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  • Ah, sorry to bother you again, but you saw that the quality is very shitty. You sure you want that?
    Not really, it's the oppostie; the bigger it is, the better quality it will have as a loading screen.

    Around 1024x768 (basic wallpaper size) is a good size.
    I saw your request in my LS thread, I could do the icey and the fiery text, but your picture is really really small :/ Maybe if you can find a bigger one.
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    (Post) you are cool for that comment im so sik of people filling up lobys with dota i mean COME ON its not that fun of a game
    Hey i was reading your posts on how youre going to send someone a blank map template with this item sysem in it, i dont know that much about jass so iwas wondering if you can send me a map to, ill give +rep and credit in my map ;)
    Hmm... I'm okay with you making a warchasers map, but please name it something other than Warchasers TFT, if you can change the name, and maybe alter all the bosses to make it something very different, I will have no problem. And thanks about Warchasers II it should be awesome in the final stage
    I added a comment on the map I saw in the list, but I'll say something here too.

    I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I think it would be better if you were to ask to add some if not all of the changes to the current version of my warchasers and get full credit there? If its enough you could even be named as co-creator.
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