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(7) Art of Defense RPG v7.8.7.4

Submitted by AzNGuNzFoo
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
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You are generals of King Talic the Ancient. Undead forces are attacking "The Great City of Sun". Defend the king and the city at all costs!

Work as a team to defend the kingdom and make your glory!
- Defend against 20 waves of enemies
- Strategize between Heroes, Units, and Towers
- Limit 4 Heroes, Max level 30, Max food 120
- RPG features explorable rpg world filled with side quests

(one main lane combines wc3 melee, TD, Maul, and Hero Defense elements with explorable rpg world)

Features old school altered melee defense experience
- All heroes given a starting passive ability
- Campaign heroes with custom skill sets
- Custom heroes based on quality Hiveworkshop models

Altered Melee Gameplay
- limit 4 heroes (starter hero level 3)
- max level 30
- str hero +100 starting hp
- agi hero +10 base damage
- 20 mana per Int point (from 15)
- 2 ability power per Int point (damage + heal)
- full heal on level up
- custom items
- illusions do 10% damage
- summons hp upgrade

- max food 120
- no upkeep
- 7/7 max upgrades
- 50% faster build time
- 25% chance to respawn on death
- custom hp + damage upgrades

- custom tower builders
- upgradable custom towers
- more tiers of standard tower upgrades
- custom hp + damage upgrades


optional game commands
-Cam (1500, 1800, 2000, 2500, 3000)
-Cam Lock
-Cam Off

-King (sends king back to throne room)

If an item does not combine, drop a recipe item and repick up

All green colored passive units are rescuable.

Chaplains can Heal and are given additional randomized spells.

King will heal you when you come within range and you are 60% or less hp. If he does not heal then go out of range and back again.

King will heal you if you enter the throne room with 60% or less hp and he is also in the throne room.

Original map (6) Art of Defense v3.7 was edited by TheOneIceMaster and originally made by Talic the Ancient. I then edited v3.7 and slowly added and polished elements of the map over various versions.

Resources Used from Hiveworkshop.com
- Dragon Knight (Serpent Knight) model by Gluma

- Battle Rex (Lizardman RoyalGuard) model by Gluma

- Gryphon Lord model by Grendel

- Worgen Warlord (Adelas Deathclaw) model by Sellenisko

- Fel Orc General (Chaos General) model by General Frank

- Blood Knight model by Tenebis

- Crystal Lord (Chaos the Naga) model by Misha and Godslayer

- Rune Reaver (NagaDeathKnight) model by Misha, 67Chrome, and Zerox

- Gnoll Slicer model by Kimbo

- Bloodelf Paladin model by General Frank

- Black Mage model by -Grendel

- Gnome Warrior (HeroShieldHands) model by Norinrad

- Ancient Sage (Arakkoa Sage) model by Cavman and Hawkwing

- Knight of the Ebon Blade model by Hawkwing

- Troll Spearmaster (Jungle Troll Skullsplinter) model by Norinrad

- Goblin Servant (Goblin Worker) model by oBs3rv3r

- Pandaren Sage model by Norinrad

- Pandaren Kyo Warrior model by Norinrad

- Tigerian Slicer model by General Frank

- Night Elf Blademaster model by Ket

- Night Elf Swordmaster (Commander Jarod) model by Atasha JG, Grey Knight, and Tenebrae

- Night Elf Warrior (Druid War Soul) model by AhhFreshWeeD

- Archdruid of the Moon model by J.Eggermont (aka Garfield) and skin by Dmitry Rommel (aka Bezdomniy)

- Guardian of the Grove model by Figueiredo00

- Unbroken Battlemaiden (Unbroken Sage) model by Dickxunder

- Draenei Battlemaster model by Kimberly and Werewulf

- Tidebaron model by Dickxunder

- Warqueen model by Tarrasque

- Naga Paladin (Royal Guard) model by Tarrasque

- Human Axemaster (Heavy Axeman) model by JesusHipster

- Blood Elf Slicer (Bloodelven Warrior) model by General Frank

- Phoenix Lord (Avatar of Fire) model by General Frank

- Gnoll Wolfrider model by Werewulf

- Dark Troll Priestess (Dark Troll Totemic) model by AnemicRoyalty

- Void Imp (Scamp the Imp) model by MC and Chriz

- Reaper model by Ket

- Undead Warrior (Skeleton Champion) by Jhotam_3Dcool&create

- Mage Hunter, Undead Keeper, Troll Blademaster, Orc Paladin, Death Warden, Sentinel of the Moon, Valkyrie, Phoenix Guard, Naval Mage, High Elf Battlemaiden, Blood Elf Red Mage, and Blood Elf Death Knight models by Ujimasa Hojo

- Scarlet Champion, Phoenix Warrior, Sunken Commander, and Forsaken Battlemaiden models by kangyun

- Fel Archon and Goblin Guardian models by PROXY

- Goblin Warmechanic model by DwarfZealot and Nazrook Geargrind

- Goblin Technomage model by Rizz_Boomer

- Goblin Juggernaut model by Sunchips

- Shadow Priest model by loktar

- Night Elf Paladin model by Atasha JG

- Battle Mage (Gandalf) model by HerrDave

<heroes guild>
Here within lies the inscriptions of past Defenders who were victorious at defending the Kingdom. Requires npc King.

mic, VandalHeart, CrankyPants, yoMiKED, Orogar

Mass, commie, SpeedyRogue, Dokeysucker, LoneWolf, yoMiKED, Orogar

Showside, Hades, Orogar, yoMiKED, xDzswordx, Samaell

Mass, HauntedZeus, Orogar

The, Kez, FORTHEHORDE, LoneWolf, yoMiKED, Orogar

HauntedZeus, Allo, mass, FlyingCat777

mass, Assassin-Crazy, haza, noobs_way, jerrylee7770, azngunzfoo, Mirvanna

HauntedZeus, silver_raiders, haza, Kappazord, azngunzfoo

tomoto (70 Mage Hunter), azngunzfoo (70 Orc Paladin), RoXas0 (70 Ranger), Taykay (50 Black Mage), Lok'Lak (70 Axemaster), flyingcat777 (70 Blademaster, 40 Shadow Hunter), PewwPewwPeww (70 Axemaster, 47 Shadow Hunter)

PewwPewwPeww (70 Axemaster, 32 Shadow Hunter), Lok'Lak (67 Axemaster), HappyFir3 (31 Reaper, 22 Crypt Lord), FlyingCat777 (70 Blademaster, 36 Troll Blademaster), azngunzfoo (62 Blood Knight)

FlyingCat777 (70 Axemaster), cretel (70 Unbroken Battlemaiden), lolxdxd (70 Axemaster)

TUFX (70 Demon Hunter), cretel (70 Unbroken Battlemaiden), daggerwolf (59 Priestess of the Moon), Wrda (51 Demon Hunter), Nevius (34 Phoenix Lord), Yunishaa (29 Dark Ranger)

cretel (70 axemaster), FlyingCat777 (70 axemaster), azngunzfoo (70 Battle Rex), Demethos (70 Unbroken Battlemaiden), chefhuman (31 Archmage), pl4ton (37 demon hunter)

Keldus (100 Human Axemaster), Bluedice (100 Blademaster), Haunted (100 Naval King), azngunzfoo (98 Battle Rex), Shado (28 Battle Rex)

Haunted (100 Naval King), Ya_Sun (68 Human Axemaster), Jinhaoda (50 Blood Knight), Timezero (27 Human Axemaster), Nar6 (21 Troll Spearmaster)

keldus, destruction, barambaram (left)

NWill, Drammo

vex193, azngunzfoo, baram2101

Drammo, NWill, LesSilnee (eatsports)

Nwill, Drammo

Minirott, Nimer, ssbness, iansdoor, skillganon (twitch.tv/skillganon)

stateofmyers, Arexander, mentos-citron, PorkChop123, Clarklee, worst-noob-ever

red_axe, Xenium, cvier2, worst-noob-ever, valdenis (left)

azngunzfoo, keldus, fortas16, LordPie, Liegestuhl, Robovision

azngunzfoo, stargan, Patrek, ironstar, Vegeta2014

umti, Vegeta2014, Uther, azngunzfoo, Guo520, strik3

shadowkinglord, Robovision, whitepianokey, azngunzfoo, daggerwolf, teeheejh

Legion1, PowerElement, patryk20, Guo520, TheWeedWarlock, azngunzfoo

send replays to lobotomizer1@gmail.com with list of player names and patch v

in game suggestions, world editor questions, and inquiries on donating to help support my map making also accepted

Current official patch v is (6) Art of Defense v6.9.4 and as of patch 7.0+ art of defense will focus more on rpg content with added player slot and will be renamed to (7) Art of Defense RPG

7.7.4 - update to blademaster's call content, new items added, ability changes for various heros, custom upgrades at main hall slightly nerfed, wave difficulty slightly increased

7.6.5 - blademaster's call expansion, 12 new heroes (Scarlet Champion, Battle Mage, Phoenix Warrior, Sunken Commander, Shadow Priest, Forsaken Battlemaiden, Fel Archon, Night Elf Paladin, Goblin Warmechanic, Goblin Technomage, Goblin Juggernaut, Goblin Guardian), Hero Max Level now 30 (from 70), save system removed, end boss exp rates nerfed, wave difficulty reduced, creeps now give triple exp, all custom hp upgrades at main hall reduced by half,

7.5 - update to deathknight's plight content, limit 4 heroes (only saves currenty picked hero), most hero abilities given additional levels, tomes now cost 850g (from 550), shared upgrades, end bosses nerfed, save codes reset

7.4 - deathknight's plight expansion, 12 new heroes (Mage Hunter, Undead Keeper, Troll Blademaster, Orc Paladin, Death Warden, Sentinel of the Moon, Valkyrie, Phoenix Guard, Naval Mage, High Elf Battlemaiden, Blood Elf Red Mage, Blood Elf Death Knight), Ability Power now also affects item spells (1 int = 2 ability power), save codes reset, load command now has 5 min cooldown, Food Limit now 200 (again), slight buffs to end game waves, various bugfixes

7.3 - Hero Max Level now 70 (from 100), Food Limit now 250 (from 200), Army Units now have a chance to gain a passive ability on spawn, minor bugfixes

v7.2 - update to kumite hero arena content, limit 1 hero (again), save codes reset

v7.1.5 - update to kumite hero arena content, max heroes 4 (again)

v7.0 - max level now 100 (from 30) and limit 1 hero, votekick system by eleljrk, itemstacking system by Googlieeyes, save/load system by TriggerHappy

v6.9 - bugfix to kumite hero arena content, early game difficulty and time between waves increased, bugfix to ability power (1 int = 2 ability power) interaction with damage and heal spells, buffs to custom towers

v6.8 - kumite hero arena expansion, slight changes to waves, Food Limit now 200 (from 100), each point of Intelligence now grants 2 ability power (affects spell damage and healing), Battle Roar duration and cooldown doubled, Lobotomize now does 700 damage (from 540), Unbroken Battlemaiden now has Critical Strike passive (replace Feedback), Night Elf Blademaster now has Drunken Brawler (replace Critical Strike), Blood Knight now has Magic Defense passive (replace Critical Strike) and Critical Strike (replace Firebolt), custom upgrade Glyph of Damage added to main halls

v6.7 - starting resources doubled, custom summoned unit and tower hp upgrades added to main halls, heroes starting armor -1 change reverted (no longer applies) and is back to standard values, Divine armor type now takes 50% damage from all sources (from 35%), slight buffs to various spells, emissary event now lasts another round (until end of wave 5)

v6.6 - various bugfixes, unit upgrades now working properly, +10 to base damage for all agility based heroes(except Human Axemaster), Frost Armor can now autocast

v6.5 - neutral passive now treat players as allies and vice versa, custom unit hp upgrade added to main halls, max upgrades now 7/7 (from 5/5), Enemy forces upgrades now 6/6 (from 5/5), Kingdom forces upgrades now 5/5 (from 4/4), Divine armor type now takes 35% damage from all sources (from 25%), Ancient Gold Mine now regenerates hp (again), Akama, Unbroken Battlemaiden, all Battle Mages(Gryphon Lord, Phoenix Lord, Reaper), and Archdruid of the Moon(Moonkin Form) now have Chaos attack type, Spell Immune Amulet now renamed to Anti-Magic Amulet and cooldown reduced to 35/25 (from 45,30), Tomes gold cost now 590 (from 650), Manual of Health gold cost now 370 (from 400)

v6.4 - various bugfixes

v6.3 - shop and tavern tooltip updates (by ssbness), player units now have a 25% chance to respawn on death, unit build times reduced by half, advanced tower upgrades now have 10 armor (from 5), slight nerfs to late game waves, all marketplace items cost slightly increased, Lobotomize now does 540 damage (from 450), Ghoul Frenzy upgrade no longer applies to skeletons

v6.2 - 21 new custom campaign heroes (Pandaren Sage, Pandaren Kyo Warrior, Tigerian Slicer, Nightelf Blademaster, Nightelf Swordmaster, Nightelf Warrior, Archdruid of the Moon, Guardian of the Grove, Unbroken Battlemaiden, Draenei Battlemaster, Tidebaron, Warqueen, Naga Paladin, Human Axemaster, Bloodelf Slicer, Phoenix Lord, Gnoll Wolfrider, Dark Troll Priestess, Imp, Reaper, Undead Warrior), bugfix and slight changes to sleepysage slumberingdruid and swordinthestone content, slight changes to peasantlord and goblinking content, slight changes to earlier waves, various 1 tier unit upgrades now have a tier 2 upgrade, all 4 tier unit upgrades now have a tier 5 upgrade, Enemy forces upgrades now 5/5 (from 4/4), Mirror Images and Illusions now do 10% damage, Evasion passive now 20% to evade (from 15), Attribute Bonus now gives 4/8/12/16 points to all stats (from 3/6/9/12), Manual of Health now grants 70 hit points (from 50), all Kelen's Dagger items now grant an extra +5 to attack damage, buffs to various summoning spells, Sentry Ward item and ability now spawns Serpent Ward level 2 (from level 4) and duration reduced by half

v6.1 - new custom campaign hero (Troll Spearmaster), Kingdom forces upgrades now 4/4 (from 3/3), bugfix and changes to sleepysage slumberingdruid and swordinthestone content, slight changes to peasantlord and goblinking content, rescues (green colored passive units) now working properly, Ancient Gold Mines no longer regenerate hp

v6.0 - bugfix and slight changes to sleepysage slumberingdruid and swordinthestone content, mana gain per point of Intelligence now 20 (from standard 15) ,Death Knight of the Ebon Blade now has Vampiric Aura passive (replace Black Arrow), many charged purchasable items have gained an extra charge use

v5.9 - new custom campaign hero (Death Knight of the Ebon Blade), sleepysage slumberingdruid and swordinthestone expansion (side quests), slight buff and bugfix to peasantlord and goblinking content, changes to waves, level up now gives 100% hp and mana, kingdom npc heroes are now shops and town halls, armor type Divine now takes 25% damage from all types (from 5%), final wave bosses regain Divine armor type (again), ancient gold mines now have Divine armor type, 2 new item recipes (at Medivh), item and ability Sentry Ward now summon Serpent Wards, Battle Mage (Gryphon Lord) now has Feedback passive (replace Brilliance Aura) and Mana Shield (replace Mana Drain), slight buff to Storm, Earth and Fire (Brewmaster), creep call for help range, radius to notice building, and guard distance lowered, creep guard distance and chase time increased

v5.8 - Enemy forces upgrades now 4/4 (from 3/3), various changes to wave boss spells, peasantlord and goblinking expansion (side quests), Raise Dead (Hero) cooldown now 9 seconds (from 15), Dark Minions (Black Arrow, Raise Dead) now gain Undead skeleton upgrades, Ghoul Frenzy now affects Undead skeletons, Avatar duration and cooldown reduced by half, Mana Burn now does 75/150/225 damage (from 50/100/150), Cleave passive aoe radius slightly reduced (standard 150 was 210 now 190) and now does 35% damage (standard 25 was 40 now 35), Permanent Immolation Red now does 15 dps (from 12), mask of death lifesteal now 39/42% (from 40/45%), multiboard bugfix

v5.7 - 3 new custom heroes (Bloodelf Paladin, Black Mage, Gnome Warrior), 1 new campaign hero (Lady Vashj), all 3 tier unit upgrades now have a tier 4 upgrade and time increments doubled, tooltip updates, minor changes to later waves, item Manual of Health now 340g (from 400g), Blood Knight now has Bladestorm again (replace Phoenix), Lobotomize now has 30 sec cooldown (from 45), added enemy spell cast floating text, reworked kill counter, added king hp bar, added kingdom npc names

v5.6 - updated standard hero tooltips, new hero (Rune Reaver), old "Rune Reaver" hero now called "Crystal Lord", added new mobility item (recipe at Medivh), -1 to all heroes starting armor (readded again), Medivh now casts Inner Fire, resource trading increments doubled, late game waves slightly nerfed, Blood Knight now has Flame Strike (replace Breath of Fire) and Phoenix (replace Bladestorm), Battle Rex now has Breath of Fire (replace Drunken Haze), Fel Orc General now has Cleave passive (replace Command Aura) and Drunken Haze (replace Acid Bomb), King and Relex items slightly nerfed, Death Mask of Death now has 45% lifesteal (from 40% mask of death), xp gain radius now 1800 (from 1200), added player spell cast floating text

v5.5 - added new legendary items (recipe at Medivh), slightly lowered difficulty for late game waves, all heroes starting armor -1 change from map v5.3 reverted, exhume corpse disabled for Enemy forces, changes to Blood Knight spells, Feedback passive now burns 40 mana (from 20), Lobotomize damage now 450 (from 300), Bash passive now 1 sec on heroes (from 1.5), Cleaving Attacks passive now 40% (from 30%) and slightly wider arc, minor exploit bugfix, moon wells autocast again

v5.4 - fixed interaction between bansheequeen animate dead and meatwagon corpse, tooltip update for Crushing Wave spell, Rune Reaver starting armor -1

v5.3 - added 3 new heroes, reworked and re ordered various waves, fixed red gold mine bug, -1 to all heroes starting armor, +100 hp to all strength heroes, moon wells no longer autocast, changes to Akama spells, trees now respawn after 20 minutes dead, Forked Lightning now hits 4 targets (up from 3), minor exploit fix

v5.2 - added 3 custom heroes, massive tooltip update, removed unit upkeep, max heroes now raised to 4, hero max level raised to 30 from 20, changes to Dragon Knight and Battle Rex spells, 3700g marketplace items cost reduced to 3400g

v5.1 - minor bug fixes

v5.0 - removed gold and lumber exchange, added 2 heroes, added 2 items (spell immune amulet and guardian angel), added new spells and changed attack type of various wave units.

(7) Art of Defense RPG v7.8.7.4 (Map)

By the way, why do we have to select our race again if we can do so before starting the map? The Mercenary Camp near the Goblin Merchant has nothing in it? What's the role of the neutral Ancient of War? Feral Spirit doesn't say the wolves have...
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    May 2, 2016
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    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Thanks for the notice.
    Would you mind if you'd write more details on why you rated it so low?