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Mar 5, 2014
Dec 17, 2007

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Mar 5, 2014
    1. TheDanish
      Hey there. A while ago you encouraged me to keep working on my campaign RPG "Nameless - One Orc's Saga" even though it was rejected for some reason. Well, I've been working on it off and on since then, and Chapter I is about halfway finished. Just thought I'd let you know :)
    2. MasterHaosis
      Yes... and most of them are abusers!
    3. MasterHaosis
      MrBimbo, :cgrin: hahaha I like you! I still remember you as Hive's rebel! Well yeah I understand when people got tired of everything here. Stupid staff, abusers.... dramas everywhere
    4. Kildare
      Yo....Thx for your support.

      Well, to answer your request, i actually don't really like to share with people my "secrets", but for you i'd make an exception. The secret to the right click is actually giving your unit a "rally" ability. Then in ur triggers, use event - "Unit is issued an order" and the condition "(issued order = 'smart')". It will work fine.

      I won't tell you the rest of how the triggers work, because i believe that people should experiment on their own how to make things work. I gave you the starting point, the rest is for you to figure out. =)
    5. MasterHaosis
      Your post is kickass!
    6. MrBimbo
      oh nice! still got 2 weeks left >.> but they'll be fun. okay thanks!
    7. YouCantSeeMe
      arhg, you mean the cursor thingy. finished that along time ago! :]
      but today i have my last school day so ill upload it tomorrow :b
    8. YouCantSeeMe
      target model?
    9. MasterHaosis
      Hey man how are you long time no see?
    10. Septimus
      They available at pack section or you can find it at wc3c.net
    11. VeljkoM
      He is on "I don't care" side.At least I think.
    12. CloudMax
      Its not my map, its CloudWolfs, im just like hes "second hand". Many people think im the owner of the map :|
      When we are many people working on the map at the same time, we only do stuff that easily can be copy pasted over maps. And you can do that in almost everything expect terrain. So when he is done with the spells, he just copy paste the triggers and spells over to the original map.
    13. MasterHaosis
      Well man I do not think people can spam in visitor messages. They can be punished. However you can double/triple post and not all rules implement to visitor messages. As far I know there aren't specific rules about visitor messages. However we talk our languages too in profile messages.
    14. MasterHaosis
      Oh you are welcome man! It's nothing much! i only agreed with you two!
      And in that thread you only fight for your rights. Yeah as many people did last year in September/october
    15. TheDanish
      Wow, is that really how it works? Very lame. Honestly, I have very little incentive now to continue my campaign. Takes too much time anyway.
    16. Zelda.Alex
    17. Zelda.Alex
      i also know MrBimbo that the maps are not deleted because as you had said you can access them by bookmarks. I have habit of making bookmarks of the maps i am currently playing so i can easily access them. So even when some of the maps have been rejected i can easily access them though i can't post on them.
      Also i would like to see moderator's reply to the last para because i had done a little thinking before supporting you. Taking the appropriate lines and using the words was a problem but finally i found i little solution to that.
      Thanks for appreciating that mail. Also i have added a little more to the post to make the argument better.
      Posted by MrBimbo
      "i totally had a WTF moment": What does WTF means?sorry if a common abb.
    18. Septimus
    19. Septimus
      type for it...
    20. Septimus
      i not mean the look, but the gameplay, quality and etc etc.. if those gameplay, quality and etc etc is bad... it was partically worthless.
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    A moderator told me I hadn't given credit to the models I used. So I checked myself and read the Resource tab in the Quest section. Guess who was wrong?
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