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Dec 11, 2014
May 30, 2009


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Aesthetics was last seen:
Dec 11, 2014
    1. StoPCampinGn00b
      Aesthetics, hello :)

      EDIT: Haha, I see you giving crap maps to ap0colypse back in the day. I'm the new mod and people rarely do it to me XD
    2. eesti17
      i know it's just some bloody crap.
    3. dead-man-walking
      No longer cleaning Maps?
    4. Aesthetics
      Um, N1hgthawk, I didn't really expect official characters... since that is already over-used. But the logo is nice.
    5. N1ghthawk
      I also took the FF 13 logo and edited it to fit our project (obviously we can replace it later if a better one comes along)

    6. N1ghthawk
      First of all let me apologize for not getting back to you for almost a week. Normally I am active on the Hive nearly every day, however I have been in London the last week and haven't been active in the community during that time.

      I am willing to commence with the project, but we need to iron-out some of the details (like how are we going to be implementing items, spells, quests, etc.) We should talk, do some preliminary work, and then set up a map development page.


      Btw, i've found some excellent animated models for the following FF characters at Wc3 forumcircle (some of which were taken directly from the FF game and just animated for warcraft):

      - FF X Yuna
      - FF X-2 Yuna (gun-wielding)
      - Jecht
      - Chaos
      - Cloud
      - Zack
      - Kuja
      - Cosmos
      - Mila
      - Zack

      I've also found models for a few other characters whom I don't recognize and some for creeps found in FF games.
    7. N1ghthawk
      Final Fantasy - Starseekers


      Since no one seemed interested, I am one-manning this project.

      I was considering doing a final fantasy thing myself. I've done dungeon and forest terraining, spell design, and i'm learning vJass ATM.

      If you'd like a partner, tell me more about the project (I have a few ideas myself)
    8. Aggrius
      Thanks! And remember: Don't feed the troll!!!
    9. ap0calypse
      Kind of, yes :/
      Isn't reporting those maps annoying as well? xD
    10. Legion_King
      You're welcome.
    11. Legion_King
      Happy Birthday :D
    12. ap0calypse
      Lol :P I don't mind that people copy you :)
      Anyway, I asked for a new mod, but there were some issues on who would become a mod (several people were pointed out, everyone picked another guy...).

      The entire map moderation system will change though, ralle is working on that.
    13. dead-man-walking
      Suddenly everyone is copying me and posting crap maps to ap0calpyse. Cool, but why not just make some more map mods?
      I Lol'd. Well, if you ask me, it's because of the messiness of the Maps Section.
    14. propotato
      I think I found this spawn bug in triggers. Now It should work...
    15. propotato
      I was playing online and I saw this bug first time. I've added second revive after a second. Maybe it will fix this...
    16. propotato
      Hmmm... strange. I played this map a lot of times and survivors spawns everytime, but zombies sometimes (very sometimes) bug > i made command for it. Try to enter -spawn
    17. propotato
      The big turn-off is that sometimes players, infected or survivors, don't spawn correctly. That means we're stuck in one part of the map and I would have to remake the game. Have you checked your triggers?
      hmmm. i think you talk about elevator part where zombies stuck> just use switch and enter elevator> you will tp (I must write this in game) Can you say something more about incorrect surviviol spawn? I never find a bug with human spawning.
    18. ap0calypse
      Warsong Gulch was a multi-upload (I rejected his map before, he deleted and re-uploaded it).
      The other map is also rejected

      Why "don't you know anymore" by the way? :sad:
    19. Narrat0r
      Best Avatar ever.
    20. Boris_Spider
      lol, actually the only spiders involved are 2 nerubian heroes. Please test it, I could really use feedback.

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