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Demise of Atlantis 1.5

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Demise of Atlantis version 1.4

Demise of Atlantis is pretty much like a castle defense, if you have played X Hero Siege then you will know how the gameplay works. But a unique feature in this one is that you get to customize your hero, you could choose 4 normal skills and an ultimate. There are several different combo skills that you could make. Unlike other custom hero games, this has custom skills that relies on the attributes of the hero. For short, even intelligence type heroes would withstand the attacking power of an agility hero. Each level also provides you with 3 stat points which you could choose to distribute in either your strength, agility, or intelligence. You could also enter the arena to fight against your team mates.

If you want to see some screenshots or more details please visit the development threads listed at the bottom.

There has been a lot of improvements to this project I was working on. So I could say that it has entered the beta phase. It is 100% playable and can handle 8 players. The Main development thread can be found at thehelper.net though I also keep a thread here at the hive.

Further developments are still being kept on hold. One major gameplay development is the undegoing development "Dungeon" which will give players the ability to aquire special bonuses and get out of the atlantis for a while to travel into some different parts.

Development Threads


Hive Workshop

Your simple comments suggestions and other more point of views are appreciated. These things can help a lot in the development of this project. Thanks for checking this out.

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Demise of Atlantis 1.5 (Map)

04:20, 27th Dec 2009 ap0calypse: Approved
After playing Demise of Atlantis for one whole hour, I gotta say it is really unique. Well some parts were unique, some parts were similar. I love that ability system! Can you show me the system you used? Also, there were many hereos to choose from, which was good. What I don't understand is why the Mur'guls periodically attack the Orb of Atlantis. You can also make the map a bit bigger, with more shops and territories. RPG-ify it, but also maintain its Arenaness. Overall, a pretty good map. 4/5 and thumbs up.
Level 2
Oct 6, 2009
Well, first play through I did was pretty good. the spells are pretty unique but a few of them seem a little unbalanced(Ones I mainly saw was the unstable nebula, holy light spell or w/e it is, and also the starfall, it does a little too much dmg.)

I also hope there are a little more spells, items and diferent rounds coming? After alittle while it just repeats the same units without any buff to them at all.
Level 4
May 25, 2009
Nice map.I suggest you adding a bouncing ability (i don't think i saw it anywhere and sorry if you have it already).
If you choose multy shot , after the first use you can't disable it, you see the buff on hero's buff tray but when you disable the buff dissapears but you can attack like if you have multy shot on.At the description you say it's like X hero siege, then when you destroy the towers and the spanwing building (which is invulnerable all the time) you could reach the next lvl of creeps but how is this possible when it's permament invulnerable?.
Also the repeating wave sucks
Level 7
Dec 20, 2007
Well I've been working on the extra parts of the map, incase the player is bored of protecting the orb. There would be some quest that work perk you up with items and even bonus attributes. The project is still in the early stage so I can't really easily add systems since there are still many testings yet to be done, and I don't have much feedback yet from the players.

The progress on spells is actually very poor since I use GUI hahaha and I don't have the will to switch to newgen yet. But someone was already offering to vJASS the spells, but I refused since I am planning to catch up another project. Some spells are still imbalanced since there are not much people to send some feedback. I have an on queue changes to the holy light. The nebula actually is made as is it since it has a lot of disadvantages built with it. For the starfall, I am actually going to nerf the blinding buff but the damage and the AOE stays. Starfall is made to deal more damage to make the int heroes capable of fighting agi and str heroes.

Well, this is in an early stage so I don't have plans yet for the destruction of the spawning pools. I am still focusing on filling up the spells and recipes plus the incoming dungeon system. The wave keeps on repeating since the winning condition is actually planned to be installed in the new island which is still being planned. And what's more is that the waves are not yet enough so I am still making more wave units. I am planning on a stat based chain lightning though maybe I would try to learn some chain GUI spellmaking first hehehe.... Though I could try to implement the glaive bounce, though it would take a long time since I have no shortcut on making these things.

Thanks for downloading playing and for the feedbacks everyone. I really appreciate your efforts.
Level 4
May 25, 2009
Bouncing ability? This is Warcraft 3 not basketball!

New on Warcraft? Guess so ... wanna see some examples of bouncing abilities?
The Huntress , elfs' second unit has a bouncing ability called MOON GLAIVE.
Luna from DotA (uses the same model as the hunterss) has a bouncing ability which can bounce up to 5 targets

Can't recall anything else.

So next time try not to say anything that doesn't excists

Also everything is possible with World Editor all you need is practice and imagination.
Level 7
Dec 20, 2007
Thanks for the ratings, about the glaive, I'm still thinking if it is necessary to implement it. I've already started with the dungeons and I can't work much on the skills yet. I'll keep my focus on recipes and the dungeons first. And by the way thanks for the ratings +rep to you too :D
Level 7
Dec 20, 2007

Version 1.4

- changed Starfall blind to miss 30 percent in every level
- increased Starfall cooldown to 12 seconds
- increased range of Tidal Crush from 350 to 400
- Tidal Crush and Starfall does not create effects on spell immune units anymore
- fixed mana burst tooltip
- fixed shadow meld's evade rate
- removed HP bonus from Desperado
- Holy Light does not deal damage anymore, instead it removes negative buffs
- increased amount of HP healed by Holy Light
- increased damage ratio of mana break to 75 percent of the combusted mana
- fixed lag caused by Angel's Edge
- reduced Angel's Edge from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
- Angel's Edge cooldown reduced to 70 seconds from 75 seconds
- Angel's Edge now dispels when the hero dies
- reduced Mana Burst cooldown to 75 seconds from 80 seconds
- reduced Heaven's Drive cooldown to 65 seconds from 85 seconds
- Frost Nova shatter does not appear from spell immune units anymore
- Added special effect to Cleaving Attack
- increased damage dealt by frost nova from 5/10/15/20/25 to 7/14/21/28/35 percent
- increased frost nova shatter damage from 5/15/25/35/45 to 10/20/30/40/50
- split shot deactivation hotkey now works
- fixed Bio Alchemy icon positioning
- added Reincarnation ultimate
- removed Dispersion due to some performance issues
- changed Inner Rage manacost from 150 to 150/170/190/210/230
- added mana cost to Blood Thirst 120/150/180/210/240
- changed all ultimate's hotkey to Q
- fixed God's Strength tooltip
- added Avatar ultimate
- reduced frost nova casting range from 450 to 425
- added Sticky Web skill
- moved Vampiric Aura to Altar of Kings
- added Enhance Focus skill

- removed cleave special effect from Deathbringer
- Nible Boots can now be clicked to activate sprint
- added item ownership system
- transfered Barbaric Helm to Initiation
- transfered Nimble Boots helm to Initiation
- remade Shaman's Necklace
- fixed Vitality Booster's bonus HP
- added Protective Greaves
- added Radiance item
- added Horn of Stormwind item
- added Staff of Purification item
- increased Vile of Mellowberry Juice HP bonus to 5

- fixed Troll Warlord's icon positioning
- increased Bane Elemental's scaling

- increased score gain to easily rank up
- fixed negative buffs to have a red tooltip
- entering the arena now removes the shared vision with your teammates in it
- removed the sound from Taverns
- fixed an issue on taverns for not showing up the 12th hero on the list
- implemented dungeon system
- added 3 waves
Level 7
Dec 20, 2007
Needed to fix some codes concerning the dungeon.

Version 1.4b

- reduced Mana Burst AOE from 350 to 300
- fixed Healing Wave for having a goldcost
- changed Smoke Screen duration from 5 seconds to 4/5/6/7/8

- added Hyper Stone item (Lost Relics)
- added Quarterstaff item (Orb of Atlantis)
- added Heart of Tarasque (Protectorate)
- fixed Horm of Stormwind tooltip
- fixed Assassin's Cloak tooltip
- fixed Barbaric Helm recipe tooltip

- added Fate (Character) type hero
- lowered rank requirements of Character type heroes to Novice Rank
- lowered rank requirements of Titan type heroes to Scout Rank

- added 4 waves
- Arena, Dungeon and Stash can now be used when wave 1 spawns
- fixed Dungeon for not working properly
Level 1
Dec 31, 2009
I've enjoyed the map, but like to see more items. I haven't tested enough skills to give any inputs but I do like the stats depended spells.

Btw, are there tomes in this map? and how do I upgrade an item?

Level 7
Dec 20, 2007
Recipes are such a pain in the neck for me considering there are only few items (24 to be exact). I'm working on more items don't worry I won't quit until I fill in the whole recipe shops. And I am also planning to create advanced recipes which will need high class recipes to create another recipe item. Some items are upgradeable, just buy their recipes again. Anyway for the changelog.

BTW: Welcome to the hive, I really appreciate that you've shown your support to my map by registering and posting your first post here :thumbsup:

Version 1.5

- fixed Reincarnation level skip requirements
- reduced frost nova damage from 7/14/21/28/35 to 6/12/18/24/30 percent of the remaining mana
- added Brilliance Aura
- reduced Angel's Edge mana cost from 200/250/300/350/400 to 200/225/250/275/300
- added Essence Aura
- fixed Bio Alchemy for not dealing bonus damage from the hero's int

- fixed tooltip for Fate indicating her main attribute as strength
- replaced royal knight and black knight with lycantrophe and lifestealer
- added skeleton king
- added phantom lancer
- added enigma
- added morphed alchemist
- added morphed tinker
- added Juggernaught
- added Lord of Olympia
- added Morphed Soul Keeper
- added morphed Axe

- added mana stone (Initiation)
- added arcane jewel (Supportive)
- added force sphere (Supportive)
- added spirit glass (Supportive)
- fixed enchanted shield cooldown display
- added Mask of Soul Scream (Supportive)
- added Wind Whisperer (Protective)

- nerfed centraur khan's greater bash

- added 1 second cooldown to quests in the dungeon
- fixed units getting trapped in a lane when a player quits
- added 1 quest for Lucius the Overseer
- added 1 wave
- added loading screen
Level 4
May 25, 2009
Blood Thirst is bugged, if you cast it once then the liefsteal efects stays for ever (don't know what happens if you die) but you loose the bonus dmg.
Also add a -random for a random hero model.

I died and while i was dead the Orb of Atlantis was destroyed but i revived normally but creeps were unable to attack me, the next wave spawned but it was standing at the starting point doing nothing.

Also the ''Dead?'' is supposed to be the revive timer(i think) but is shows nothing.
Same goes for the ''Next wave in:''
Finally the -save doesn't seem to work , or i have to save before i loose?

Edit:Does Blood Thirst works with orbs? I mean is it an orb effect?
Last edited:
Level 4
May 25, 2009
Then i know what caused it, while i had the effect of Blood Thirst i used a couple of the starting potions, maybe this one caused it.
Level 9
May 30, 2008
The map look great and have a lot of skills, items and visual effects. Overall 4/5 but because of the fact the map is lagging to much when a wave is spawned i will vote 1/5. I play 5 minutes and i was thinking this is just a lag in the beginning but the lag continue so i was unable to control my hero and this ruin the whole game. If you optimize your triggers i may give another rating until then 1/5. Sorry but this game is unplayable on computer pentium 4 3ghz 512 ram and 126mb video
Level 1
Jan 5, 2010
Btw, would you kindly tell me the source of ur "imported" models, they were quite cool and i would like to use them in my map

Many thanks

On a side note
I have to say, your map was good, the gameplay was alright, however, the
2nd/ 3rd "quests" however do not seem to work
Level 1
Dec 27, 2009
I like it ;) Customize heroes abilities + hero defence = very intersting. Items looks like great too but which is the highest rank?
Level 7
Dec 20, 2007
The potions are merely item healing with some additional HP when you use it. I tested it again and it seems to be fine, are you sure that you are not seeing the default aura for the Vampiric Rage?

1/5? Well if that is your rating. I couldn't blame myself if there is something wrong with your computer, considering my computer is just a 512MB RAM and Pentium 4, works for me fine.

Thanks for the suppoort GhostThruster, but I don't think I could make any update soon, my computer is busted and I didn't make a backup for the latest changes that I've made.

@Strangeone, thanks for playing, the imports were taken from different site, some here at the hive and some at the resource area of theheleper.net some would be found at the wc3c.net website. Some were taken from a russian site though I can't really remember the site since I only bookmarked it on the other computer.

@Aquarius, thanks for playing, the highestrank would be the Archon rank for players and Demigod for VIPs.