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  • Heh, thanks. :D I've moved it back, I usually let things sit there for a while so you don't have to feel rushed to update or anything. GL.
    True, they are both the same concept of adding and removing. However, Mag's has greater fail-safety. When I said that Mag's covers the concept more, I meant that it has more of an explanation. (it introduces how the process is normally done [implying that is the method] and then it explains the way to add the fail-safety) It is more explicit.

    The method you detailed is perfectly fine and is good, but it is more of a code snippet than a tutorial. :) Sadly, we don't have a place for GUI snippets. (we should now that I think about it, or at least a thread for it) I suppose it could be approved with a slight explanation and some leak-fixes in the code. (as well as accounting for what Mag posted in his tutorial) If you'd like, I can remove it from the graveyard if you'd like to make the necessary changes.
    well, it can support more then any other 2d projectile system i know of or have seen if you have any ideas on how to improve it let me know.
    Nope, but I have msn. And now I go sleep and I'll turn my computer off(meaning I can't give it you now).
    Well if you want unprotected version you have to come TCO chat and ask there. If I'm online then I'll give you acces to able to download the unprotected campaign directly from my computer.
    Well you can always try but I wouldn't do this. If I would do multiplayer RPG I would just do a whole new story but the same world. I've been planning some ideas but first I do this.
    Sorry but it is not "protected". Let me explain :
    There was a time when I was upset with the WE and I began to code my maps' script in jass only with jasscraft (I didn't know the JNGP) and I imported them with WinMPQ. At this time, I also learned to use .slk and .txt files instead of using the Object Editor (which are the widgetized versions of objects datas, faster but less GUI-friendly).
    Then I discovered the JNGP and began to code again quiet normaly.
    But now, I'm under Linux and, unfortunatly, the WE barely works and the JNGP doesn't at all, so I do all the stuff without Worldedit.

    However, there is an uncompiled vjass script that I can give but that's the only thing you can't get with a simple MPQ Browser (the other things being the texts, the models/textures and the object datas in slk).
    Also, this vjass script is quiet messy.

    Sorry for all the troubles but thanks to review my map.
    I wasn't really working on it :/
    I have tons of things to do >.<
    - Work on Demigod Arena
    - Work on League of Champions
    - Read 3 books before school starts in 2 weeks

    I'm really sorry :(
    Writing a save/load system in GUI is like the biggest challenge ever :/
    I think I might actually help :)
    I'll start out by converting these libraries to GUI:
    - Ascii (Bribe) // Quite easy :3
    - Base (Nestharus) // Moderate
    - BigInt (Nestharus) // SO FUCKING HARD
    - Scrambler (Nestharus) // Hard :/
    - Encoder (Nestharus) // Going to be as hard as fuck
    Hmm sure.. though it's totally undocumented and all.

    I'll try to get the newest out later today.
    Actually I never tried it. I just gave you an advice how to improve it very quickly.

    I really don't have time to test other maps because I have one big project of my own that takes all my time. I'm sure here's someone who could help you test it.
    you don't
    warcraft 3 can't handle many trackables and anything close to a halfway accurate mouse would require a lot of them
    it is only practicable for small areas

    but if you want to do it anyway you can measure the size of a model with the war 3 model editor in the tool section and make 2 loops which go from min x/y to max x/y of the playable map area increasing x/y by the size of the trackable every iteration and placing trackables there
    Reputation (+4):
    (Post) (+4) Next time send me link to your review so I can give you more rep for helping mods in map section.
    Hey vehster, how you doin buddddddy?

    I saw your projectile system. Even if it's far from perfect, you've still come a long way. Keep up the good work :)
    oh hey sorry for the late reply, let me go test it for a while, and I'll give you out a review :)
    Well I really dont know about that... And it is all fine if you wanted to make a similiar map like mine. The idea isnt anything revolutionary after all.

    And... If you happen to want to make the sliding thingy compatible with mouse control I will be sure to credit you in case I have enough motivation to make it a some sort of complete map.
    in fact only ONE local variable can be used in GUI.
    wrong!, you can use multiple locals in GUI but locals cannot be used outside the function its called for...
    Well, you shouldn't use waits. Using timers or reals is way better.
    Variables don't work too well with waits, not unless you do some weird stuff.

    I'll show you a quick guide how to make spells MUI even though you're using waits (without timers).
    I've made a little pastebin entry for it.
    Abusing WE's bugs is always fun...

    Edit: I didn't quite get what you mean with 'looping' though. What are you looping?
    Edit 2: Oh, right. I forgot to mention: using my method doesn't work inside unit-and player groups. (It does inside loops and ITE's though).
    Uh, what? Could you... elaborate that? Or perhaps reformulate, that might help as well.

    So you're looping... something. And you want to remove a location leak inside that loop?
    I know you kept it as simple as you could, I'm not judging you...

    And API actually stands for Application Programming Interface (much like the WE is for Warcraft), but somehow I like using it for a set of variables that determines what a system does.
    For example:
    constant real DAMAGE = 100. // The total damage dealt
    constant real DURATION = 5.00 // The duration of the spell
    constant integer DUMMY_ID = 'dmmy' // The unit ID of the dummy.
    constant boolean M_IMMUNE = false // If true, it can hit magic immune targets.

    In GUI it would just look like a lot of variables.
    I see you are trying to cooperate one spell with another. You are doing it wrong. Seems like you realy dont understand how to use Indexes. Well, to teach you I need time and some other way to chat (Skype, MSN, tinychat or something...). If you have Skype, I could share my screen and talk to you through microphone.
    Not all of my maps are available in unprotected format, and I'm not looking for a code review. You may, however, peruse these out of personal interest.
    Not at all, I appreciated your review. I had just repped you before, and had to "spread it around" more before I could rep you again.
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