's an easy way to get lost
    • if you got lost, use show the way console command
  • Creeps are not very savage, they are light and easy to kill by ramming them at speed
  • Do not try to ram your opponent, it won't work because opponent has infinite weight
Other details:
  • This map features a simple, 1-dimensional damage system:
    • Crashing reduce HP, speed and increase damage counter, depending on speed and angle
    • Damages are permanent and may affect your speed
    • Creeps and horde may attack you, HP does not affect your performance, but you'll lose the game when killed
  • There's one fountain of health - use it to restore HP
  • On a multiboard, mileage is in km, speed in in km/h. Time is FYI only, there's no time limit
  • "Standard max. unit's speed" means max. unit's movement speed in Warcraft (522), that is about 50 km/h
  • Car sliding is possible, however most of the track have good grip. Some jumps are also possible
  • Wrong way warning appears once when you turn around and start going backward, however it doesn't know the right way
  • Console commands:
    • vmax=N - limit max speed to N km/h, use with N=0 to disable this limit
    • lapc=N - set lap count to 1 <= N <= 9 (default is 3)
    • servo=N - adjust steering speed around center (default is 1)
    • stw or show the way - summons spirit for 20s that shows where your opponent would go if it were on your position
Old versions:
There are 2 previous versions in one bundle "Rally of Azeroth 2", in a substandard section.
I've put this map to a new bundle because it's aiming in higher standard and I don't want to have it averaged with old versions.

Any feedback is appreciated. I'm particularly interested in:
  • difficulty - have you completed 3 laps, in what time and how much damages you had at the end?
  • controls - is it difficult to control the car? Is the steering too fast, too slow or not precise?
  • confusing places on the track - are there places when you often crashes, gets out of the road or gets lost?
  • 1.0 - initial version
  • 1.1:
    • added show the way command
    • reduced some camera shaking
    • racing with opponent is now optional
    • car slows down after releasing up arrow
    • revere gear works also when holdin down arrow
    • added wrong way signs (double archery range) around the track
    • some terrain changes
    • updated screenshots
Map is protected
No credits - only Warcraft resources have been used

Rally of Azeroth 3 (Map)

I guess the vehicle should stop by itself if you release the forward key. To stop it you have to press the down arrow key. Not sure why there is one computer player that goes through shortcuts(?). You could make it multiplayer instead and add bots if...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. I guess the vehicle should stop by itself if you release the forward key. To stop it you have to press the down arrow key.
    2. Not sure why there is one computer player that goes through shortcuts(?). You could make it multiplayer instead and add bots if players decide to play alone.
    3. There's a lot of stuttering and shaking. And if you hit the explosive barrel it's horror, which doesn't explode by the way, it just remains there and triggers your spinning off track. You're forced to use back to track even if not off the road. Also, not sure about the range required to trigger the FX but it seemed I was pretty far the second time and still got shaken.
    4. OK back to road didn't work, the camera was still heavily shaking.
    5. Why can't you reverse?
    6. Even hitting a wall might get your camera to shake naughtily. Also going through bushes/plants shortcuts.
    7. Back to track doesn't put your vehicle's facing on the right track if you use it when going the wrong way.
    Right now, it's pretty much unplayable.

    Awaiting Update.

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    Daffa the Mage
  2. tomek83


    Nov 9, 2011
    1. Fixed - vehicle will slow down and stop by itself when forward key is released
    2. Racing with bot is now optional (selectable at game start).
    The map is for singleplayer only and it won't change - too much effort required
    There are a few shortcuts that can be used by bots to make up for their limited speed
    3. I've reduced camera shaking and fixed some possible sources of excessive stuttering / shaking, but I don't know if that was your case.
    Explosive barrel should explode when hit with high speed, otherwise it'll bounce you like when hitting a tree.
    Hitting explosive barred should not trigger any shaking, however driving over grass can cause some minor camera shake
    4. If excessive shaking is still present, please let me know if it's vertical or all-direction shaking, what frequency it have and if there are error messages displayed.
    If it won't end after few seconds, then please try console command "shake=0" and let me know if it helped
    5. To reverse, you need to stop first and then tap down arrow once. Since this update, reverse works also when holding down arrow.
    6. Some camera shaking while going off-road is intentional. If it's too high, use "shake=N" command (N=80 is default, N=0 disables shaking) and let me know if it helped.
    7. Back to road puts your car back on the road, but not necessarily on the track.
    Used just after getting off the track, should put you on the right way and direction.
    If you get lost, use "show the way" command (or short form: "stw") and follow summoned spirit.
    I've also added some wrong way signs - when you see double archery range facing your direction, it means you go wrong way