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Build a factory, automate resource gathering and crafting, go through tiers of progress gaining access to new units, abilities, and structures, explore the map for more resources, items, and places to expand then finally construct The Avarice to complete the game. Play alone to save your progress or play cooperatively.

This is a strange attempt at bringing factory style building games like Factorio, Satisfactory, Dyson Sphere Program, ect to Warcraft! Using existing mechanics so it stays true to feel like a wc3 map.

Gameplay Basic Features:
Exploration: Travel across the map to find resource nodes for future automation, items to help aid you, doodads to destroy for clearing the ground for future building expansion.
Automation: Use units on patrol to grab a resource, craft it into something else and eventually store it into the Resource Storage to use to craft buildings, units, or use certain abilities.
Tiers: There are 5 different resource products that you have to figure out how to automate. It starts off easy but gets more difficult. As you progress, you unlock more buildings, units, and abilities to make it easier and give you more options.
The Avarice: Building this final structure awards you with a few single use super abilities for fun and to signal that you have officially completed the game.

Bonus: Skin Selector, change your Hero's skin to almost any unit in the base game using this ability. Random Memes, trigger a randomized meme to appear, yes they are stupid and some are inside jokes you won't understand but that is okay. Annoy your friends or all laugh together. Most of the memes are prone to breaking if playing them too frequently and also will leak.

All custom unit texture art is by me specifically for this map. They are pretty much all simple texture swaps.

A little about me. I love Warcraft 3 and have been making maps since I was a kid but just never published them and usually just played them amongst friends but this map just became so ambitious that I wanted to try publishing and hearing all your thoughts, feedback, and discussion. Please feel free to message me. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the map.

TinkerCraft (Map)

There're still icons that are uncredited like those for resources. Please write a proper credits list. Generally, it's a nice little not necessarily violent game. However, not sure how much replayability there is. Approved. If you want more...
Level 3
Jun 14, 2012
How do you unlock the next tier? I've got 10 of the bronze in my storage, but no next tier.
As soon as you get any resource of a tier, it will unlock the next tier. For getting the resources of the next tier though, for your case, tier 3. It is explained in the top left recipes/quest button. I'm guessing that you probably haven't found the liquid crystal node yet. You need that to start the crafting process to make the tier 3 resource, crystal cells.

I am working on a small update to fix a few bugs along with making tier 3 easier for your sake and because some of my friends thought tier 3 was too hard since it was too much of a step up in challenge. And also wanting to create a mini tutorial in game and in a youtube video to hopefully answer more common questions.


Map Reviewer
Level 64
Jun 4, 2009
There're still icons that are uncredited like those for resources. Please write a proper credits list.

Generally, it's a nice little not necessarily violent game. However, not sure how much replayability there is.


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