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Zombie Escape

This bundle is marked as lacking. It fails to meet the standard requirements and may only have minor use.

This is a short mini-game based on the CS-GO and TF2 "zombie escape" game mode.

The game requires 3 people at least since every round 2 are randomly selected to be zombies.
Zombies win by killing all humans and humans win by escaping the maze.
The maze switches every 2 human wins and there are 5 mazes in total.
There are 4 unique classes each with benefits depending on the level.

To open the main gate, activate the bottom left lever, wait 30 seconds at the second gate, find the oil/gas in the park and bring it to the tank, run to the final gate and wait for boss to kill it.

Pick one of 4 paths and run until you reach the 2 bridges, hold those until the gates open, run along the river (or take boat) and kill Lord Biftech to open final gate.

Run into the Garage, find and hit the lever to activate the elevator. Run towards the back, take gold and bring it to the garage owner. Continue running through the canyon until you are at the city, wait for zombies to catch up. Get to the top of the middle building and wait for helicopter. Once it arrives get in and reach the end.

Pick one of 2 paths and run until you find the room with the gate. Hold it for 30 secs. Continue until you're in the big room, go left and hit the switch, get back and go right where the door will open, run through the maze until you're in the boss room. Kill boss by pushing him into the "death zone". Make your way upstairs and hold at the door. Run until you reach the end of the balcony.

Go left and turn down to find a lever. Go top left and hold the door. Continue along the path until you reach the dead end, look for a lever behind rock chunks. Wait for team to get into the garage to activate it. Slow down zombies while activating next lever. Grab item in the right side and head for the end, wait for the gate to open. Get on top of the structure while holding the item. Wait for the gate to open, then run into the caves.

Zombie Escape (Map)

Cautiously set to Lacking as user uses a different author name for every uploaded map; also no credits list.


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Jun 4, 2009
User is inactive and hasn't replied convincingly on the concern of various author names for the maps he uploaded.

Awaiting Update.

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