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10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b

Submitted by MStylo
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.

Single player minigame to test your dodging reflexes.

Who ever thought in Blizzard to give bears the Blink ability? One of them messed around too much and blinked somewhere he wasn't supposed to. Now vile magic of mysterious square isle is hunting him. Can you help him to make it through?


-avoid enemy spells in 10 levels each lasting 45 seconds
-enemy types and their spawn position come in random order (no same enemy encountered twice in row)
-effects become more dangerous with each level
-finishing level drops rune of healing(66%) or mana(33%)
-available starting bonuses - 300 health / 20% spell resistance / 25 movespeed / no bonus

-clean ice restores 5 hp/sec
-ice chunks restore 5 mana/sec
-Teddy can use Blink at 100 mana, 3 second cooldown & 1050 cast range
-Teddy movespeed - 300
-Teddy health/mana - 1000


Tauren Chieftains

8 Tauren Chieftains:
-walk around randomly, turn and cast Shockwave with global reach
-Shockwave speed is 1050
-moves at 200 speed

1 Chieftain of Tauren Chieftains:
-spawns in the middle
-walks between corner points
-randomly casts War Stomp
-moves at 200 movespeed


Pit Lords:

4 Fire Lords:
-constantly cast Rain of Fire
-target area slowly wanders around
-first wave is targeted infront of Fire Lord

3 Doom Lords:
-cast Doom on random point
-after 1.4 second blows up applying damage over time and silence

1 Cleave Lord:
-follows Teddy around
-if comes within reach, he swings his weapon in attempt to strike
-moves at 270 movespeed



5 Wardens:
-blinks randomly
-shortly after blink does Fan of Knives

3 War Dens:
-stands in place, walks randomly, occasionally blinks or channels Shadows Strike missiles
-duration of channeling is random, throwing 1 missile every 0.5 second
-missiles fly out random distance in random direction within her facing angle
-if hits Teddy, applies damage over time and slow
-moves at 200 movespeed



5 Blademasters:
-stand, walk randomly, use Mirror Image, cast Bladestorm or enter Wind Walk
-images last between 3-10 seconds and stand or walk randomly
-Wind Walk lasts up to 6 seconds and increases movespeed to 400
-has slightly higher chance to use Bladestorm while wind walking
-during Bladestorm moves around in chaos
-moves at 250 movespeed

3 Very Far Seers:
-constant cast of Earthquakes at random areas slowing movement speed



2 Death Knights:
-throws Death Coils onto Teddy's location at 100 speed
-summons skeletons that wander around

2 Liches:
-channels Freeze on random skeleton
-standing within 350 range causes barrage of slowing missiles

2 Lords of Dread:
-flies around using Carrion Swarm (550-950 range)

2 Lords of Crypt:
-moves under ground with 500 speed impaling units on surface



4 Mountain Kings:
-does AoE Thunder Claps causing 50% slow for 3 seconds
-has a chance to walk directly towards Teddy
-moves at 220 movespeed

3 Bloody Mages:
-channels Mana Siphon on the ground
-Teddy when hit loses mana and moves 80% slower
-Mountain King when hit enters Avatar which causes his next Thunder Clap to have doubled AoE

1 Archmagi:
-constant cast of Blizzard on nearest corner point or middle to Teddy



-couple F9(Info) fixes

-first release


If you enjoy my maps, consider supporting me on Patreon. Allows me to spend more time balancing and creating new maps.

10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b (Map)

  1. Daffa


    Jan 30, 2013
    I'd say this is a creative one. Pretty great idea and execution looks good from the screenshots ^^