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  • Jocker
    How can I help you?
    Nikako. Samo da se javim! Kako je?
    Dobro je. XD
    Malo zajebano zato sto je zatvoren BattleNet pa nemam sta da radim.
    Sad da vidim kako ce situacija da stoji na GameRanger. Ako se novi Warcraft igraci pojave bice super.

    Bilo mi je drago posto sam video danas da ljudi igraju jednu staru mapu koju sam igrao. Ali serveri nisu bili dobri tako da smo brzo prestali. Iz nekog razloga je mnogo lagovalo.
    Oh, I am sorry, but I understand it. Did you contact Rufus? What are your other projects? Good luck with your new projcet. If you want to submit it, make thread in the Map developement, Idea factory thread. There are lots of users who will help ypu. :)
    Hi Jocker,
    How is it going? Has your map approved yet? If not, you should contact Rufus. He will help you. :)
    You welcome, mate. :) I had time when I finished it. Now I only have time on weekends. Rufus sure will help you, and good luck updating it. You should update the old one and I think it will be accepted.
    Good. :) i think it willl be playable, test it again. I try to solve the problem, too. I did not change any triggers so it should be fine.
    Well, can you send me the map again. I think it is okay, if you added some spells into it, did you test them? I think you should ask Maker about this or post a thread to the World editor help zone forum. :) i hope it will be solved, if you send me the map, I will help.
    Hi Jocker, I was your post on your map section. Can you send me your map in a private message? So I can help you.
    I think you should ask Rufus or the other modernators about why your map has not beeen approved.

    Please check if all of the DISBTN icons are working, i mean you can see them if you press the menu button. If they don't work, you only see a green square. Please check if their path is the following: ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\ after this, the icon's names comes.

    Good luck and looking forward to see your map. :cgrin:
    Sounds great, good luck with it, and finding good resources for it. What will be the topic?

    If you make a forum would you tell me? If you want, I can help you.
    Good luck with your project. :)
    Yes, sure, I played you map, and it was just better, good job! :) I liked that the cimenatic last shorter, it is good like that. I stil like the gameplay and the abilities.

    However, what you should fix:

    The Sorceress's, the Spire's, the Archer's and the Magister's disabled (DISBTN) icon don't work, you can only see a green square. You can see it when you click on the menu. To fix it, import the disabled icon, too, double-click-on it, and change its path to this: ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\ after this, the icon's names comes, and before pasting, delete everything before the DISBTN name. I recommend to check all imported icon's disabled form. As I can see now, you imported a lot of disabled icons, you should change the path of them.

    Also, the Arcane Sanctum's, tooltip should be changed, I mean its trained units and the upgrades. Also, the Magister's, the Archer's and Gryphon Aviary's. Should you check all of them, if it fits the abilities with the actual unit.

    Knight has the Mana Shield, but no mana, so please add 400 or 500 mana for it.

    If you fix these things, your map will be even better. :cgrin: Good luck!
    Thanks Mqeterno but for now i only need help with someone playing it and telling me what is bugged and needs fixing.Can you hale me with that?
    i will need time but i will do that when i upload next version or maybe sooner
    Very well done!
    Nice looking description.

    One thing I suggest you fix though is to put the screenshots in hidden tags, so they don't take up such a large part of the description. :)
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