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Angel Arena Eclipse REBORN v0.3d

Submitted by GrandMaitre
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


(By GrandMaitre, zo Om and Insanity AI)

Testers :
zo_0m (all versions)
Light (0.1 to 0.2)
Aya (0.3)
Seiji/Xora/Kimimaro (0.1 to 0.3)
MAgicdood (RIP since 0.1c)

Official Discord : Join the Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn Discord Server!

Credit : SoH original creator

(No more selfish edit, this version is protected and made by Players for Players)

Winter Edition (2019)

General :
-LeaderBoard fixed
-Kills issue fixed
-Kill limit issue fixed
-Armageddon issue fixed (no more one shot when he is dead)
-Added snow and ice to all the map
-Added weather variations during the game (snow and blizzard)
-Reworked some areas to make them snowy
-Changes some bosses spells into "winter" ones
-Added Santa Claus to the map
-Fixed stash issue with Pink player
-Changed some monsters model to "winter" ones
-Added a new end game Boss (after Malthael)

Santa Claus :
-Drops presents every 60 sec (120 sec in late game)

Presents have 5 levels :
-1 :
-2 :
-3 :
-4 :
-5 :

Boss :
-Changed Armageddon model
-Armageddon portal now stays open for 60 sec after his dead

Items :
-Changed Ultima Excalibur icon and aura
-Changed Sacred protection aura
-Added 2 special items sold by Santa in SS
-Spirit of Fire essence : increased price from 40k gold to 50k gold



Graphic Update :
-All orginal WIII models have been replaced by better/new ones.
-Some areas have been changed to be better looking.

-Boss diagrams at SS are now bigger
-Fixed bug when Player 8/9 summonned their stash
-Burst Fire Lord : spells hotkeys fixed



General :
-Transmute issue fixed
-New bosses level fixed
-Armageddon : Fire aura fixed (6 sec instead of 3)
-Armageddon : Fire Novas are now purple instead of red
-Armageddon : pentagrams before meteors hit are now purple instead of red
-Crafted items : now give stats based on your current level when you make them (+when your level up)
-Crafted Items : No more bugs when you change your Hero
-Gamble : fixed and works properly
-Rune of Fire : active spell balanced
RELEASE : 24/10/2019


General :
-Boxes shop no longer dissapear if Red leaves
-The Death no longer drop end game items
-Armageddon drops his items at the correct location
-Malthael : reduced the number of zombies
-Fragments shop : Added tooltip to explain how it works

RELEASE : 22/10/2019


General :
-Vote kick system
-Switch team system (yes finally)
-Player 1 can now choose Kill Limit : 20/40/60/80/100/120
-Bugs fixed

Bosses :
-Added 12 mini bosses
-Reworked Malthael fight
-Reworked The Death fight
-Created an area for Malthael
-Moved Armageddon to Fire Area (bottom left)
-Moved fire area creep to old Armageddon's area (next to igloo area)
(This way the 2 farming areas, ice and fire are now next to each other and the 2 bosses Malthael and Armageddon have now their own area)
-Icy Illidan : now repawns

Mobs :
-Lords : buffed

Items :
Each Lord (Fire,Thunder,Water,Earth) now drops a fragment.
-Added a new shop in SS to combine these fragments and create powerful items
-Added a shop with all God's Radiance components
-Sacred Protection (manual) : increased price from 500 to 750

Spells :
-Archangel's Protection : fixed
-Freezing Field : Reduced damage (at level 9 it is now str*4 instead of 9)
-Black Hole : reduced damage
-StarFall : reduced damage
-Portal : reduced damage

RELEASE : 21/10/2019


General :
This version is a bit buggy

Gamble :
-now goes in your inventory

Risk :
-now goes in your inventory

RELEASE : 09/09/2019


General :
-Do not play this version (buggy)
RELEASE : 08/09/2019


General :
Do not play this version (buggy)
-You can no longer use "recall" with your stash during Duels
Desyncs should definitely be fixed

Map :
-Moved Sea Witch to a new location
-Reworked secret shop (not final design)
-Fixed portal leading to "The Horrible One"

Boss :
-Added a 4th Lord (Fire Lord)

Items :
-The secret of eclipse : can now be sold
-Bloodthirst Slayer : removed Cleave ability

RELEASE : 07/09/2019


General :
-size : reduced map size from 58MB to 31MB

General fix :
-Death no longer drop Ultima Excalibur and end game items

Until The End mode : Leaderboard is back so you can check leavers

Monsters :
-Frost Wyrm : new model


General fixes :
-Bosses with illusions don't drop multiple essences anymore
-Ulquiorra : now respawn
-Icy Illidan : now respawn

Items :
-Lucifer essence : increased price to 150k gold and 20 wood
-God essence : increased price to 150k gold and 20 wood

Heroes :
-Divine God : Fixed range (750 instead of 200)
-God : Increased range from 200 to 650

RELEASE : 20/08/2019


General fixes :
-Bosses with illusions don't drop multiple essences anymore
-Fire area : creeps now respawn at correct level

Bosses :
All bosses dropping essence now respawn every 5 min

-Divine warfare : tooltip fixed

RELEASE : 20/08/2019


New : Added a Votekick system !
General fixes :
-Player 1 doesn't start with a hero anymore

Items :
-Creating items now takes 2 sec instead of 5
-Sacred Protection : increased manual price from 500 to 1000 wood

Boss :
-All these secret shop bosses now respawn and drop their essence :
-Eclipse Terror
-Ranger of Nightfall

Boss :
-Malthael : no longer has Ultima Excalibur
-Malthael : has now 50% to deal x3 damage
-Malthael : +1% max HP regen

Credits :
-aitz : thanks for the Votekick system

RELEASE : 18/08/2019


General fixes :
-Until the end mode : removed duels bug fixed

Creep :
-Bandit murderer : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Lord of the spears : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Sea cyclops cheiftan : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Turtle lord : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Fel orc commander : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Fel orc axe master : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Elven archery master : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Elven huntress master : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Satyr assassin : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Forest defender : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Bear lord : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Polar tauren : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Draenei oracle : bounty reduced to 1 wood
-Demon overlord : bounty reduced to 1 wood

Boss :
Malthael : buffed
The Death : buffed

Items :
-Holy Avenger essence : increased price from 60k to 80k
-Sacred protection recipe : increased price from 600 wood to 1000 wood

RELEASE : 16/08/2019


General fixes :
-Desyncs fixed thanks to Insanity AI
-4k tomes can't be gambled anymore
-Removed moskito sounds : was buggy
-Removed snake sounds : was buggy
-Ulquiorra : can't attack through the wall anymore
-Ulqiorra : portal fixed
-Dragon Commander : fixed "dragon's heart spell"
-Until the end mode : removed duels (it was pointless)
-Rogue of the Eclipse : Reduced chance to cast Eclipse Power from 5% to 3%
-Picking tome of power with stash no longer crash the game

Map :
Fire area : reworked

Items :
-Sacred protection recipe : increased price from 500 to 600 wood

RELEASE : 16/08/2019


General :
-This version will introduce some new abilities based on stats
-No more special effect when creating items with manuals (it was buggy)
-New tomes can't be "Risked" or "Gambled" anymore
-Fire Area : Monsters can't follow you outside the area
-Death Area : Monsters can't follow you outside the area
-All spells on QWER
-All Heroe's tooltips updated (Tavern)
-Item removal is now disabled during Duels
-Icons : Updated as many as I can
-Gamble/Risk shop : Items now appear next to the shop
-Camera : Automatic camera view when entering portals at the Altar of Power
-The 7 bosses of the bottom area now respawn and drop their essence

Map :
-Bottom : completely reworked
-There are now 4 castles instead of 6 (they still respawn)
-Base : entrances are now bigger
-Assassin of AC area : reworked
-O'Dimm area : reworked
-Armageddon area : reworked
-Ice area : reworked
-The 4 portals around the Altar of Power now lead to the 4 castles

Capture The Flag mode :
-To make a point you have to bring the ennemy flag in the circle of power in front of your base. (easier to understand and seems more logic than creating a new space)

Heroes :
-Archangel : completely reworked (new custom spells)
-Assassin of AC : completely reworked (new custom spells)
-O'Dimm : completely reworked (new custom spells)
-The God of Thieves : completely reworked (new custom spells)
-Rogue of the Eclipse : completely reworked (new custom spells)
-Spirit of the Sea : completely reworked (new custom spells)
-Priestess of Eclipse : completely reworked (new custom spells)
-Eclipse Elemental : completely reworked (new custom spells)
-Armageddon : completely reworked (new custom spells)

-Dragon Commander : is now stronger (added the Blade of Twilight)
-Dragon Commander : primary stat is not intelligence anymore but strenght
-Lunastra: is now stronger (added the Blade of Twilight)
-Assassin: is now stronger (added the Blade of Twilight)
-Aqua Marine: is now stronger (added the Blade of Twilight)
-Original Evil: is now stronger (added the Blade of Twilight)
-The God of Thieves: is now stronger (added the Blade of Twilight)
-Rogue of the Eclipse: is now stronger (added the Blade of Twilight)
-Ranger of Nightfall : : is now tronger (added Supreme Cerebrus Power)
-Spirit Guardian : no longer has Evasion ability
-The Eclipse Guardian : is now stronger (added a Bloodthirst Slayer)
-The Eclipse Guardian : increased level from 200 to 300
-The Eclipse Guardian : can now attack aerial units
-Yara : has now Brillance aura instead of Trueshot aura
-T|/|TaH|/|K : increased stats growth from 90/90/90 to 100/100/100
-T|/|TaH|/|K : is now stronger (replaced devils and Divine Excaliburs by Ultima Excalibur and added God's Radiance
-Eclipse Elemental : increased stats growth from 135/135/135 to 150/150/150
-Rogue of the Eclipse : increased stats growth from 75/50/95 to 110/140/100
-Dragon Commander : increased stats growth from 75/20/20 to 115/100/145
-Spirit of the Sea : increased stats growth from 90/70/70 to 140/120/100
-Priestess of Eclipse : increased stats growth from 70/70/85 to 115/115/150
-O'Dimm : increased stats growth from 65/65/65 to 115/115/150
-Assassin of AC : increased stats growth from 80/125/60 to 110/150/100
-The God of Thieves : increased stats growth from 75/75/75 to 135/135/150
-Archangel of Eclipse : primary stat is now intelligence
-Archangel of Eclipse : increased stats growth from 42/52/46 to 110/105/150

Monsters :
-HellFire Giants : removed Immobilise ability

New monsters (will custom them later) :
-Poison Elemental

Boss :
-Armageddon : now spawns at 40 min instead of 60
-Armageddon : new spawn location
-Malthael : buffed
-Eclipse Elemental : increased level from 1500 to 5000
-The Death : now respawns every 5 min

-Spirit Guardian essence : is now locked until 45 min
-Invulnerability potion : reduced cost from 5000 to 3000
-Invulnerability potion : reduced duration from 5 sec to 2 sec
-Ring of Power : Increased cost from 150k gold/10 wood to 150k gold/20 wood

Spells :
-Ethereal Form (Spirit Guardian) : reduced duration from 2/4/6 to 1/2/3
-Divine Shield : has now 3 levels instead of 4

New spells :

Assassin of AC
-Attribute Bonus : Original
-Blink Strike : Teleports you to targeted unit dealing damage based on agility
-Invisibility : (Passiv) Your Hero is invisible until he attacks or casts spells
-Assassination : 5% chance to deal critical strike
-Bounty Hunter : Gives the Assassin a bounty of 100 woods when killing an enemy Hero

Rogue of the Eclipse :
-Glaives : Causes the attacks of the Rogue to bounce between nearby enemy units. Every bounce deals 100% damage.
-Eclipse Power : 5% chance to deal damage based on your agility
-Adrenaline Rush : Add life steal to your attacks
-Rogue's Critical Strike : 35% chance to deal critical strike
-Ambush Projectile : Hurls a divine commet that deals 100 000 damage and stuns the target enemy unit.

The God of Thieves :
-Fan of Knives : The hero hurls a flurry of knives, damaging nearby enemies. (Each knife deals 100 000 damage + agility)
-Crippling Strike : Makes units unable to attack and deals 100 000 damage + agility
-Wind Walk : Original
-Mirror Image : 7 illusions at max level
-Thief's Agility : 15% chance to deal critical strike

Priestess of the Eclipse :
-Repel : Deals 100 000 damage + intelligence
-Starfall : Deals 100 000 damage + intelligence
-Light Bolt : Original with 100 000 damage + intelligence
-Holy Strike : 15% chance to cast void Pillar
-Divine's Blessing : Increases damage of targeted unit

Arcane Archangel :
-Archangel's Protection : Increase targeted unit armor by 1 000 000
-The Chosen One : Increase targeted unit damage by 1000%
-Radiance Aura : Deals damage in an AOE of 800
-Purification : Deals 100 000 damage + intelligence
-Spell Block : Blocks spell every 10 seconds

Armageddon :
-Finger of Doom : Deals 200 000 damage + intelligence
-Supremacy Aura : Gives 1000% damage bonus
-Chaos Stomp : casts a nova of fire every 0.5 sec (3times) dealing 200 000 damahe + intelligence in an AOE of 1000
-Demolisher : 20% to deals x1000 damage
-Armageddon : Summons an army of powerful infernals in an AOE of 3000 dealing 200 000 damage + intelligence on impact

Elemental Eclipse :
-Terror of the Eclipse : A howl of terror like spell that disables everyone’s attack around the Hero for 5 seconds
-Into the Voi : Makes hero invisible and banished for 5 seconds. During that time it has 10% of the max hp regen and magic immunity.
-Devour Soul : Spell that damages enemy for 100000+(x*int) damage and heal Eclipse Elemental for the same amount of damage
-Haunt : A spell that allows you to switch places with your illusion
-Illusuions : Creates 8 illusions at max level

Spirit of the Sea :
-Torrent : Water pillar
-Water Stream : Water dash dealing damage
-Liquid Doppelgangers : Create a complete copy of your Hero (items, spells etc)
-Water Sphere : Your hero is surrounded by a big water sphere, every ally in it takes 50% less damage, has +100% damage and +1% max HP regen. Ennemies get slowed by 50%.
-Power of the Sea : +300% damage aura

Big thanks to these guys for helping me with custom spells :
-NightKnight (Deadreyo)
-tony AKA 7, lcm
-Insanity AI

RELEASE : TONIGHT 11/08/2019 !


General :
-Fixed the "magic fountain dissapears" when Player 1 leaves
-Item sound effects like frost nova from God's Radiance are now played at position of unit instead of whole map
-Increase stash pick up range
-Game mode : reduced selecting time between each
-Bosses should not run away anymore
-Increased max level to 15 000

Map :
-Reworked Ulquierra area
-The Crypt : no more guardian. Boss now respawns every 10 min

Items :
-God's Radiance : price fixed
-Essence of the Eclipse : price fixed
-Secret shop boss essences : increased price (+25 wood)
-Archangel essence : has now 1 stock
-Spirit Guardian essence : has now 1 stock
-Devils Excalibur : cost is now fixed (1035 wood instead of 765)
-Excalibur (devils,divine and ultima) : model changed to standar chest to make them easier to pick up
-Sacred Protection : frost nova doesn't deals AOE damage anymore, it's single target
-Starry Power : frost nova doesn't deals AOE damage anymore, it's single target
-Angel Power : frost nova doesn't deals AOE damage anymore, it's single target
-Sacred Protection : Increased price from 200 to 500 wood
-Sacred Protetion : now requieres The Blade of Twilight instead of Guardian Force
-Sacred Protection : Fros Nova (passiv) now deals 80 000 damage instead of 20 000
-Sacred Protection : now has True Strike

New items:
-Tome of strenght : +4350 cost : 100 wood
-Tome of Agility : +4350 cost : 100 wood
-Tome of intelligence : +4350 cost : 100 wood
-Unholy training XX : +6500 damage cost : 100 wood
-Tome of Agi/Str/Int : +2170 cost : 100 wood

Heroes :
-All heroes : Attack speed balanced
-Titan : increased illusions from 2 to 6
-God of Thieves : increased illusions from 2 to 5
-Slimey : his ultimate required level is now fixed and can be lvl up every 10 levels instead of 4
-Ulquiorra : now drops Cerebrus Power instead of its recipe
-Spirit Guarian : reduced model size
-Dragon Commander : fixed stats growth
-Baby Jesus : replaced Holy aura by Devotion aura
-Eclipse Elemental : increased Chakra damage
-Eclipse Elemental : increased all stats growth from 120 to 135
-Assassin of AC : increased agility growth from 110 to 125

Monsters :
-Godlen golem : reduced aggro range
-Wolves (at the Altar of power) : increased level to 25
-Viper Wards (at the Altar of power) : increased level to 30
-Avatar (at the Altar of power) : increased level to 50
-Zombies (Malthael's sbires) : are much stronger

-Malthael : attack speed and stats highly increased
-Armageddon : increased level from 5000 to 10 000

Ability :
-Summon stash : added hotkey (D)
-Chaos Touch (Armageddon) : increased casting range from 1200 to 2000
-Chaos Touch (Armageddon) : increased damage from 10 00/13 000/15 000 to 50 000/75 000/100 000

Shop :
-Excalibur Shop : now sells The Blade of Twilight instead of Guardian Force


Heroes :
-Lord Xerv : Roar now works correctly
-Angel of Divine : Increased stats growth per level

Boss :
-Ranger of Nightfall : is now stronger (she has a Bloodthirst Slayer)

Item :
-Ambrosia : is now clickable to prevent game crash from stash buying.
-Essences : Fixed old tooltips

Map :
-Fire Area : is not a Boss area anymore. It is now a farming area exactly like the Igloo (same difficulty and bounties)

Quest :
-Added a quest to explain how "Capture The Flag" mode works
-Added a quest to explain how "Until the End" mode works

Misc :
-In addition to the current existing timer there will be a 10 seconds countdown before items removal


Heroes :
-Spirit Guardian : replaced Cleave by evasion (75%)
-Lord Xerv : Replaced Cleave by Roar

Misc :
-Fixed "items removed" message displayed 7 times

General :

-New loading screen
-No more camera lock when Satan respawn
-No more camera lock when God respawn
-Picking XP tome with stash no longer crash the game
-Changing hero with essence is now ONLY on the Altar of power
-No more lag when killing monsters
-No more kick system
-Items on the ground are removed every 20 min to prevent lags (displayed timer)
-No more doors (was buggy) creep now spawn from portals.

You can now choose the game mode :

  1. Classic : The first team to reach 150 kills wins the game

  2. Until The End : The first team to kill the last boss wins the game

  3. Capture The Flag : 2 possibilities :

  • winning condition 1 : Time (10, 20 or 30 min)

  • winning condition 2 : Points (5, 10 or 15 points)
(I will add other mods according to best player’s suggestion)

Commands :

-Removed suicide command since your stash can teleport your Hero
-New summon God command : “-god”
-Removed “ar” and “al” commands
-Removed “norisk” and “nogamble” commands
(Game modes are now displayed to Player 1 so he just have to click)

Stats :

-Agility points now increase AS by 0.01 instead of 0.02 (100% at level 100 instead of level 50)
-Agility points now increase movement speed by 0.01 instead of 0.02 (100% at level 100 instead of level 50)

Merchants :

-Tauren merchant now sells all the items to create the Devils Excalibur
-Olympus now sells Devils and Divine Excalibur
-New shop selling “Ultima Excalibur”, “God’s Radiance”, “Sacred Protection”

Stash :

-No longer needs to move it near to a shop to sell items.
-Your stash has now an ability to sell all items at the same time
-Your stash has now the ability to teleport your Hero in base (casting time = 7 sec)
-No more delay when summoning stash

Items :

-General :

  • All items can now be sold
  • Stock automatically refills with no delay
  • Attack speed has been reduced a bit for all items
  • Life steal has been reduced a bit for all items
  • No need to go on the altar to create some items (excalibur,ultima weapon etc)
  • Better looking description (one stat per line and color)

-Devil excalibur : +50k AD, +7500 to all stats, reduce enemy armor by 5000, 75% lifesteal, 9% chance to deal x9 damage
-Divine Excalibur : +20k AD, +4000 armor, 50% lifesteal, +5000 to all stats, 50% to deal x20 damage
-Ultima weapon : reduced AD from 20k to 14k. (7% chance to deal 100x damage) and +3000 to all stats
-Gods Shield : increase HP to 10k
-Midnight Axe : increased damage from 500 to 1000 and removed bash
-Orb of lightning : reduced purge duration by 2, increased damage from 30 to 50 and increased damage to summoned units from 35 to 200
-Hihio Zabimaru cost corrected : 20 wood
-Hihio Zabimaru manual : cost 1 wood
-Divine warfare gives an aura when equip (just for fun, no effect)
-Devil excalibur gives an aura when equip (just for fun,no effect)
-Bloodthirst Slayer : fixed cost to 265 wood
-Bloodthirst Slayer : 5% chance to deal x140 damage, +10k AD, +2000 to all stats
-Tome +100 level : fixed cost to 46 wood
-Divine training (+100k hp) : fixed price to 76 wood
-Ultima Weapon : fixed price to 275 wood
-Suprema Force : fixed price to 142 wood
-Offensive strike : gold cost reduced to 50k
-Defensive strike : gold cost reduced to 50k
-Infernal gauntlets : cost reduced to 80k
-Kisuke’s Hat : now cost 40k gold and gives 100 armor instead of 50
-Angel Force recipe : price reduced to 50k
-Angel Force : +300 all stats
-Angel Torture : price reduced to 50k
-Angel Fire, Angel Ice, Angel Lightning : give +50 all stats instead of +20 and add +20 armor
-Angel Fire, Angel Ice, Angel Lightning : price reduced to 20k
-Angel Element : cost reduced to 60k gold. It gives +300 all stats instead of +100 and 200 armor instead of 250
-God’s armor : can be bought at Ballistic Shop at base
-Angel Power : gives 4000 to all stats instead of 2k and add +1500 armor. active skill : summons a Greater Mystic Knight ( x2 stronger than Mystic Knight )
-Holy Avenger ( Lord Xerv ) essence : gold cost 60k instead of 50k
-Kido Gauntlets instead of 10% chance to cripple - 10% chance to deal 5k dmg by fire
-Soul Excalibur : gives 10k dmg, 3k stats and 7% x50 critical strike. No more armor buff
-Starry Power now require you to have only: manual, Celestial power and Angel Power
-Starry Power : +7500 to all stats, +2000 armor, +10 000 damage, 10% to cast frost nova (8000 AOE damage)
-BloodThirst Critical : Damage Multiplier x120 instead of 150
-Shield of Doom : fixed sell price to 300 wood
-Crown of Doom : fixed sell price to 300 wood
-Sword of Darkness : cost reduced to 15 wood
-Bottle of Darkness : now gives +750 to all stats
-Bottle of Light : now gives +500 armor
-Supreme Cerebrus Power : +5000 to all stats, +2000 armor, 20% chance to cast meteor (8k damage)

New items :

  • Ultima Excalibur : 100k dmg, +5k armor, +100% lifesteal, 20% chance to crit x200 damage, reduce ennemy armor by 10k, +12.5k to all stats
  • Sacred Protection : magic immunity ,40k armor ,40k stats, ability to detect invisible units, 500k hp, 20% chance to cast meteor (40k damage)
  • God’s Radiance : 500% command aura, 200% trueshot aura, 50% evasion, 50% movement speed reduction on enemies, 5k armor devotion aura, +10k dmg, +5k stats, +5k armor.
  • Sword of Fire : stats : +100k damage, Active skill-deals 50 000 damage in 2 sec in a range of 100
  • Sword of Death : stats : +200k damage. Active skill-deals 100 000 damage in 2 sec in a range of 450

Terrain :

-Reworked almost all the map (new trees,removed some doodads and added new ones)
-Weather effect in some areas.
-Sound effects in some areas (waterfall,rain,thunder)
-Added 3 new end game areas (Fire,Death and Ultimate) (could change via feedback)

Monsters :

-General :

  • There are now 6 castles with imperial guards and judicator instead of 4
  • imperial guards and judicators now respawn every 5 min and still drop items
  • Demonic Manifestations are now stronger and respawn
  • Wyrms are now stronger and respawn
  • Fire elemental (Burst Fire Lord area) now respawn
  • All bosses are stronger

-Elemental Eclipse : reduced illusion from 9 to 3
-Elemental Eclipse : increased stats from 50k to 80k
-Divine knight : graphic : new model. Stats :+AD and +HP
-Elven archery master : stats :+AD
-Elven huntress master : stats : +AD
-Gate keepers : removed (took places for nothing)
-Dragon knight : bug corrected (will not damage himself anymore)
-Czin : bug corrected (can now attack air)
-Lunastra : increased wood drop from 10 to 15 (corrected)
-Serpents war (near to the altar) : reduced damage from 2k to 1k
-Arrancars : increased level from 5 to 30
-Sea cyclop cheiftan : has a chance to cast « water pillar » (6k damage)
-Burst Fire Lord : has a chance to cast meteor (4k damage) and changed attack graphic
-Lord Nightsorrow : has a chance to cast blizzard (5k damage)
-Fire Knight : damage /2
-Fire Knight : reduced number from 9 to 2
-Archer : reduced damage from 3k to 800 and reduced armor from 500 to 100 and reduced range from 800 to 400
-Judicator (castle) : increased drop of Tensa Zangetsu from 75% to 100%
-Divine Knight : reduced stats from 28k to 20k
-Divine Knight : is not melee anymore
-Golems guarding gates : drop changed
-Infernals : drop changed
-Holy Avenger ( Lord Xerv ) stats growth : str 16, agi 14, int 8
-Holy Avenger : New spells: Cleave dmg ( 4%/8%/.../36%), Devotion Aura 40/80/.../360, Critical Strike 20% x2/x2.5/.../x6. Ultimate Reincarnation
-Mother Earth ( Land stalker) stats growth : 10 int per level, 8 agi and str per level
-Hell Spawn ( Slimey ) stats growth : str per level 14. agi and int per level 6
-Death ( Joe Black ) stats growth : agi 11 per level, str6 per level, int 6 per level
-Holy Spirit ( Hola ) stat growth : 10 int per level, 9 agi per level, 9 str per level
-Nature : renamed in Spirit of Fire
-Spirit of Fire : has now a custom model with custom effects on attack
-Spirit of Fire : ( int hero ) stats growth int 8, agi 8, str 8
-Agro range of fire knight,infernal,golden golem,Satan,God,arrancar,archer set to 200
-Slimey : Instead of bloodlust - lifesteal aura. 5%/10%/...45%
-Fallen Angel (Devilot ): Windwalk instead of Death coil
-Fallen Angel (Devilot ): new graphic
-Angella : new graphic
-Death ( Joe Black ) new spells: Terrifying Aura, Plague Aura
-Frost Wyrm : increased level from 6 to 50
-Lunastra Elunae ( Priestess of Eclipse ), Aqua Marine (Spirit of The Sea), Azura Drocana ( Dragon Commander), Original Evil ( O’Dimm ) have now better items
-Baby Jesus ( Son of God ) stats growth: str 15, agi 14, int 15 (primar stat is now strenght)
-HellRaiser ( Sand Man ) stats growth: str 6, agi 6, int 13
-Baby Jesus : New Spells: Holy Aura, Divine Shield, Storm Bolt, God’s Strenght
-HellRaiser ( Sand Man ) : new spells: Life Drain (but Dmg x4), cooldown twice less; Howl of Terror(but values are -20%/-30%/.../-100%) duration 8 seconds, cooldown 30 seconds; Ultimate - Desert Terror (Carrion Swarm) (4000/8000/12000 dmg)
-Elite Marines : give 3 wood now instead of 3 wood and 8k gold.
-Mother Earth : new spells envenomed spears (mb + multishot) , Summon Treants ( stronger ones than starting heroes have ), Entangle, Tranquility ( summons a wisp in front of you and it casts tranquility for you) 5 secs duration 5k hp/sec/10k hp/sec/ 15k hp/sec.
-Yara stats growth - 50 per level. Acqua Shield (Hero) - Mana Per Hit Point 100/300/500

New monsters :

-Fire knights are good to farm lumber (they give +1)
-Golden Golems give +5 lumber (there are only 2 of them in the map and they respawn every 5 minutes)
-Archers (bowman near to base) : Drop tomes +stats

Spells :

-Sleep : balanced
-Banish : balanced
-Ice Lock (Elemental Eclipse freezing spell) : reduced freezing time from 70 to 5 sec
-Superior Healing Ward ( ultimate spell) now gives 3%/4%/5% max hp/sec. Instead of 4%/6%/8%
-Holy Light for Holy Spirit ( Hola ) : damage increased 500/1000/.../4500
-Immolation (for spirit of fire) : ( 100/150/.../500 dmg per sec )
-Expulsion Ultimate (Brand Fireheart) : damage increased 1000/5000/10 000
-Faerie Fire : at max level 90 armor reduction instead of 125
-Finger of Death ( Brand Fireheart ) 1000/1500/.../5000 dmg 10 secs cooldown
-Avatar : (Slimey) : 10k hp 200 armor/20k hp 400 armor/ 30k hp 600 armor.
-Flame Aura ( thorns aura but does pure dmg to attacker, not %) : 50/100.../450 dmg per hit
-Cleave (Holy Avenger) : 4%/8%/.../36%
-Devotion Aura (Holy Avenger) : 40/80/.../360
-Critical Strike (Holy Avenger) : 20% x2/x2.5/.../x6
-Infernal Stone ( Brand Fireheart) : 500/1000/.../4500 dmg, 1/1.5/.../5 secs stun 20 secs cd summons 1 Inferno
-Summon Greater Fire Elemental :his stats are 40%/60%/80% of Mystic Knight
-Terrifying Aura ( reversed devotion aura) -10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80
-Death coil (Joe Black) : increased damage 500/1000/...4500
-Plague Aura : ( reversed unholy ) -5%ms/-10%ms/…-45%
-Orb of corruption : Reduces armor on the hit. 20/30/.../100
-Thunder Bolt : new graphic and new icon
-Holy Aura : mix of devotion and endurance aura (new graphic)
-Acqua Shield (Yara) : Mana Per Hit Point 500/750/1000

End game :

-Killing the Guardian of the Crypt will drop an item to activate the portal
-Killing the Guardian of the Forgotten World will drop an item to activate the portal
-Igloo : High level farming area (monsters respawn every 10 sec)
-There is currently 3 end game bosses.

Next versions : will correct and improve as many things as possible thanks to your feedback and rework a few heroes too.

Final Version (will take time) : will rework ALL heroes and balance them. (Almost all spells are useless in end game,we could imagine spell's dmage based on stats like agility,strenght etc to make them useful even when you reach the end game.

AA Eclipse REBORN v0.3d (Map)

My Review: Literally theres 50 heroes have the same names tool tips missing on heroes names Same description on every hero same abilities? Whats up with the big numbers too? is this Impossible angel Arena eclipse? Plus give a chance for players to...
I can cautiously approve this however it could use major improvement especially on what hero differentiation is concerned. Approved. (previous comments: Angel Arena Eclipse REBORN v0.2f)
  1. Veldris


    Jul 10, 2018
    My Review:

    Literally theres 50 heroes have the same names
    tool tips missing on heroes names
    Same description on every hero
    same abilities?
    Whats up with the big numbers too?
    is this Impossible angel Arena eclipse?
    Plus give a chance for players to farm you get items from Creeps? you can sell those items and get 10 times Stronger than others in minutes
    And whats the level cap? I went beyond 10k whats that about?
    Armagddon is actually impossible without 5 players atleast maybe you need the enemy team too just to damage him.

    Some icons missing the Correct path so therefore it shows the Green icon

    This should be set to.
    Awaiting Updates
  2. HellvsHeaven


    Nov 24, 2011
    Armageddon is beatable solo with the right hero, items, and level. I have done it. Besides, what is the issue with seemingly needing 5 or more heroes to beat Armageddon? He is a boss after all.

    A slice of randomness can spice up a dried up game.

    Any hero can have big numbers with items and level. Therefore, any boss is beatable.

    For particular heroes, you are going to need that 10k level to beat certain bosses. Of course, GrandMaitre could have designed the game in a way that would not need so many levels. Either way, 10k+ level does not have a negative impact on the gameplay.


    For other matters:

    Capture the Flag mode - a rarity that distracts players from the main content of the game. You do not need a good hero or a good item to steal a flag. Killing bosses become obsolete.

    Ability for item storage conflicts with certain ultimate abilities. It needs a different ability order id. An instant non-target ability would do nicely. You could also use what BobTheNoob used in his latest edit.

    1k wood for eclipse beast is too cheap for a being of its caliber. You can get 1k wood in any one area in matter of minutes.

    Item removal period should be paused during duel or critical times. In one game, I just got done with a duel and lost some boss item drops. I could not pick them up before the duel since I just got done killing the boss. You know some peeps just do not pay attention to the timers.

    The item Sacred Protector becomes rather useless late game with the speedy leveling. 40k stats and armor is not notable in the grand scheme of the game. Insane stat growth beats the item's primary attributes. The only things going for it is spell block, magic immunity, and possibly that 80k damage meteor. 80k damage is nothing. It is only good for crowd control with the low level creeps.
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Hero Chooser's icon has no DISBTN. The icon looks green on F10/game pause. You can make a disabled version with this: Button Manager v1.8.2 You can also learn a bit about icons:
      BLP Lab v0.5.0
      Complete Icon Tutorial - All About Icons
      How to Make an Icon
    2. Abilities are no properly positioned in hero learn ability panels and probably in the command card as well. Some are up, some below, some on the right when they should be on the left, so on.
    3. Regular Warcraft III spells.
    4. You should add hero glow to those who have none: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
    5. Spirit of Fire's Essence has no DISBTN. Same: Starry Power, Supreme Celeberus Power.
    6. Chaos Warfare has the same icon as Bloodthirst Slayer.
    7. Ability descriptions should mention how much value they give per level. For instance Trueshot Aura gives 4% on level 1 and on the 5th 20% while on the 9th 36% which not only is confusing but as the spell level progresses the value decreases in efficiency. Learn about tooltips:
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions
    8. Starfall says great damage. That's vague. How much?
    9. If you kill a neutral hero first, you get First Blood. That should not be. Same with humiliation if you get killed by a neutral hero with a less level than yours.
    10. Many heroes have the same description.
    11. A lot of heroes have one or more of the same spells. That doesn't create uniqueness. And changing some original game one's description and FX doesn't make them different.
    While some might like this map, right now it's too old school, chaotic and overall quite simple. It doesn't run far at all from the many Angel Arena maps or similar ones.
    Heroes should be unique, not almost copies of each other. Same goes for creatures they face.
    You could use custom spells: Spells | HIVE Just play some maps/games and get some ideas how to turn this into something worth while and not just another Arena map.

    Awaiting Update.

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  4. eubz


    Map Reviewer

    Mar 29, 2011
    Has this been updated prior to deepstrasz's review?
  5. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    I can cautiously approve this however it could use major improvement especially on what hero differentiation is concerned.


    (previous comments: Angel Arena Eclipse REBORN v0.2f)
  6. T77df


    Sep 15, 2015
    Why is this map is so dark? there is no light.
    Or my WC is broken?

    Edit: The problem was mine. I changed the graphic setting and restart the WC and problem solved.
    Edit2: Damn Spend 2 hour playing and still the boss killed me with 1 hit :(
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  7. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Maybe you're not using the latest patch?
  8. yoosk


    Jan 17, 2007
    A good map.
  9. GrandMaitre


    Feb 20, 2014
    Join the discord and ask for help about how the game works (cause you can finish map in 45min alone^^)
    Join the Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn Discord Server!
  10. m3s4


    Jul 21, 2017
    I've played v0.2g and I've noticed that now you get fragments when you kill the lords. When I kill nature I get nature, when I kill thunder I get thunder, but the ice fragment is bugged. You can't pick it up, it seems to act like a tome, when you pick it up it disappears. Was hoping to see some secret item or hero, so if it's not a work in progress it is a bug.
    I've also noticed that when you kill the two gate keepers (felhounds) and pick up their keys, they now combine into fragment of nature instead of what they used to combine to so I assume this is also a bug? You can still obtain the hero so that part works at least.

    I'd also like to throw in a suggestion. If it's possible it would be really nice to write on the tooltip of every essence the tier of hero you get from it. So we know how strong is the hero and so we don't randomly down grade. E.g. felhound (master of gates and keys) is easier to obtain and stronger than first few heroes you get from bosses in the secret shop area. I know he requires 2 items but the bosses are 10 times harder to kill, so one would expect and upgrade, but would get a downgrade. Seeing that you wold get e.g. a tier 4 hero on the tooltip while you know you have a tier 3 hero would help a lot.

    Had a lot of fun with the map, good luck in further development.
  11. GrandMaitre


    Feb 20, 2014
    Thank you for your comment.

    1) 3 Lords fragments is a work in progress (they have no effect at the moment but the fact that ice fragment is a bug yes).

    2) Felhounds will be replaced by random boss (Killing the first boss will make the next spawn in 5 min. the bounty grows every boss. There will be 12 bosses)

    3)Alright, several people asked for it. So the tooltips will be updated and completed.