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Last Activity:
Jul 1, 2020 at 11:26 PM
Jul 1, 2008


Well-Known Member, from UK

Marshmalo was last seen:
Jul 1, 2020 at 11:26 PM
    1. ImmortaL_GoD
      Hi, was wondering what ever happened to Rise of a Realm, did you cease development on it? Can't find a thread or anything.
    2. Ohmvoid
      Hey Marshmallo !! i hope u're fine, i'd like to know if you could share the buildings and cities from lotr conquest with me please. I'll give credits to all ur team ofc but i need that for a lotr builder type map i'm currently working on. that could defo help me aloootttt :D
      1. yuriy_valandil
        Hey Marsh, I also wanted to ask you if you can send me lotrc map unprotected, maybe with no triggers, i just want to learn some of abilities and get some models from that map since you decide to not develop it anymore ? ))
        Jan 22, 2020
    3. MasterHaosis
      1. View previous comments...
      2. MasterHaosis
        Glad to see you! Whats up ?
        Dec 20, 2019
      3. Marshmalo
        Not much just quietly getting on with me reforged project! How about you?
        Dec 21, 2019
      4. MasterHaosis
        How are you satisfied with Reforged so far?
        I am decently think. its hot here, 15-20C these days in mid December. it is not normal. So I complain at weather mostly. It will snow in next few days though
        Dec 22, 2019
    4. yuriy_valandil
      Hi Marsh Im fine, thank you, now Im working on the abilities for heroes , it is the most difficult part of work on the map for me ), also because My english is not perfect and I will need some help from someone who can correct what I have write so far ...) How is your map? Are you still working on Lotrc ? I saw some new versions , also I saw that you wanted add some naval units in game ?_)
    5. deepstrasz
      Hey man, your signature's images are not also links. Nothing happens if you click those pictures.
    6. yuriy_valandil
    7. LionsBlood
      Is it possible to get the Man Eater boss units model to use in my map? I would give credit to you for it if you created it. It's the one in "Zombie Rising EA 1.59" Thanks so much in advance and hope all is well with you.
      p.s. I miss brigandshaven :(
    8. Tyrande
      Hi.Where you get tilesets such as in LOTR Conquest.
    9. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      Curious, are you not sharing your resources AT ALL now or are you using a different site?
      1. Marshmalo
        I only use this site, I would share more but I can't be bothered with battling the mods here. Alot of my stuff is edits of blizzard stuff which would probably not pass the strict rules here.
        Jun 21, 2019
      2. Shar Dundred
        Shar Dundred
        Jun 21, 2019
      3. Kyrbi0
        Came here just now from the Ask the Hive Staff thread to say the exact same thing.

        Ujimasa does it, Tauer does it, all the cool kids host all sorts of stuff with No Rulez. ; )
        Jun 24, 2019
    10. FeruEnzeruJKun
    11. neven1
      What is your discord? mine is Xirizo #7777

      add me
    12. InSaNe_97
      Greetings. Mate, will be Rise of Vampire update? Thank You for all work and In advice thank You for answer.
    13. Jason56_34
      Hi marhsmallo i have question, on the patch 1.56 on Lordaeron TA. I killed galen trollbane and his grave was not there. Is there a problem?
    14. Bersekr21
      Hey, been wondering what happened to the Skyrim map you were doing before. Went on Brigands Haven and found out you're no logner working on it right?

      Just wanted to know if anyone else took charge over the project or if it is completely abandoned.
      1. Marshmalo
        heya, its abandoned
        Feb 17, 2019
      2. Bersekr21
        Ah right - Any way you'd be willing to share the map in the current state? I was thinking of the idea - Found out now trhat it's abandoned so I'd like to do smth myself with Warcraft x Skyrim combination but can't do terraining at all
        Feb 17, 2019
    15. WildWhiteWolfy
      Hello there! ^,..,^ I did find your map yesterday and it's best one I ever seen! You done really well! Also tried another one (RiseOfARealm) and getting crashed during epic-battle.. So! Are you going to update your map for Reforged? I mean.. I (and I think a lot of people) like RiseOfARealm so much! It would be so good to see it in Reforged! Or you will only create new ones? T,..,T
    16. kyle18
      1. Marshmalo
        ahh thankyou :)

        I decided to stick with the latest WC3 versions as Reforged is coming and I want to make maps for them. But who know sif Blizzard continue to wreck wc3 I may decide to revert back. Thanks for link :)
        Jan 1, 2019
    17. Krotos
      Why are you awake at 2:30 AM, Marsh? :P
      1. Marshmalo
        lol I don't know I had been on the wine last night! :0
        Nov 24, 2018
    18. Heinvers
      1. Marshmalo
        Some beutiful enteries already I see! But I have so many map projects which I need to terrain I don't think I will have any time to enter and the bar looks like it's been set very high. Thankyou for having me in mind though :)
        Nov 23, 2018
    19. Shindu
      Marsh, it's normal than dark ranger's banshee in Siegie of Quel'Thalas can use mind control on elven workers and build elven buildings, alive army?
      1. Marshmalo
        Ah no thats a bug.
        Nov 19, 2018
    20. Frotty
      Are you still doing requests?
      1. Marshmalo
        lol :P
        Nov 19, 2018
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