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world editor

  1. Cynwale

    Timeline of Warcraft

    Hello, I've seen a lot of tutorials on how to make a good story for my campaign, but so far none of them answered this question, should I include notions of the timeline in the story? (Taking into account that I'm pretty flawed in terms of timeline etc...) Edit: Should I open a new thread if I...
  2. loktar


    I've been away for a few years. I probably won't really start modding again, but I was fiddling with an old map that uses vJASS. I wanted to test it but don't have anything installed that can deal with vJASS. I don't remember what I used before. So what's the current best way to use vJASS in WE...
  3. pavlo kozlenko

    WE ref freeze (linux)

    Hello! Im using debian 12. My inxi -Fxz: System: Kernel: 6.1.0-18-amd64 arch: x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 12.2.0 - Pastebin.com World Editor hangs when dragging the camera. I use Lutris and wine-ge-8-26-x86_64. Here is the entire program log - Started initial process 83400 from...
  4. MaMaD

    i have'nt data at items

    hi where should I download an editor that has this feature? I want to change it for example damage to 100 my world editor it's old
  5. stalkerfox

    Importing sounds issue

    SO i just recently came back to the wow edition scene and i was trying one of my longest developed maps which works 10/10 but for some reason voices are gone so i was thinking "oh maybe i gotta reimport" so i spent like 1 hour reimporting one by one only to notice that custom characters don't...
  6. Nightmare05010

    [General] How do I make it so that when a specific unit type kills any type of unit, player gets 100 gold?

    So, I would do the other thing on here, but I am not sure how to write it, so I will attach a screenshot of the triggers that I made. Where did I mess it up? First line says "A unit dies".
  7. vladane

    The Techtree - Sold Units parameter does not work when improving a building

    I have a barracks level 1 I can exactly hire units through the parameter Techtree - Units Sold, as a shop robbers. Made that it can be improved to a barracks with level 2 and added a new unit, but when improving the unit does not appear, but if this barracks separately put in the editor all...
  8. Rigoberto

    Triggers disappearing (UI Bug) when using folders/comments

    I am not 100% what causes it, but it seems when I use folders to organise triggers and/or comments (not sure which one or both) and save my map, a bug can occur where if I reload the map all triggers except for 1-2 (out of 30+) are no longer shown in the trigger editor. And as far as I know...
  9. duke_nukem

    [Crash] Imported HD models crash the editor

    Trying to open them crashes the editor. Is there a workaround for this? I'm pretty sure the older versions of WC3R didn't have this problem.
  10. PerPlumeShake

    [Solved] Hostile behavior

    Is it possible to make a hostile fight each other if they are not the same type of unit? For example: Hostile Wildkin vs Hostile Spider Hostile Trolls vs Hostile Wildkin Hostile Spider vs Hostile Trolls
  11. Super Mage

    How to open two world editors at once?

    The reason why I want to do this is because I want to compare the units' stats from Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.
  12. Hazop

    World Edit doesn't load Maps

    I recently have been getting back into War3 and when I wanted to edit some of my older maps, it didn't work. Whenever I try to open any map it does the loading bars, then shows this screen. Clicking, absolutely anywhere causes it to immediately say "(Not Responding)" I uninstalled and...
  13. Kadel

    [Solved] Change unit's attack animation on the passive skill

    Hello again, I read the threads on attack animations, and I have a couple of questions + about my situation... I created a custom blade master, that has pit lord's cleave instead of a critical strike. Cleave is a passive ability, and every time my blade master performs an attack, he uses Attack...
  14. Kadel

    [Solved] Why |n is displayable?

    Hello, I display the message for all players, that the way of enemies is approaching, and I want it to be always through an empty line. I use "|n" for this. In-game journal it displays correctly, but when I see the message in the left corner, it is with this "|n". How should I fix this?
  15. Kadel

    Making Feedback (Passive) working AoE.

    Hello there, and I have a new question (sort of typical). I have a hero with "Combat - Attack 1 - Weapon Type: Missile: Splash" and "Abilities - Normal: Feedback (SpellBreaker)". So I want this passive feedback to work AoE. But it does not. I created a custom ability based on the mentioned one...
  16. HeyWarry

    Custom data problems - no change

    Hi everyone! Finally we can play custom campaigns, which I've been waiting since Jan 2020. Before Reforged released, I used to play all RoC and TFT campaigns by making them custom campaigns in World Editor. By using MPQeditor I extracted all campaign maps and make own campaign - I changed some...
  17. D!ma

    Destroyer Form Gold/Lumber/Food/Mana glitch

    Hey ya’ll so I’ve been trying to get one of my units to change into another as a form of upgrade without triggers (sorta like a footman into captain so on). Well, once I compare obsidian statue and destroyer, if you change destroyer gold or lumber cost in editor, it changes in game (ie. if u...
  18. darkravenbest

    Reforged map cloud

    Hello! I know maybe im late with this topic and it was discussed many times, but i couldnt find any clear information on this subject. As long as i know when you host your map on battle.net its will be uploaded to their cloud, and downloaded directly by other player, which want to join you. I...
  19. Kadel

    [Solved] Create Teleportation Effect on Created Unit

    I am creating a bunch of units in the region. When they are created, I need to appear them with the "Teleportation" Effect, like they were teleported into this region. I tried to do it like this: I created units in the region with Unit-Create, then I used "Unit Group - Pick every Unit in...
  20. Ssin

    [Solved]Any method to PREVENT custom map working on Reforged?

    Hello everyone! I'm still an active WEer updating my map and majority of players are still playing on 1.29 on non-BN platform. There are also some small quantity of people who don't know about the platform and thought BN is the only place. The map has never been compiled by the newest WE so as...
  21. Jocker

    [General] JASS being "Clean"

    The title may be a bit off since I don't really know how to explain it in words so here is a picture. This is the base World Editor for WC3 Version 1.33. And this is the JassNewGen World Editor for version 1.26a. Is it possible to set up the base world editor of 1.33 to have custom colors...
  22. Shandium

    My map keeps crashing and its so bizzare..

    Hey everyone , i hoped maybe some could help me because i cant figure it out.. Just like many other ppl , my maps started crashing after 1.33.. (fuck 1.33) But i could usually save them , even my 500mb+ map. I had tried to troubleshoot and find the models which would cause the crash , but it...
  23. Ungoliath

    [SOLVED] Texture works in Warcraft 3 Viewer, but is completely stretched in the World Editor and Model Editor

    Hello! I'm currently having some issues with some ported models from WoW. Like the title says, they look fine in WC3 Viewer, but not when I import them into the WC3 Editor (or the Model Editor). The problem ranges from missing branches to parts of the model's texture turning stretchy and...
  24. Tburn1910

    [General] Duplicated AI Player Names In-Game

    hey guys, it's me again. so i recently figured out how to make AI players have random names for their selves, and i was over the moon when i learned something. but however, it has come to my attention when i tested this on a melee map (for fun lolz), I got 2 issues. Issue #1: Some of the AI...
  25. Noblecheese

    How can I isolate and move a player-AI from one custom game to another one? Like from one Hero line wars to another hero line wars.

    It should be fairly simple right? Because there aren't many changes from on to another most times. like all the later versions of Hero line wars Lition. I tried to watch some tutorials regarding the world editor and the AI editor but i think what i need to know is a bit more specified or I...
  26. Lordliw

    WESTRING issue

    Today, I opened World Editor and found this weird error. Something westring, literally everything is named westring and then something. I'm in a desperate need of a fix for this, because it's so messed up to the eye, and very disorienting. Here's a picture so you know what I'm talking about.
  27. infini_ty

    Can not click on a custom model in World Editor

    Hi. I made a custom model for my map with Blender and War3ModelEditor. After I imported the model and created a doodad that uses the model, I'm able put the doodad on the map, but I can't click on it. It can only be selected by making a selection area first. This may have something to do with...
  28. Lordliw

    [SD/Modeling] Clotaire's Lich King model

    Hi, I would like to make a request for Clotaire's famous Lich King model. Although, it was taken down for some reason, I'm unsure whether sharing models that were taken down is allowed. So feel free to let me know. If not, I would appreciate anyone who managed to get it to share it and it's...
  29. Varcklen

    TriggerRegisterVariableEvent issues between each other

    I have 3 triggers that use 3 TriggerRegisterVariableEvent. In the first one, I set the Event_One variable, which should activate the TriggerRegisterVariableEvent in the second and third trigger. In the second trigger, when the TriggerRegisterVariableEvent from Event_One is activated, Event_Two...
  30. RatzRatzzz

    [General] How to change model of orb?

    Hi everyone! Maybe that’s strange question , but is it possible to change model of orb? I mean that the imorted orb model spins around the hero’s weapon. I tried to change orb’s model in object editor but it doesn’t work Maybe somebody knows how to do that (if it’s possible, of course :) )
  31. ZeroGravity

    All of custom models in my map are gone!

    I have experienced this before but I didn't think it will just happen right away before I back up my file! everything has gone missing and all my important files have 0 size! Is there any easy way to fix this without importing everything again? It took like several hours because I have 200+...
  32. Varcklen

    Is it possible to track a click on an item frame?

    I tried to find out information about whether it is possible to track the click on the item frame (BlzGetOriginFrame (ORIGIN_FRAME_ITEM_BUTTON, X), where X = 0-5 - item frames), but I could not find information about how someone could do it. Is it possible? From what I was able to figure out...
  33. sunled

    Setting up JNGP

    Hi, I can't get to run the NewGen WC3 and WE. I got a wc3 1.26a and I unblocked the zip file. When I open the NewGen WE for the first time it asks me to choose a directory, I choose the same where the wc3 1.26a is installed and after that, I can't open NewGen WC3 nor NewGen WE. I have also...
  34. Pharven

    Set Next Level

    Hey everyone, I tried to make a custom campaign by creating a menu map with a dialog. The idea is that you have a button for each level. The problem is i the [set next level] action does not seem to work. When i press a button it will redirect me to the main menu Am i doing something wrong or...
  35. nightmarebg12

    i need help with Capture the flag map

    so i made items which are the flags but i don't know how to make winning condition "Specific unit owns specific item = win" or "spesific player owns specific item = win" if you can please tell me how to do at least one of these or some alternetive ideas
  36. StonemaulMidget

    Reliable WarCraft III Melee Game A.I.

    Hello, this is StonemaulMidget, To digress, I'm not the kind who wants to fuss around with the AI Editor. Ever wished you had a "smart" AI that actually uses units and buildings and abilities with custom changes made to them, so the game is played more easily? I could tell you right now, I...
  37. Tburn1910

    making melee ai learn spells with a customized max level

    i don't know why but i love customizing the standard melee heroes' spells like the damage and all, including their max level. here's the thing tho, so like let's say i adjusted the max level for Priestess of the Moon's Trueshot Aura to a level 5 (since the standard max level for Trueshot Aura...
  38. Tburn1910

    [Solved] world editor broken??

    aight so here's the problem with my world editor. so i downloaded the warcraft 3 patch 1.29 from one of the patch archives that was provided in this website and for some reason, when i try to open world editor, it gives me these messages. at first im guessing this is just a small error for a...
  39. GamesofFreak

    Help with Custom Passive Spell

    I'm bad at creating my own spells, so I need a little help. I want a passive skill that increases attack damage and attack rate every time the hero makes an attack, but it is reset as soon as the hero changes target. This effect should be stackable. My question: How do you create such a spell?
  40. Lordliw

    [Spell] Explosion Spell

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can create a passive spell that when a unit (in this case abomination) dies, they explode and deal damage to enemy units. I saw some triggers for when a specific unit dies they do the kaboom spell, but this is not the case. I want it to be a custom spell and every...
  41. Tburn1910

    random player name changes??

    Hello everyone! So uhms, this is perhaps my very first post here in Hive but sksk anyways we'll let that slide. So in some maps I player, or perhaps a few, there is this thing(?) where they have different names (Yes I'm referring to maps with AI Bots). Like for example there are AI bots that...
  42. Lordliw

    Need help with JASS AI - Workers not harvesting lumber

    Hello, I am basically new to JASS scripting. I have recently made a very standard AI, and everything seems to be going great so far! But the problem with my AI is that when the workers are trained they harvest gold, not lumber as I want them to (not the starting workers, the newly trained ones)...
  43. Homor

    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    Howdy. I'm having a little trouble with 1.31's campaign editor. I try to save a new campaign and the editor crashes with this error Is there a specific thing I'm doing wrong that's causing this? Or does 1.31 just not work with the campaign editor? Will I have to roll back to an older version...
  44. Ciandehx

    Edit model Help

    I am new and trying to edit this model, but I have this error.
  45. Caalanuaa

    My Map! Looking for help/suggestions and feedback

    Howdy! This is my current project and I would like to make this thread in order to share the progress with you guys and get some feedback about thins that I could be doing wrong/missing/leaking, etc. The project is a DotA-like map, with heroes and hero waves. For now, I have some basic...
  46. Masterbird

    [Import] World Editor; custom model not showing up?

    So I downloaded a custom model mod, but the model doesn't show up in the game? The strange thing is that the model shows up in the world editor, but not in the game. There's just a shadow where the model should be in the game. Anyone that can help me with this problem?
  47. SteEditing

    Reforged and world editor..

    Hello Everyone, After a long time I decided to return to warcraft 3 and I am happy to be back. At the moment however I have a hard time grounding myself when it comes to the world editor. I am using the reforged editor but am missing the custom editor of the past. Can someone give me insight...
  48. Death Adder

    [Solved] syntax highlighting and function list for 1.30 or 1.31

    Is there anything like JNGP for warcraft 3 patch 1.30+ ? (I don't use reforged but if there's one for that then feel free to mention it as well) When mapmaking I still use 1.27 just for JNGP, but I want to be able to use the new natives...
  49. Altruistic Anduin

    [Import] Can't Give Imported Assets Custom Paths

    I'm no longer able to give assets I've imported custom paths. Double-clicking the Full Path doesn't allow me to edit the field. However, I can edit File Name, Mode, Teen and Locale by double-clicking their columns. I tried to edit the path with 'Modify File Properties...' option but it just...
  50. Dispatcher

    Huge Bug in the World Editor

    Hello guys there is a mysterious bug in my friends World Editor he can't post it himself here because he is lazy as hell. We are making a map full of Custom Sound, Sound Effects, WOW Icons, Units and etc. And we were saving the map but there was an error saying can't save map to Worldedit.w3m...