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Erkut Hero Defense

Erkut Hero Defense v4.25
Created by: DirciL
Last Update: 25 December 2022

[Map Info]
This map is similar to other Co-op, Hero Defense/Survival maps. It is easier to understand and play than other maps.
  • Choose from 36 heroes and defend your base from 50 waves.
There are 5 difficulty levels.
  1. Very Easy (1-2 players)
  2. Easy (2-3 players)
  3. Normal (4-5 players)
  4. Hard (6-8 players)
  5. Very Hard (8 players)

Strength: 12 heroes (11 melee, 1 ranged)
Agility: 10 heroes (4 melee, 6 ranged)
Intelligence: 14 heroes (3 melee, 11 ranged)

Light Forces: Iheria, Heifiey, Galedo, Lendranie, Bainmor, Rowanad, Alagado, Heanus, Veishyinn, Neldoon, Owero, Sassea
Neutral Forces: Ebrachase, Phaben, Saogh, Waeles, Mozza, Aeranos, Rakko, Mertelzon, Tneakie, Sertelze, Wohvan
Dark Forces: Fantaerones, Prewine, Vea, Toridem, Xeax, Cherveax, Hamhan, Kselea, Evtrewa, Psasien, Forkenz, Skehten, Meinique


  • Q Spell
  • W Spell
  • E Spell
  • R Spell (requires: level 6)
  • T Spell (requires: level 10)
There are a few merchants in base and in jungle. These include
basic items, scrolls, recipes, secrets, upgraded items, unique items and legendary Items.
Basic Items:
Boots of Speed, Periapt of Vitality, Pendant of Mana, Sentry Ward, Ring of Protection, Gem of Health, Pendant of Energy, Ring of Regerenation, Sobi Mask, Gloves of Haste, Claws of Attack, Shaman's Claw, Improved Shaman's Claw, Sword, Long Sword, Edged Sword, Spear, Spinous Spear, Extended Spear, Axe, War Axe, Giant Axe, Shield, Steel Shield, Arcanite Shield, Plating, Iron Plating, Steel Plating, Moon Armor, Improved Moon Armor, Advanced Moon Armor, Wood Shield, Unholy Shield, Indivine Shield, Gaunlets of Ogre Strength, Belt of Giant Strength, Gloves of Strength, Slippers of Agility, Boots of Quel'Thalas, Ghoul's Claw, Mantle of Intelligence, Robe of the Magi, Scepter of Intelligence, Circlet of Nobility, Magical Necklace, Medallion of Courage, Healing Ward, Amulet of Spell Shield

Recipe Items:
Book of Strength, Book of Agility, Book of Intelligence, Dragon Boots, Poisoned Spear, Reinforced Shield, Wind Armor, Battle Axe, Orb of Frost, Mighty Sword, Enchanted Weapon, Amulet of Ritual, Relic of the Swordsman, Mage Armor, Staff of the Princess, Dark Sword, Blade of Belligerent, Fire Staff, Assasin's Boots, Frozen Ring, Ankh of Rebirth, Soul Booster, Book of Attribute, Armor of the Protector, Venomous Sword, Dark Hoodie, Staff of Wisdom, Wand of Sorcery, Armor of Darkness, Unbreakable Shield, Dual Blades, Axe of the Brave Warrior, Sorcereous Weapon, Fire Sword, Gem of Alacrity, Bloodthirtsy

Secrets Items:
Key of Strength, Key of Agility, Key of Intelligence, Moonstone, Ankh of Reincarnation, Mask of Death, Talisman of Evasion, Divine Protection

Upgraded Items:
Upgraded Armor of the Protector, Upgraded Axe of the Brave Warrior, Upgraded Dark Hoodie, Upgraded Dualblades, Upgraded Fire Sword, Upgraded Fire Staff, Upgraded Frozen Ring, Upgraded Mage Armor, Upgraded Staff of the Princess, Upgraded Staff of Wisdom, Upgraded Sorcereus Weapon, Upgraded Soul Booster, Upgraded Wand of Sorcery, Upgraded Venomous Sword, Upgraded Bloodthirsty

Unique Items:
Colorful Jeweled Ring, Mysterious Staff, Staliness Heart Amulet, Supernatural Staff, Sword Made of Dragon Claw, Shield Made of Cubic Boron Nitrideltra, Traditional Turkish Bow, Ultra Atomic Elements

Legendary Items:
Auspicious Blessed Necklace, Feral Dragonblade, Majestic Staff, Sanctified Armor


  • -repick to change your hero
  • -zoom x to set zoom as x
  • -skip to skip time of next wave
  • -base to teleport your hero into base
Per 3 level a quest will be actived. Complete the quests for gain more gold. The monsters will be killed are appear as green points at the map when a quest is active.
Also there are advanced quests. Advanced quest bosses are spawned in jungle with random location and random time.

Wave Bosses: Warqent, Sertinzo, Waldro, Enbecks, Licrid
Advanced Quest Bosses: Captain Vochunu, Jao, Saykama, Vadd, Waerinex

Colors: Very Easy - Easy - Normal - Hard - Very Hard

Warqent: Wave 10 Boss
Fire Bolt: Hurls a fiery bolt that stuns by 2 seconds and deals damage by 120/180/210/240/270 a target enemy unit.
Rain of Fire: Calls down waves of fire and each wave deals damage by 54/108/126/144/162 units in an area.
Flamestrike: Burns enemy units for 6/15/18/21/24 damage 0.1 second for 2 seconds.

Sertinzo: Wave 20 Boss
Fan of Knives: The Warden hurls a flurry of knives, damaging nearby enemies. Each knife does 90/180/210/240/270 damage.
Shadow Strike: Hurls a poisoned dagger at an unit, dealing 75/150/180/210/240 initial damage, and 30 damage every second slows the movement speed by %50 for 4 seconds.

Waldro: Wave 30 Boss
Chain Lightning: Hurls a bolt of lightning that bounces up to enemies dealing 160/320/360/400/440 damage.
War Stomp: Slams the ground, dealing 120/240/280/320/360 damage to nearby enemy land units and stunning them for 2 seconds.

Enbecks: Wave 40 Boss
Hurl Boulder: Hurls a stone that stuns by 2 seconds and deals damage by 180/360/400/440/480 a target enemy unit.
Shockwave: A wave of force that ripples outward, causing 210/420/460/500/540 damage to land units in a line.
Thunder Clap: Slams the ground, dealing 190/380/420/460/500/ damage to nearby enemy land units and slowing their movement and attack speed by %20/30/40/50/60.

Licrid: Wave 50 Boss
Carrion Swarm: Sends a horde of bats to deal damage to each enemy unit in a cone. 220/440/480/500/580 damage.
Forked Lightning: Calls lightning on a target enemy unit, hitting up to nearby enemy units for 220/440/480/500/580 damage.



Map Design: Erkut Kaya
Triggers: Erkut Kaya

Arising Light Strike (Darkfang)
BlueOgre - Portrait
Bronze Silver Gold Attack Upgrades (Darkfang)
BTNAdvancedMageArmor (LiOneSS)
BTNAlacrity (Legal_Ease)
BTNAlienOrbs (The Panda)
BTNammo (AlienArsonist)
BTNANADarkFlameOrbFixed (Anachron)
BTNANANatureReviveExplosion (Anachron)
BTNAngelicShield (Blizzard Entertainment)
BTNAvalanche (-Berz-)
BTNBattlemagesGuard (NFWar)
BTNBeamBlast (The Panda)
BTNBearPawBlue (Golden-Drake)
BTNBearPawRed (Golden-Drake)
BTNBlackArmor (PrinceYaser)
BTNBlackBalverine (Kuhneghetz)
BTNBladedRocket (Fjury)
BTNBloodBottle2 (-Stygian-)
BTNBloodySword (kola)
BTNBones (The Panda)
BTNBowwithArrow (kola)
BTNChaosMeteor (Legal_Ease)
BTNChaosRazomane (Kuhneghetz)
BTNChaosShaman (Sin'dorei300)
BTNCWMagusStaff (CloudWolf)
BTNDaemonicMight (Hellx-Magnus)
BTNDarkElfAura (Sellenisko)
BTNDarknessShield (Darkfang)
BTNDarkRitualMurloc (Marcos DAB)
BTNDarkShield (Mc !)
BTNDarkSword (Mc !)
BTNDarkTouch (VaLkYroN)
BTNdarktrollberserk (Blizzard Entertainment, Traxamillion)
BTNDeathBomb (PrinceYaser)
BTNDeathDoomGuardZL (zadelim)
BTNDeepWound (-Berz-)
BTNDemonicFlames (The Panda)
BTNDemonTreant (Iyzz_Fryzz)
BTNDruidicSword2 (Hadeis)
BTNDualCutlass (Flute)
BTNEarthLance (L_Lawliet)
BTNElementalMastery (BETABABY)
BTNElementalShift (The Leader)
BTNElvenBow (Marcos DAB)
BTNEmpoweredBow (The Panda)
BTNEnsnareSeaCreatures (Blizzard Entertainment, Sunreaver)
BTNEssenceOfCelerity (Darkfang)
BTNEtherealform (Justicebringer)
BTNEverFrost (The Panda)
BTNExplosionToss (The Panda)
BTNExplosiveShot (The_Silent)
BTNEyeOfShadows (Hellx-Magnus)
BTNEyes (Big Dub)
BTNFancyShield (NFWar)
BTNFieryExplosion (D.ee)
BTNFireArmor (I3lackDeath)
BTNFireBall (The Panda)
BTNFireErupt (The_Avenger's_Return)
BTNFireSword (Hemske)
BTNFireTotem (Mr.Goblin)
BTNFlameArrowShower (~Nightmare)
BTNFlameBreath (exN)
BTNFlameCombustion (The Panda)
BTNFlameWhirl (Cryophoenix)
BTNFreezingHotCloak (~Nightmare)
BTNFrostArmor (D.ee)
BTNGaussRifle1 (The_Silent)
BTNGDWrench (Golden-Drake)
BTNGlacierBlades (-Berz-)
BTNGlaiveCrit (morbent)
BTNGnollFlailresized (z00rtaz)
BTNGolemCarapace (Marcos DAB)
BTNGunFire (NFWar)
BTNHeadBurn (San)
BTNHealingTouch (Dalharukn)
BTNHealthPotionTP1 (The Panda)
BTNHeatRupture (The Panda)
BTNHellfirePossession (~Nightmare)
BTNHellfurynew (RoboHippo)
BTNHeroTigerianSlicer (General Frank)
BTNHeroTinkerTwo (Nevo)
BTNHLavaOrb (Heinvers)
BTNHorde (Maxwell)
BTNHordeFlagLastOne (Kingluis)
BTNHospital (Blizzard Entertainment,Darkfang)
BTNIceby67chrome (67chrome)
BTNIceSkeleton (Golden-Drake)
BTNINV_Stone_13 (Blizzard Entertainment)
BTNINV_Weapon_ShortBlade_03 (Blizzard Entertainment)
BTNIronFist (zbc)
BTNLancelotPlate (JollyD)
BTNLavaSplash (The Panda)
BTNLight (morbent)
BTNLightning (morbent)
BTNLightningAttack (Darkfang)
BTNLightningboltcontest (kola)
BTNLiHealingBranch (LiOneSS)
BTNLiquidPurge (PrinceYaser)
BTNMagicExplosion (The Panda)
BTNMagmaElemental (King Valdezar)
BTNMammothStomp (Kimbo)
BTNMechanism (NFWar)
BTNMight (Coinblin)
BTNMoltenBoulder (67chrome)
BTNMultishot (-Berz-)
BTNNatureGauntlets (Mc !)
BTNNaturesBlessing (The Panda)
BTNNerubianScepter (Hellx-Magnus)
BTNNightElf (PrinceYaser)
BTNOgreClubs2 (Stanakin)
BTNOrbitalBeam (Big Dub)
BTNPaw (lelyanra)
BTNPhoenixFlight (The Panda)
BTNPlagueNova (Hellx-Magnus)
BTNPoisonWave (The Panda)
BTNPunish (PeeKay)
BTNRedQueen (Hemske)
BTNRuneOfThunder (-Dieser-)
BTNRunestoneShield (PrinceYaser)
BTNrupture (dansaDisco)
BTNsearingblade (-Berz-)
BTNSFWSpiderTouch (SexYFrostWyrM)
BTNShadowtip (Hemske)
BTNShieldOrcTaurenMark (BlackDoom)
BTNShieldUndeadDeathMark (BlackDoom)
BTNSkeletonFireWarriorMage (HappyTauren)
BTNSkyfallReforge (PrinceYaser)
BTNSorceressSapphire (AL0NE)
BTNSpell_Lightning_LightningBolt01 (Blizzard Entertainment)
BTNSpell_Shadow_Twilight (Blizzard Entertainment)
BTNSpellSplash (67chrome)
BTNStarBlast (Hellx-Magnus)
BTNStarFalls (The Panda)
BTNStormArchon (PrinceYaser)
BTNTakeAim (D.ee)
BTNTenebriousArmor (PrinceYaser)
BTNThunderGlobe (Hellx-Magnus)
BTNTiger (Kuhneghetz)
BTNTitansGrip (Blizzard Entertainment)
BTNTreasureChest (8512590215848)
BTNTroll (M0rbid)
BTNUnholy (Orthon)
BTNVenomDagger (Static)
BTNVerdantSpheres (Chen)
BTNWarriorStrength (Marcos DAB)
BTNWC1FireElementalRemastered (Artork312)
BTNWolfHunt (Kimbo)
BTNWolfTime (JollyD)
BTNWorgenCommand (Kimbo)
BTNZaghnor (PeeKay)
Dark Harvest (stonneash)
DarkSting (Darkfang)
Demonic Brethren (Villagerino)
Dominate Death (Darkfang)
Elune's Vision (Vensedouh)
Eye of the Storm (Darkfang)
Gnoll (Murlocologist)
Heart Amulet (Sin'dorei300)
Malfunction! Repair! (Murlocologist)
Orc Aura (s4nji)
Prismatic Scepter (Darkfang)
Red Harvest (Power)
Shadow Dance (Sun gate)
Shadow Orb (Vinz)
Tauren (Murlocologist)
Teleportation (Sun gate)
Troll Cloak (Jaccouille)


Ancient Explosion SFX (WILL THE ALMIGHTY)
Annihilation [2 parts] - SFX Contest 5 Submission (JetFangInferno)
Black Mage (-Grendel)
blackhole (Mc !)
Blade Beam (blink)
Blink Vol. I (Vinz)
Blizzard II (Vinz)
Blood Beetle (Kenntaur)
Blood Mage (Stefan.K)
Bloodelf Phoenix Guard (General Frank)
Bloodelf Ranger (General Frank)
Bloodelf Wizard (General Frank)
Breath of Acid (The_Spellweaver)
Cannonball (Vinz)
Chaos Razormane (Kuhneghetz)
Chaos Tauren (Kuhnegetz)
ChaosGolem (MasterHaosis)
CrushingWaveMissile (JetFangInferno)
Culling Slash Vol. II (Vinz)
Dalaran Brilliance (CeDiL)
Dark Seal (AesirJenssen)
Desecrate - SFX Contest 5 Submission (JetFangInferno)
Domination Aura (Direfury)
Ember (Vinz)
Fel Reaver (Explobomb)
Fire Meteor (Mustang)
Fire Missiles (Vinz)
Firequeen Ring (Darkfang)
Fleshweaving (The Vegetable)
Frost Name (Daelin)
Frosty Crystal Drop (The_Spellweaver)
Gatekeeper's Pact (Yours Truly)
Great Lightning (Tranquil)
Green Death (Lichkings slave)
Ground Explosion (WILL THE ALMIGHTY)
GuardianAura (EnetheruAnuon)
Hellstone Golem (Villagerino)
HeroGlow (assasin_lord)
Holy Blast (JesusHipster)
Holy Light (Vinz)
Ice Shard (Vinz)
Icecrown Overlord (General Frank)
Inferno Armor (Power)
Mur'gul Warlock (Direfury, KILLCIDE, Mr. Goblin)
NecroticBlast (UgoUgo)
Nerubian Infector (-Grendel)
Orc Necro Missile (-Grendel)
Overqueen (dickxunder)
Pillar of Flame (Vinz)
Rain of Fire Vol. II (Vinz)
RejuvenationTarget (Metal_Sonic)
RockCliffV1 (Sunchips)
Rune Golem (Alpain)
ShockwaveMissile (Callahan)
ShockwaveMissile (JetFangInferno)
Skeleton Fire Warior Mage (HappyTauren)
Smite (Vinz)
Soul Beam (Vinz)
The Void Lord (Callahan)
Tigerian Slicer (General Frank)
ToxicField (UgoUgo)
Troll Elite Headhunter and Elite Berserker (johnwar)
Twilight Enforcer (Old) (PROXY)
Twilight Sparkle (ILH)
Vengeance Aura (Sun gate)
Void Disc (Vinz)
Void Rifts (Vinz)
Voidfall (Vinz)
VoidSkullAura_v5 (xyzier_24)
Warlord (Stefan.K)
Wolf Lord (WhiteDeath)

Erkut Hero Defense v4.25 (Map)

Information about Upgradeable Items's icon turns to green when no one is near the shop. I think it does not have a disabled version DISBTN. You can make one with: Button Manager v1.8.2...


Map Reviewer
Level 67
Jun 4, 2009
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This helps you with the models, skins and icons from Hiveworkshop: Resources in use by Erkut Hero Defense v3.16

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Map Reviewer
Level 67
Jun 4, 2009
Information about Upgradeable Items's icon turns to green when no one is near the shop. I think it does not have a disabled version DISBTN. You can make one with:
Button Manager v1.8.2
Abilities don't have hotkeys mentioned but they seem to be QWERT based.
For some reason Warqent does super damage, like 10 or more times his damage. I was trying the Stone Golem.

Generally, very old school with simple and repetitive gameplay. Optional quests could be much more engaging. Overall feels incomplete and many missed opportunities for creative gameplay.

Level 3
Mar 16, 2011
Played it several times and overall map seems kinda meh.

Time between waves is too small, so you can't really explore and do quests. (and in the same time you need to buy items too)
Not a problem for experienced players i guess, but too harsh for the beginners, considering they don't know all the map secrets and they need time to explore.

Ability based heroes seems useless. As a monk i has blizzard-like spell, which did 36x4=144 damage iirc, when creeps had like ~700 hp and it was only normal or easy difficulty. So my gameplay was kinda frustrating. But same actually goes for other spells too, they are too weak too. That makes no point in taking pure spell damage heroes.
Last edited:
Level 4
May 11, 2020
Thank you for your comment.

I wanted to make the map as co-op hero defense, no one should one-shot creeps with abilities so the game would be competitive. I'll reconsider the time between two waves, you may right about that. The game will be more balanced if you choose the following difficulty levels according to the number of players.

Very Easy (1-2 players)
Easy (2-3 players)
Normal (4-5 players)
Hard (6-8 players)
Very Hard (8 players)
Last edited:
Level 2
Jan 6, 2023
very nice map, need more powerfull bosess in jungle and i dream about mode for free explore. We played with two friends first time and we dont have so much time to explore or do quest. Nice to have oportunity to stop the waves for a while (not popular opinion) good work, we had great time