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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to utilize these custom stats you made here: UI: 3x3 Custom Unit Stats

    I'm working in typescript and a friend helped me rewrite some lines to adapt your code to ts.

    However, it seems to be causing desync in my map. Do you have any ideas on what could be causing the issue?

    Love your stuff btw!
    Make sure that you create warcraft 3 objects (handles, like frames, units, locations ...) in function main or later, not inside the root before the game has started.
    If you do stuff for one player only make sure that you do not add/create or destroy things. BlzGetFrameByName BlzGetOriginFrame, BlzFrameGetChild, BlzFrameGetParent can add new handles.

    Good luck in finding the cause.
    Thanks for the reply.

    We've been at it for 4 hours and it seems to be the use of GetLocalPlayer in CustomStatUpdate who is the sole cause for the desync. Don't know if there's anything can be done at this point as it also seems to be crucial for everything to display proper values.
    Alright, final update in case you or anyone that happens on this wants to know.

    We seem to have fixed it by basically calculating all values we want to display before calling GetLocalPlayer.

    So we loop through all players in the game and store our data in local variables in the update function. Then we store the ID from GetLocalPlayer and display our data to only that player.
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    hi tasyen.
    i create a gluecheckbox,how to define it checked in defalut?
    i couldn't find any method to slove it.
    No idea. I suggest to reverse the meaning of the checkbox.
    so i use button and backdrop to do this work
    Nah, when you checkbox currently means hide x. Instead let it show x. The reversed action but still quite similiar.
    Hi Tasyen - you seem to be really knowledgeable about manipulating UI in Warcraft 3, so I was wondering if you could help me with something. My end goal is to hide the UI/HUD from the main and campaign "glue" menu screens. If you are curious why: this will allow me capture those scenes in their purest form for my ambient YouTube project.

    I am running Reign of Chaos v1.27 (also own Reforged if that's easier). I have the Allow Local Files registry key set up, and I've managed to modify the cursor on the main menu (by playing around with BLP files) as a basic sanity-check that it works.

    What I've read about WC3 UI has led me to the FDF files; to achieve my goal I've been trying to modify CampaignMenu.fdf. However, nothing I do seems to have any effect. Maybe I'm in the wrong file? Or maybe Allow Local Files does not support FDF edits? Or maybe I'm on the wrong track altogether - I do have some scripting and World Editor experience, so all ideas are welcome!

    Thank you,
    - skyboxeye
    One can change the menu by placing custom fdfs in the game folder with the same relative path. ui\framedef\glue\campaignmenu.fdf.

    Though removing interactive UI is something the game does not like. I once tried to remove the Battle.net Button. The game didn't wanted to start after that anymore. I ended with only taking it's Textures, Size, Position and TabFocus reference. From an user view same result, but technically it is still there just not reachable.

    Though if you only want to see the background models without anything else you also could just create a map in Reforged in which you hide all UI and create a "SPRITE"-Frame which model you set to the menu models. Does not require any fdf, though might take effort to make them look the same.
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    (Post) How would I go about using your FdfCreator system to recreate all the systems showcased in this thread?: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/ancients-wrath-orpg.326604/
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    (Post) What do you have in store regarding UI? Or do you something totally different in mind for your next project? Mind giving a peek?
    Hello Tasyen, I am testing around with CustomUI and quite satisfied that it works almost perfectly in old 1.31. However, when I am importing the system to my map, I realized that there are no Console Texture 5 and 6 in my World Editor. Is there any solution around this (Except replacing original textures and import the replaced textures for system)? :(

    EDIT: I completely forgot about MPQ Editor and after I tried it. It works perfectly now. Thanks for your system, sir! Can you also please create Race Selector UI system? I've seen recent one but it's in Lua sadly..
    World Editor data can be moded.
    V1.31 don't get any patches you can mod World Editor data and teach your world editor to be able to change it (this does not require any programming or hacking). Less smart to do in a Version still getting patches.

    ConsoleUITexture 6 & 5 can be added into game interface by placing a custom "ui\skinmetadata.slk" into your warcraft 3 game folder with that Allow Local Files feature.

    If you wana do that you add 2 entries and increase the total yCount (at the top of the slk)
    the new entries have for X2 the wanted stringKey to write onto.

    You also need to add the other fields correctly, I suggest copying ConsoleTexture01 and just change the y values, the number in field X2 and the unqiue ID.
    Love Seeker
    Love Seeker
    Thanks! This is what I needed! Can you please make more UI related systems in the future? :)
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    (Post) This was the exact thing I needed, thanks!
    "select unit (shop ability that select the buyinging unit)"
    Hey, any idea how to verify if player presses F10? There's an event for game pause but what about F10? I'm asking because singleplayer maps are paused on F10.
    local trig = CreateTrigger()
    BlzTriggerRegisterPlayerKeyEvent(trig, Player(0), OSKEY_F10, 0, true)
    TriggerAddAction(trig, function()
    print("test F10")
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    (Post) +https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/feedback-compiled-list-of-bugs-issues-for-1-30-1.308210/page-22#post-3449973
    I recently got blackmailed by the moose army into tending for the tutorial section, I am working from oldest to newest as that seems fair but I am giving you a heads up since you have so many tutorials pending approval.
    I think it would be very useful for you have a collection of links between your UI tutorials so you can easily navigate between them as I suspect if you are interested in one, you will also read the others sooner or later.

    Not a demand, as I said I have not properly gone through it yet. It was just an easy addition I think would be nice to add when/if you get the time.
    The tag is helpful, no doubt.
    But let's put it this way, I did not even know you could search by tag, so I am not sure if that is as good of a solution as something that is actually in the thread.

    I don't think a completely new tutorial is needed either.

    What I am thinking is to simply add a section in each of the tutorials like:
    More UI tutorials in the series:

    A bit annoying to add but I think it's more useful
    I added a List of Links at the end of each of them. Leading to the others.
    Nice, I just hope the links don't break if I move them. I think I can put a permanent redirect buuuuut not sure if needed.
    Hi Tasyen, is it possible to use the unit info Panel and show 4 more Attributes with a number under it that is based on a integer.. for example
    First page the default with attack Armor and 3 main attributes and the second one with Textes:
    Healing Power
    And under them the integer?
    It’s something possible?
    It is possible. But a page with such a format is not included in the demo map.
    Well I have to update it anyway, therefore I could add some more demos. The Skillpanel is showing some skills it should not, realized that after I tested it in some random maps after the upload.

    If I got you right you want a demo Like this:

    Without any Icons

    Or do you want this

    I see you probably mean it should look like the normal attributes which would be kinda like the first I thought.
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    (Post) Thank you very much! This camera function by UI is a real evolution in terms of cameras in recent times or the best for Wc3, as I haven't seen anything like it yet.
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    (Post) Thanks for the information. I should take a look at the test map before asking questions, my bad. I was looking at the description and saw only a demo for units.
    Sorry to bother you Tasyen but was reading you custom music tutorial. Like you when I assign one song to the string it works but when multiples are added im having same issue as you and stops working. Just wondering if you figured out how to get it working. Thanks
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