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Tank Destroyer Simulator v1.2a

Submitted by KuroNigi
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
If you already downloaded the current version with missing keybinding triggers for players 3-5, please redownload, forgot to facecheck the triggers, again...



Max Player Count = 2 --> 5


User Interface


Tank Movement Dusts
Ignition and Blown Tank Tracks Alert Sound


Tree Pathing Size Reduced
Additional Foliage
Denser Fog
Color Corrected Skybox


Camera Orientations:
-Angle of Attack = -15 --> -10
-Height offset = 50 --> 85


Player Shell Distance Limit Removed
Shell Debuffs:
-Set targets on fire by 20% chance
-Destroys Tank Tracks by 20% | 12% From Enemies
AI SPG Tanks Player Proximity Check Position Relocation
Ping and Aim Accuracy sound alerts corrected
Damage Control Kit; Removes Fire and Repairs Tank Tracks


Know what it feels like to drive and shoot using a JagdPanther in this Tank Destroyer Simulator. Roam around the field as you shoot around animals or battle against tanks as you try to survive, and bring a friend with you if you want to! This game features a keyboard controlled movement so there will be no clicking!

Game Modes

Hunting Season
This game mode features you to search and destroy 100 stags. Yeah, that's the objective. This game mode is pretty much your training session and you can bring a friend too and if both of you are competitive, you and your mate should try compete each other on who gets the highest kills before all the stags are blown into smithereens.

Tank Hunted
This game mode feature a survival mode where you and your friend must survive an endless wave of enemy stalinium stronk tenks starting off with just one tank destroyer then increments by one for every wave. If you cleared a wave with a destroyed fellow tank, that friend of yours will be resurrected to participate in the next wave and do all your best to achieve your possible highest score.

Combat System

Tank Destroyers are equipped with powerful guns which are almost fixed mounted since they have relatively low firing angle, I'm not gonna talk about the gun depression since I don't know how to implement that here. To summarize that, you can fire at 100% accuracy to where you are facing at but you tend to lose that 100% when you move via acceleration and turning so you need to stay still for your tank to adjust its' accuracy and shooting with 100% accuracy guarantees you to deal more damage which I will discuss later.

Max Aim Time = 1.5 seconds

The damage you deal here is not based on the angle of your enemy because holy shit I don't know how to do that kind of stuff so instead of a fixed damage you deal to your target depending on the angle of your target's armor, the damage system I implented here is RNG(Random Number Generation) as the damage output of your tank ranges from 50-500 so if you feel like you dealt a critical hit, looks can deceive because in reality you just dealt a tiny damage to your target so the frustration is real in this one if your unlucky enough to get the 50 damage BUT if you manage to fire a shot with 100% accuracy, you're guaranteed to deal 200-700 instead so ready, aim, FIRE!

Do you know that you can ram enemy tanks and deal amounts of damage depending on your speed? Yeah, you can do that here too but don't ram to much or you'll end up wrecking your ride too because you receive half of the damage you dealt to that unfortunate target of yours.

Damage = 50 x (Speed Rate)


I just made this map out of pure boredom and as an IT student, I have attempted to apply all my knowledge in the trigger section of World Editor.

Nothing Fancy, nothing too much realistic although I tried to do so but me and my friends enjoy this simple simulation. I know that there are lots of bugs to look up to in this game but I don't care that much, this is my first map to upload and I enjoyed making this.

If you look up on the triggers and see something you can improve, feel free to edit all the possible flaws and adjust everything to your liking.

I can take critiques without concerns because I know this will be judged a lot if ever. So if you enjoyed the map, I'm happy knowing about it and if you have suggestions, feel free to do so.~

*Map From Airplane System(Height Fields reseted)
*Tanks, Projectiles, Icons, Models and Textures [JagdPanther, SU85, SU-76, AGM114, Tile Retextures, Ground Decals, Trees, Grass]

*Projectiles and SFX [NewGroundEX, Rocket]

User Interface

World of Tanks
*Sound Effects and Wallpaper [Engine Sounds, Notification Sound, Tank Fire, Loading Screen]

-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare-
*War Ambience

-Panzer Waltz-
*Alert Sounds [Wave Start, Gun 100% Aim]

-KuroNigi (Me)-
*Triggers, Custom Icons and UI [Minimap, CommandButttons, Selection Circle Compass]

Tank Destroyer Simulator (Map)

The RPG and Strategy tags are not correct. This is an action game but has no RPG elements and strategy is for maps and armies. The last three abilities should have passive looking icons as they are not meant to be clicked/used. You could make them...
  1. Xeryxoz


    Jun 27, 2014
    There is room for improvement via turret turning and having 2 players control the tank - one which drives, the other which shoots, though overall this is a very nice simulator

    -You can also die from running over stags :D
    -Running over trees does no damage?
    -Consider expanding viewing distance and adding a fog over it all
    -Intricate terrain also helps
    -You can shoot through another tank if you're really really close to them (collision close)

    Edit : Please do consider expanding the game to 6 players, would be really nice
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
  2. KuroNigi


    Nov 1, 2018

    My friend already challenged me with a single tank mode where one's the driver and the other's the gunner and I intend on switching player roles ingame via trigger. I did't really put out all heart into this game but I really have fun in doing so and I keep this map updated.

    The updates I intend to implement:
    -Add better foliage
    -SPG Tanks run away instead of standing still when player tank is near (something I forgot to add before uploading the map)
    -Dust Particles when tank stops accelerating/decelerating
    -Tank Tracks (I think I'll be illegally modifying the models without permission of the owner on this one although I already did with adding one animation for the JagdPanther LOL)
    -More Players (Which you suggested that I already considered)
    -More game modes
    -Adjustable camera distance
    -Shell impact angle notification (A new challenge for me)
    -User Interface
    -More custom sounds

    I would like to increase the depth of field for the game but I think that the ingame's skybox has a fixed size so I can't adjust the field distance the player sees unless there's a way for it that I do not know yet. Not taking damage from ramming trees and stags? You're riding a tank! :D but you tend to lose acceleration rate instead.
  3. Xeryxoz


    Jun 27, 2014
    Great to see that you plan on updating it for more ^^ I'll be hosting it as soon as more players can fit into the game mode (I also ended up opening the map and I saw a very interesting mode description in the triggers, which I will not disclose, since I'm hyped to see it in action! Though yeah, I get the losing acceleration part - just not the massive damage from hitting a stag at full speed (I mean, I'd understand if it were a car, but as you said, we are riding a tank~ xD)
  4. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    The RPG and Strategy tags are not correct. This is an action game but has no RPG elements and strategy is for maps and armies.

    The last three abilities should have passive looking icons as they are not meant to be clicked/used. You could make them look so with this: Button Manager v1.8.2
    Killing animals is not fun...
    Moving according to the minimap is quite annoying.

    Awaiting Update for the removal of the mentioned tags.

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    Daffa the Mage

    changes made,
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
  5. marzus


    Dec 1, 2018

    I really enjoy this map but I've encountered an issue when I play for 5-6 waves with another player I get an error that I ran out of space. Same for me friend.
    Besides this when the map finishes we wait lots of time with a black screen so that it will take back to main screen.

  6. matin45


    Aug 13, 2018
    It's really great. I did not get on the tank, but I think this map very close to it!
    Can you give an objective to this map?
    For example you can add WWII mode and two sides to that, Then you have your tank and must kill infantry units and destroy other tanks. With this, you also add a PvP mode.
    I know it gets time (and maybe you die before completing this!:)) but if you can do this, it will be very nice.