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Northrend: the Conquest

Submitted by denis318
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Created by DenIS318 and Spinel.
Official forums: warhaven.org

Northrend: The Conquest is a strategy map. The game starts at Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne timeline, when Arthas arrived to Northrend, as well as Illidan came from Draenor to destroy the Frozen Throne. The various factions fightning each other in the conquest of Northrend.

Capturing control points provides income. Some buildings also provides income (like Palace of the Spider Queen or New Dalaran), however these buildings can be only destroyed. Income gives you money each minute. You need to kill all enemies to win the game. Initially, some factions starts unallied (like Nerubians), but they get allies later, through factions paths. Some factions also haves betrayal paths, like Ashen Verdict. There are some solo-factions without any possible allies, like True Horde, however these factions have very powerful units and heroes. Various events could be triggered through game, like Arthas merge with Ner'zhul event.


Agamand's Hammer:
Amberpine Lodge:
Cult of the Damned initial base:
Drak'Tharon Keep:
Explorer's Guild Camp:
Fordragon Hold:
Icecrown Citadel:
New Dalaran:
New Hearthglen:
Palace of Spider Queen:
Shadowfang Tower:

Discord group - Discord.gg/wEgJAAv
You can post all suggestions, bugs and etc. in this group.
The first versions of the map may contain disbalance, bugs, please be patient with that and report in discord group about this.
The recent WC3 1.31 patch also made some things unstable and sometimes map may freeze, if you encouter any desyncs (drop to score screen), please report it into Discord group as well, with description of when and how it happened, replay is desirable. It could help developers to fix these issues.
This map was created by editing Harald's Rise of the Lich King map, it was edited with his permission, gameplay was changed a lot, and now it's became a different map.

  • Harald
  • Draupne
  • SvnmS
  • Blizzard Entertaiment
  • Default_Diamond
  • pokeR1337
  • heishimo
  • whiteLR
  • SilenceX
  • Vexorian
  • a723zat
  • Reakness
  • Kuhneghetz
  • Ariussunking
  • Empyreal
  • Hate
  • Bribe
  • Pyritie
  • watermelon_1234
  • assasin_lord
  • goro
  • SantoRayo[iP]
  • funkid2
  • Mc !
  • Mechanical Man
  • General Frank
  • Daelin
  • IamMclovin
  • Elenai
  • DarkChaplain
  • JetFangInferno
  • Callahan
  • rondo
  • Illidan(Evil)X
  • Lord_T
  • communist_orc
  • Direfury
  • levigeorge1617
  • Kitabatake
  • Cavman
  • Kwaliti
  • hellobg
  • takakenji
  • sPy
  • Tarrasque
  • Skipper
  • Tranquil
  • Dionesiist
  • -Grendel
  • MiniMage
  • epsilon
  • Hexus
  • GiFun
  • epsilon
  • dhguardianes
  • Sin'dorei300
  • Uncle Fester
  • epsilon
  • AndrewOverload519
  • nGy
  • eubz
  • Sellenisko
  • AlienAtSystem
  • MN Lahmar
  • Lender
  • MatiS
  • HerrDave
  • The_Silent
  • Afronight_76
  • Pins
  • Hueter
  • Whelp
  • L_Lawliet
  • tonic
  • Norinrad
  • Muoteck
  • KelThuzad
  • Infinitynexus
  • Darkfang
  • HappyTauren
  • Norinrad
  • FrIkY
  • Juan_Ann
  • CloudWolf
  • -Berz-
  • Deolrin
  • Raging Ent
  • Pyramidhe@d
  • Darkmoon Hero
  • Hellx-Magnus
  • The Panda
  • shiiK
  • 4eNNightmare
  • Mr.Goblin
  • Kimbo
  • NFWar
  • Crowolf
  • JollyD
  • kola
  • Ujimasa Hojo
  • Marcos DAB
  • xyzier_24
  • Marshmalo
  • Sylvie
  • Windrunner29
  • Pyraeus
  • Eagle XI
  • Bumhunter
  • kangyun
  • Peacegetter
  • Murlocologist
  • Itius Leurn Freim
  • Mister_Haudrauf
  • Zephyrius2412
  • Mister_Haudrauf
  • Tauer
  • Blood Raven
  • PrinceYaser
  • Chen
  • Scias
  • Himperion
  • Tamplier777
  • Bon_Jovi
  • and other model and icon authors from XGM.

Northrend: the Conquest 1.01b (Map)

Well, seems there are regular Warcraft III spells and material used. Some items need better descriptions. Kael's sword doesn't say how much attack bonus it gives. Also, why a sword? The character is a ranged magician. Learn about tooltips: Tooltip...
  1. a723zat


    Jan 6, 2017
    Seems not that nice as lta/kta and that fanlore and bugs are disturbing. Hope author will make map better. :peasant-thinking:
  2. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Well, seems there are regular Warcraft III spells and material used.
    2. Some items need better descriptions. Kael's sword doesn't say how much attack bonus it gives. Also, why a sword? The character is a ranged magician. Learn about tooltips:
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions
    3. Frozen Arrows looks as if disabled. To make the icon look passive use this: Button Manager v1.8.2 Same with Sweeping Strikes as it looks active. Same, Ethereal.
    4. An issue I've seen on another map of this type. Maybe because of the patch version?
    5. It's not really Strategy/Risk but more of an Altered Melee since you can build anywhere you want.
    6. Buildings can be placed over control points. This might create problems trying to conquer zones.
    7. Lay on Hands is pretty bad, not really worth the cooldown.
    8. Fel Infusion and Eye Beam have the same icon.
    9. Anub'arak's Burrow form is bugged. There is a burrowed crypt lord model on the site somewhere. Also, the unburrow is called burrow and has the burrow icon (arrow down).
    10. Essence of Blight and Dark Mend have the same icon.
    11. Many spells are found among factions. More variety wouldn't hurt.
    12. Irulom and Varlam have the same hero icon.
    13. Human sorceresses have the same spells as the blood elven ones.
    14. Many Stormbolt/Firebolt spells which are renamed.
    Approved although could use many improvements.

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