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Last Activity:
Mar 9, 2018
Jun 24, 2009


Tsubaki :), from Hungary

Marsal was last seen:
Mar 9, 2018
    1. sluk
      1 question how did you import CodeGen in your map?
    2. HerrDave
      Out of curiosity, would you mind telling me the name of the old music you used in the towns in Tales of Yrchian?

      The one(s) you used before you switched to Watchman's Ease from Oblivion (Great game, good taste!)

      They sound very good, and I'd like to use them in some projects of my own, if not just for personal enjoyment.


      Nevermind, I've just found them. You've good taste in music, good sir.
    3. Reza_zahara
      Marsal, can you add stun ability to your spell named Impaling Arrow and Arrow Rain in
      Amazon Spellpack? also, add special effect (SFX) stampede (special) to the enemies who
      was hit by arrow by Arrow Rain spell. I appreciated about your help :)
    4. Reza_zahara
      Marsal, can you add stun ability to your spell named Impaling Arrow and Arrow Rain in Amazon Spellpack? also, add special effect (SFX) stampede (special) to the enemies who was hit by arrow by Arrow Rain spell. I appreciated about your help :)
    5. bisnar13
      Will you be willing to still help in the alan wake project? :)
    6. bisnar13
    7. MoCo
      Hey, what happened to your ORPG project? The terrain you've made so far was really great! Cheers
    8. Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul
      There is a problem...
      I looked through my computer for the file and it somehow vanished...
      I tried using the search engine inside the computer and no result found...

      Conclusion : The file is lost... TERRIBLY SORRY!
    9. Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul
      Sorry about the late response...
      I am currently using the internet outside of home (the internet unit at home somehow malfunction)...
      I will send you the files tomorrow... Sorry for unable to complete your request...
    10. Kanadaj
      TS nincs, Skype vagy Facebook van, TS-t nem használom ezért nincs fent, max Team-Viewer. Kb 1-től leszek elérhető
    11. Kanadaj
      Yo, én vagyok én
    12. Pharaoh_
      The expectations weren't high, because most ways of producing or dealing with things in the editor weren't known. It took years before efficient systems come up in our database.
      As for originality and coding, well, the knowledge of the latter pushes your imagination a bit, because you know the possibilities and boundaries of the engine you are working with. And yes, there are not numerous functions available in GUI, thus you have to find a way to combine them (and one example is the custom scripts). However, if it doesn't have the classic format that you can edit with the keyboard, then I don't consider it GUI, unless it's a series of custom scripts.
    13. Pharaoh_
      "Always" defines infinity, earlier GUI spells weren't that common, were they? ;)
      I am still surprised by the originality of some of the GUI spells I was until recently reviewing. It's actually using common tools to create original spells! If GUI itself is common, so is Jass, this is the language it is converted to anyway, upon playing the map. Additionally, if you want to call something common, it's the unit's stats: they only deal damage/heal, have agility/intelligence/strength, attack damage, armor, maximum health and mana, health and mana regeneration, speed, attack speed, etc. These are the only things you can either boost or decrease, but you can always find original ways to do that! ;)
    14. Pharaoh_
      Well, code-wise, it's not a miracle, I'm guessing you know that, it's just a moderate use of indexing systems.

      Concept wise, it really rings me Ezreal's ability in League of Legends (I am sure you play, hence the signature) and I like it that you tried to implement this kind of spell ("global skillshot") in Warcraft III. However, the actual functionality of the spell is not very attractive, quite common, especially for an event with skilled people in the area of coding. Yes, there can be damage, but try to reinvent the wheel, by coming up with a more unique way to cause it.
      It's a nice addition to the spells' section, nonetheless.
      I can't be accurate here and tell you whether it would pass to Round 2, since I haven't judged any of the rest entries nor I have any estimated quality status in the whole event and that's why I have only been talking about your entry alone. But yeah, if I had to officially judge it, I would include much more than just this. ;)
    15. Pharaoh_
      So, you want me to tell you if your entry would be good enough for the event? ;p
    16. Pharaoh_
      Sure, but what exactly do you want, when it is already reviewed by Mag? Didn't really get it :p
    17. defskull
      Tough luck :/
    18. Pharaoh_
      I will inform contestants soon. :)
    19. Wandering Soul
      Wandering Soul
      I got stuck while working on its 'Attack' animations...
      It's difficult (for me) to make a whipping animation since there is no 'dual whipping' model to base on...

      Perhaps it is time to find another model-maker who may have the the necessary skills to create/continue this model...
      Well, that is of course if you need it for your map ASAP...
    20. Pharaoh_
      Nop, it's your call to post it any time, just don't forget that posting WiPs is required ;)
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    Current Project:
    Tales of Yrchian v2, Ancient Hero Arena(Temporary Dead), Crawling(Temporary Dead),Fun Force(Just Started)
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:


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    People should learn how to say "Thanks" and how to give rep to those who helped them.....
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