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Legion's Demise

Submitted by Knecht
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Even in their last stand, the armies of Azeroth can't put their differences aside to face their common foe. Only with their strength combined can they defeat the demonic legion.

Map Specifics
[​IMG] Players 8
[​IMG] Creep Camps 6 12(+8) 6
[​IMG] Neutral Buildings 13 (4 taverns, 2 portals, 2 shops, 2 merc camps(Outland), 2 marketplaces, 1 mana fountain)
[​IMG] Gold Mines 20

Early game is focused on heavy player interaction as all green camps are in the center of the map. The 2 felhound creeps in the middle drop the Wand of Neutralization - a tool that might prove useful against casters in late game (be it Bloodlust, Faerie fire, Roar etc.). However, their mana burn makes this camp risky.
Depending on where your team's spawns you'll have to fight over strategic locations such as the highly placed gold mine, the double gold mine or the marketplace. Each of them is guarded by a strong creep camp that could put your army in a weak spot. The item drops could prove useful however.
The portals may be of great use for a sneak attack. But be wary of the felbeasts.

Music to get in the mood

Change Log

[2019-01-12]-Version 1.0 - Uploaded

Authors Notes
This map was made for the third melee mapping contest. It's my first 4v4 map

Legion's Demise (Map)

  1. fostaa


    Mar 18, 2011
    This also looks very promising.