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Eldritch Hero Defense

Eldritch Temple Hero Defense
Pick a hero and fight waves of incoming enemies in this easy to learn defense game.

Updated 2023-03-28

More info:

*New and unique playable factions/armies
*35+ new unique heroes
*120 levels of randomized enemies
*Tons of original spells, custom units etc.
*Randomized enemies and wide hero selection for high replayability value





The map has modifier modes, try -hard or see quest log if normal mode becomes too easy.
Armies are reasonably well balance tested, but hero balance will require testing.
Known issues: Assign player hero does not force assign a hero at end of picktime.
I'll be happy to explain how something works if you ask.




Ver 1.31 uploaded.
-New camera added (use -cm to reset, or -hdefcam to put it back on)
-New units and heroes added
-Terrain edit
-many skill changes, items added, bosses added
-wave difficulty adjusted
-more things to do while waiting for allies to finish added

Ver 1.2 uploaded.
-Waves adjusted in almost every way
-Bosses less random
-More bosses
-Players are now a single team in HDef
-Gold sharing changed / fixed
-Tier 7 playable units added to barracks (in lategame)
-Rot T5 changed
-Strategist F-A added
-Armory items adjusted for Arcane faction
-Merc R hp boost
-Panic Stone added
-Food adds implemented
-Living Spark damage reduced
-Some tooltip fixes
-Thousand year ice / Wahrzaman's Staff ice golem nerfed

-Malice (Lock F-W) fixed
-Message repeats for items added to Master Blacksmith fixed
-Gold mine spawning bug in HDef mode fixed
-Control points spawning bug in hdef mode fixed
-Boss attack damage bug fixed
-Unally fixed
-Shroud use on Steel Maiden fixed

Map uploaded.

Models and skins used:

*Hero Glow by assassin_lord
*Nazgûl by HerrDave
*Death Knight by Deolrin, Whitehorn & Pyramidhe@d, icon by MrGoblin
*Ogre Mauler icon by Mr. Goblin
*Legendary Warrior by JoySoy
*Wandering Swordsman by Grey Knight and ILH
*Knight of the Blazing Sun by HerrDave
*Stallord by Mister_Hadrauf
*Chaos Golem and button by MasterHaosis
*Healing Well by Tranquil
*Archfiend by Rubellu Sidelius
*Dwarven Rider by Tranquil
*Inquisitor by FerSZ
*Human Slinger by z00rtaz
*RagnarosMinion by Sin'Dorei300
*Holy Rune Golem by Alpain
*Crystal Golem by Mc !
*Flesh Scorcher by -Grendel
*Juggernaut by HappyTauren and Anvil
*Banisher by -Grendel
*High Elven Archer by Fingolfin
*Firestarter by Tarrasque
*Hellspawn Annihilator by -Grendel
*Frost Missile by bisnar13
*Frost Elemental by Mc !
*TaurenDruidCat by AhhFreshWeeD
*Norse Runecarver by Direfury
*LivingStatue and Pedestal by WhiteDeath
*Infernal Knight by -Grendel
*Fresh Shambler by -Grendel
*Dullahan by -Grendel
*Guilty Thorn by Blood Raven
*Darkguard by Blood Raven
*Flagellant by Dionesiist
*UndeadVrykul by Sellenisko
*Snow Owl by Sellenisko, Kuhnegetz, Blizzard
*Skull Sentinel by -Grendel
*Ice Cube by Pyritie
*Witch Doctor by ironmaiden
*Dire Troll by Hawkwing and Cavman, button by BlazeKraze
*Cave Troll by karland90 with texture by Just_Spectating
*King Leoric D1 Version by Dan van Ohllus / Kuhnegetz
*Nightprowler by PROXXXY
*Bison by Cavman
*Skeletal Armor by Kitabake
*DeathKnight'sArmor by Sin'Dorei3000
*Faerie Dust bu Dubei
*Daemon Town Hall by pWn3d
*Comet by Will the Almighty
*Flamethrower by Will the Almighty
*TreantMage by levigeorge1617
*Treant by levigeorge1617
*Corrupted Ancient of Life and Mobile Ancient of Life by Suselishe
*Miasma by JetFangInferno
*Nautilus by Uncle Fester
*Reanimated Hermit Crab by kellym0
*Blood Elf Guardian by Mc !
*Rock Elemental by Norinrad
*Elk Male by Bolthan
*Animated Sword by Nasrudin
*Blade of Shadepyre by Thrikodius
*Bone Cutter by -Grendel
*Frost Cyclop by Nagirya
*Torch attachment by sunwarrior25
*Poor Yorick by HerrDave
*Vrykul Warrior by Sellenisko
*Werewolf by Mc !
*Bonecrusher by GooS
*Giant Kalamari by Uncle Fester
*Kraken by Wraithling
*Nature Egg by Vortigon
*Giant Bat by Em!
*Sabre-Toothed Cat by Kuhnegetz
*Light Tauren by Lord_T
*Tauren Chieftain by Direfury
*Highwayman by Direfury
*Elder Gorilla by Sweet Oblivion
*Dire Balverine by Kuhnegetz
*Troll Den by HerrDave
*Mescalito by HappyCockroach
*Dark Ancient by Direfury
*Mammoth Ravager by Callahan
*Mumakil by Herrdave and mammoth model by Callahan
*Doom Emperor by Direfury
*Demonmask by Hamsta
*The Archivist by Direfury
*Cyclopean Battlelord by Direfury
*KingLeo by Hueter
*Demon Marauder by Dionesiist


*Dark Soldier by FreddyK
*Spearman by Wandering Soul
*Overfiend by -Grendel, edited by Misha
*Evil Wisp by Em!
*High Mage by Direfury
*Bagnadrana by -Grendel
*Runestone Battlestaff by Blood Raven
*Ballista by Kitabatake
*Bag item by Kitabatake
*UniversalFarm by Mike
*Wooden Bucket by Blood Raven
*Druid of the Branch by Ujimasa Hojo
*Overgrown Well by Solu9
*Faceless One Gladiator by -Grendel
*Shadow Elemental by IceWolf055
*Battle Chariot by Mr_Haudrauf
*Fire Sword by Sunchips
*Flame of Udun by Mythic
*Advanced Fishing Rod by MeteORA
*Ocula by -Grendel
*Claw Trap by Tranquil
*Mounted Bandit Spearthrower by Wandering Soul
*Nazjatar Leviathan by Denu
*Troll Daywalker and Bonecleaver by HerrDave
*Halberdier by Wandering Soul
*Royal Dwarf by Radagast
*Dwarven Miner by Radagast
*Crossbowfootman by Wandering Soul
*Faceless King by NaserKingArthas
*Breaker by Gyrosphinx
*Footman Cavalry by wingednosering


*Odd Sword by HappyTauren
*Item Sword by Tr!KzZ
*Item Shield by HerrDave
*Occultist by Gottfrei
*Item Staff by HerrDave
*Thorny Creeper by Callahan
*Blood Elf War Priest by T.J.
*Small Shield by Blood Raven
*Black Shield by eubz
*Sword upgrade icon by eubz
*Ice Rock Pauldrons by InfernalTater
*button by Muoteck
*DarkChampion by 67chrome with icon also by him.
*Saruman by HerrDave
*Dúnedain by HerrDave
*Faceless One Occultist by Sin'dorei300
*Faceless One Guardian by -Grendel
*Faceless One Saboteur by -Grendel
*Faceless One Widow by Sin'Dorei300
*Blind Beast by tee.dubz
*Night Flyer by -Grendel
*Advanced Fire Pit by Hayate
*Bronze Helmet by Blood Raven
*Flesh Magus by Gyrosphinx
*Fortification Wall by MassiveMaster
*Hermit crab item by kellym0
*Dragon Blade by HappyTauren
*Explosive Tornado by JetFangInferno
*Villager in robe by .KC with edits by diosilva16


*Imperial Assassin Shroud by Dionesiist
*Shortsword by Kitabatake
*Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras by Ujimasa Hoso
*Fruit Stand by darkdeathknight
*Advanced Metal Gauntlet by Astaroth Zion
*Bandit Bludgeon by Sunchips
*Bandit's Spear by bisnar13
*Zenith Sun Temple by ChaoticHunter
*Anvil by Blood Raven
*Bush02 by stonneash
*Red Apply by Sunchips
*Death Grip by Azsure
*Mirror of Death by bisnar13
*Entangling Tentacles by Chen
*Rocks and Rock Cliff by Sunchips
*Arathi Rock by takakenji
*Altar of Champions by Direfury
*Chaos Altar of Kings by Grey Knight
*Druid Hut by Callahan
*Root Thrust by Dargoth
*General (Manari Eredar) by Ujimasa Hojo
*Beards by Dionesiist
*Bronze Maul by Blood Raven
*Familiar by Dionesiist
*Bronze Bracers by Blood Raven
*KingThrone by Hellish Hybrid
*Arcane Sanctum by Mr. Bob
*Boulder by Mythic
*Juggernaut button by -Grendel


*Archmage Kirin Tor icon by Zephyrius2412
*Plated Footman icon by Muoteck
*Angmarim Sorceror by HerrDave
*Dalaran Elite Magistrate by Grey Knight
*PunishMissile by PeeKay
*Footman Leader by Stefan.K and Direfury
*RuinHand by Buster
*Crypt Mother by -Grendel
*Satchel by imforfun and MiniMage
*Human Catapult by AndrewOverload519
*Shadow Warrior by AndrewOverload519
*Fiend by Dionesiist
*Magician Staff by SirNathan
*Mage Helmet by EvilCrizpy
*Fel Vindicator by -Grendel
*OrbOfWind by UgoUgo
*Human Battlemage by Nebilac
*Apple icon by Hayate
*Lifebloom by Campara Bros
*Spirit of Elders by HappyCockroach
*Mage Tower by MatiS
*IceSlam by valkemiere
*Basilisk by -Grendel
*BlackSunElementalist by Himperton
*Monument of Honor by Mister_Haudrauf
*BTN Gaia's Blessing by PrinceYaser


*Troll Warlock by Jaccouille
*Shadow Hunter Jungle Troll by Ujimasa Hojo
*Cutefeesh by Misha
*Forest Troll Berserker by Skipper with icon by NFwar
*Forest Troll Slasher by red_fox
*The Captain Revenant by -Grendel
*OrbOfSeas by UgoUgo
*Gurubashi Warrior by Loboproto
*Evil Beholder by Amigurumi
*Amani Guardian by -Grendel
*Raven model and icon by Kuhnegetz
*Faceless one Reaper by Dionesiist
*Necrolyte by Ujimasa Hojo
*Fury icon by PrinceYaser
*Ruins of House by Mike
*Blood presence by Campara Bros
*Lava Doodads by Arak1da
*Iceborne Blade by Blood Raven
*Firefly Effect by IamMclovin
*Forsaken Ripper by Gottfrei
*Dark Elf Valkyrie by Supertoinkz
*Night Elven Airship by HappyCockroach
*Baphomet by -Grendel
*Dodo by Epsilon
*Spearman Lordaeron by Asssssvi
*Rune Golem by Alpain
*Bleed effect by Callahan
*Troll Ranger by Uncle Fester
*Lizardman Warrior by Gluma
*Lizardman Warrior by Doom Wolf
*Lizardman Archer by Gluma


*Draconian Spearthrower by General Frank
*Snake by HappyCockroach
*Aberration by Darkfang
*Infernal Knight by Dionesiist
*Dark Soldier icon by Sin'Dorei300
*Destroyer Faceguard by Usedwell
*Arcane Staff by War_Golum
*Baphomet icon by BLazeKraze
*Horror Sorceress and Siren skins and icons by Mr.Goblin
*Voodooist's Robe by Sin'Dorei300
*Lizardman Juggernaut by Gluma
*Cursed Sword by Epsilon
*Atgeir by Dionesiist
*Toad and Toad Rider by FreddyK
*King Leoric icon by Kuhnehgetz
*Grand Magus by Lordaeron Creator
*Human Shaman by Stanakin
*Air Revenant icon by DeuceGorgon
*HTTree by HappyTauren
*Voidbolts by Mythic
*Wind Crystal by Rubellu Sidus
*Muscly Villager Man by Aquis
*Quarterstaff by Kitabatake
*Villager Man with Zombie animations by Fingolfin
*Roadrunner by Alethos
*Faceless hand by induwer
*Dreadlord Child by NhazUl
*Cow Skull by Hellish Hybrid
*Generators by Tranquil
*Bulkyhuman by Skipper


*Corrupted Dog button by Mr.Goblin
*Shadow Lord Arakkoa by Ujimasa Hojo
*Arakkoa, Arakkoa Sage and Arakkoa Warrior by Cavman and Hawkwing
*Royal Sorceress by -Nightmare
*Wendigo by Tiodor
*Drow Watcher by Sin'Dorei300
*IronSword icon by Golden-Drake
*Footman Risen and DeathGuard by Ujimasa Hojo
*Risen Mage by Ujimasa Hojo
*Risen Bandit Spearthrower by Ujimasa Hojo
*Colossus by Dionesiist
*The Jabberwock by Dionesiist
*Sharadar Magus by Dionesiist
*Wild Gargoyle by Gookywooky
*Overfiend icon by PeeKay
*Gross Bug by tee.dubs
*Hydra skin by morbent
*Serpent Knight by Gluma
*Lizardman Royal Guard by Gluma
*Dark Warp by Thrikodius
*Staff of Decay by Epimetheus
*Arakkoa icon by Kadzhamit
*Myrddraal by HerrDave
*Ice Incinerate buff by s4nji
*Herald of Alteration icon by -Grendel
*Shadow Torment icon by FriKy
*Wind Egg by Vortigon
*Gather Souls by JesusHipster
*Infernal Gladiator Helmet by Blood Raven


*Greter Shadow Ward by JetFangInferno
*Shadowstrike icon by NFWar
*Shade Possession missile by EvilCryptLord
*Great Green Dragon icon by Marcos DAB
*Knight of the Blazing Sun icon by Wildfire
*Knight icon by Murlocologist
*Magma Elemental icon by Blizzard, King Valdezar
*Lizardman guard icon by Gluma
*Voidwalker icon by Mad
*Demon Shield icon by Mad
*Licker by Daenar7
*Boglord by FrikY
*Wolfwatch icon by Kimbo
*Curse by Thrikodius
*TigerLook icon b BLazeKraze
*Leon icon by Kimberly
*Gold Armor icon by Mc !
*Governor's Crown by Remixer
*Wizard's Tower by Mr. Bob
*Tropical Rocks by Remixer
*Shadow Helmet icon by Mc !
*Bird Helmet icon by NFWar
*MagharShaman icon by FrikY
*Mushroom icon by Mr. Goblin
*Cottage by HerrDave
*Umbral Tome icon by San
*Monk Statue by Kino
*AbyssShade by EvilCryptLord
*Ragnar Flamebeard icon by SinDorei300


*Malygos icon by SinDorei300
*Paladin icon by Murlocologist
*DarkNightAura icon by kola
*Fire Horned Helmet by PeeKay
*Bandit Wizard icon by Marcos DAB
*Obsidian Overlord icon by NFWar
*Human Face icon by UgoUgo
*Deathwingfly icon by Mad
*Furion skin by hao00
*SeaSerpent icon by -Nightmare
*Archmage icon by Murlocologist
*Empty Hand icon by 4eNNightmare
*Magus icon by Dionesiist
*Wortling icon by SuPa-
*Demonic Spell icon by Murlocologist
*Daemonic Might icon by Hellx-Magnux
*Dark Troll Warlord icon by shiiK
*Cloak of Frost icon by Blizzard, deathgod.scythe
*Chaplain icon by Blizzard, Pyraeus
*Lindormr icon by GhostThruster
*Spartan icon by GhostThruster
*Rooster icon by BLazeKraze
*Blade of the Abyssal Serpent by Mythic
*crCarA10 icon by Crazyrussian
*Bandit Enforcer icon by Eagle XI
*Arch Necromancer icon by Kael Theron
*BlueOgre Drain by Marcos DAB
*Warlord icon by Gluma
*Ogre Barracks by bakr (new)


*Ancient Amulet icon by Infinitynexus
*Wanderer icon by Mr. Goblin
*Devil icon by PeeKay
*Court Mage icon by stein123
*Naga icon by Murlocologist
*Charred Ancient icon by -Grendel
*Earth Elemental icon by NFWar
*Rock icon by GhostThruster
*Fire Wand icon by NFWar
*Item spinner by Horn
*6 Demon Box icon by Darkfang
*Faceless King icon by MN Lahmar
*Glacial icon by bigapple90
*Green Dagger icon by Solu9
*Sunder icon by San
*Red Life Drain by Claw
*Ritual Dagger by Epimetheus
*Blood Cleaver icon by AL0NE
*Orc Slaughterhouse (War of the Ring) by HerrDave
*Vampire Critical icon by PeeKay
*Bloodstinger icon by PeeKay
*Red Book icon by CRAZYRUSSIAN
*Vampiric Rage icon by enjoy
*Bat Sight icon by Stanakin
*PowerPush icon by NFWar
*ParryAbility by Blizzard
*Shuriken Strike by Elfsilver Lord
*Slash icon by Jack_Sparrow93


*PhoenixBlood icon by Elfsilver Lord
*Green Viper icon by BLazeKraze
*RootElemental by -Void-
*Treant Hero Portrait by Marcos DAB
*Nerubian Devourer by Tarrasque
*Troll Stoneslicer by Solu9
*Vrykul Worker by Sellenisko with icon by Eagle XI
*Spell Orb by Kitabatake
*Mana Orb by Kitabatake
*HQ Treasure Chest by Hammerfist132
*HeatFrost icon by The Panda
*Wintery Blast icon by ~Void~
*Frozen Core Clash icon by Darkfang, Blizzard
*Kratos Monoris II icon by flying sheep
*Pestilant icon by shiiK
*Faceless one Huntsman by -Grendel
*Kel'Thuzad Black by Direfury
*Blue Wizard by Direfury
*Fire Elemental icon by Blizzard
*Destructible tree by Callahan
*Resurrect icon by Elenai
*Mangrove tree by Uncle Fester


*TinyLeaves Tree by eubz
*Deckard Cain icon by Wisdom
*Green Attack button by CrazyRussian
*Green Dragon Scales by Arowanna
*Naga Creature icon by Sindorei300
*Chat button by N41
*Sargeras icon by LordGandulfo88
*Medal of Saviour icon by Captain_Rufar
*Tree by Grey Knight
*Fire Spear icon by Will the Almighty
*Druid of the Claw by Tiki
*BrokenAmulet by inhuman89
*Healing Potion by Ket
*Spell Breaker Hawk mount by Ujimasa Hojo with icon by Mr Hadrauf
*Flame Combustion icon by The Panda
*Item Gem of True Seeing by induwer
*Siege Ladder by MassiveMaster
*Chaos Chosen icon by Godslayer
*Demon Wings Pendant icon by kola
*Dark Orb by Vortigon
*UpgradeAxe icon by vilva
*Lacerate effect by Veronnis
*DarkForest2 icon by Destructor [DoR]
*Large Pack icon by lelyanra
*Goblin tent by Forgotten_Warlord


*Elveswood by Nasrudin
*Emerald Necklace icon by PrinceYaser
*Adrenaline icon by PeeKay
*Nerubian Flyer by MatiS
*Wheat icon by maxor_gan
*Survival Ministructure Shelter by The_Silent
*NatureSeed icon by BLazeKraze
*Rocks by fingolfin
*Wolf Rider skin by Black_Stan
*Vrykul Huntress by nightelfbuilder
*Norse Garrison by Horn
*HolyRestoration by Mythic
*Porcupine by Kitabatake
*Watch Post by HerrDave
*Haunting Aura icon by The Panda
*Curse of the Skulls icon by D.ee
*Demon Sign icon by San
*Blooddemonposession icon by Hemske
*BranchedTree by eubz
*Orbiting Effect by Horn
*Tranquility Star icon by Quadradown and Blizzard
*Angel Spear by Chen
*Golden Valkyr by Sellenisko
*Mercurial Scimitar icon by PeeKay
*Warrior01 icon by PeeKay


*Blue book icon by MartilloSalvaje
*Wing Protection icon by PeeKay
*Steel Boots icon by NFWar
*Metal Shield by Astaroth Zion
*Freedom icon by PeeKay
*Orb of Light by General Frank
*Round Shield icon by Forgotten_Warlord
*Magic Shield by Stan0033
*Unholy icon by KelThuzad, colored by CreatorD3292
*StoneSmall icon by Ergius
*Gratine Hand icon by Darkfang
*Skull Helmet by InfernalTater
*Stone Coffin by Remixer
*Empty Amulet icon by PeeKay
*Blood Drain Target by Tenebis
*Devour5 icon by exN
*Pursuer by Vortigon
*Ghost Aura by Mainy
*Ethereal Form icon by Justicebringer
*Devour icon by The_Silent


*Chameleon icon by BlazeKraze
*Icy Shield by eubz
*AbyssShade by EvilCryptLord
*Angel female by Redsteel1
*Shadow Disguise icon by Darkfang
*Draug by Arak1da
*Citizen House by MassiveMaster
*Crazy Spider icon by Crazyrussian
*Warp Portal icon by The Panda
*Sword icon by NFWar
*Sea Drake by Tarrasque
*Naga Wow icon by 67chrome
*Archon by Broad_Side
*CR Claw icon by Crazyrussian
*Necromancer Animate Dead icon by Chen
*Jaw Amulet icon by Mr. Goblin
*Reanimate66 icon by Marcos DAB
*Moon Flare icon by Darkfang
*Fire icon by 67chrome
*Obsidian Boulder icon by Infinitynexus
*IC16 Shatter icon by San
*Frozen Flare icon by PrinceYaser
*Book with Fire Spells by PeeKay
*Orb of Lightning by General Frank


*Rain of Fire icon by Mr.Goblin
*Mind icon by PeeKay
*Haunt by nGuy
*BoneHoldmod icon by Crabby_Spider
*Cosmic Inspiration by NightSkyAurora
*Providence Aura by Mythic
*Wave of Terror icon by 4eNNightmare
*Spirit Arrow by Epsilon
*Weaver icon by PeeKay
*Cosmic Twist icon by Pharaoh_
*Charm icon by PeeKay
*High Elf Battlemage icon by Eagle XI
*Frost effect small by heretodlstuff
*Frost Missile by s4nji
*Invisibility Target by JetFangInferno
*Skeleton Mammoth by kako2742
*Duck by Stanakin
*FeralPigeon by Stanakin
*Water Wheel by HerrDave
*TyraelT1 by Palaslayer
*Blue Skull icon by Mad
*Charge2 icon by Nudl9
*FistofFire icon by Solu9
*Naga Felhound skin by Pyramidhe@d


*House by eubz
*ForestTrollBear by levigeorge1617
*NagaPredator by 67chrome
*Serpent by Kehel
*Naga Sorcerer by StaberFire
*Wind Rune icon by Dmazzz
*Eruption icon by L_Lawliet
*Flamed Minion icon by The Panda
*Ultimate Ground-based explosion by Will the Almighty
*BeardedMan icon by ~Nightmare
*Firestick icon by oddsocks
*SandalZ3 icon by NFWar
*Rain of Fire Vol2 by Mythic
*Dark Elf Aura by Sellenisko
*Cloud of Fog by JetFangInferno
*Ember Shard icon by Raging Ent
*Strange Seeds by KAIL333XZ
*Battle Magic by Bal-Sagoth
*Ithilien Ranger by HerrDave
*Hunter icon by Mr.Goblin
*Beast Training icon by Mr.Goblin
*Sharpshooter icon by Eagle XI
*Dexterity icon by 67chrome
*Earth Area Day by Infogrames


*Dice icon by Amirugumi
*TideShamanRitualLance by PeeKay
*Legionnaire and Commander by -Grendel
*Sickle icon by -Berz-
*Fel Orc Rider icon by Mr. Goblin
*Hellish Mastery icon by Marcos DAB
*Templar Ranger by Direfury with icon by Eagle XI
*Moon Amulet by Sin'Dorei300
*Skeletal Orc Skull by Don Valentino
*Wind Magic icon by HappyCockroach
*crCarA7 icon by Crazyrussian
*DarkElfAura icon by Sellenisko
*Hollow Warrior icon by eubz
*RPGDarkIron icon by Tenebrae
*VillagerV2 by Kitabatake
*Paladin icon by Murlocologist
*D&D Fighter by HerrDave
*Bandit Axethrower by HerrDave
*Bandit Warrior icon by MrRious
*Plesiosaurus by Hayate
*Old Eredar Warlock Red2 by Arch-Archdemon
*Crossbow Turret by The_Silent
*Crossbow icon by GooS
*Trap icon by Marcos DAB


*Boots icon by 67chrome
*Faceless One Sorceror by Dionesiist
*Faceless One Berserker by Radagast
*Castle Floor by Radagast
*Inferno icon by 67chrome
*Time Warp icon by CrazyRussian
*Troll Predator icon by Mr.Goblin
*Corrupted Wolf skin and icon by Mr.Goblin
*Stygian Harlot by 67chrome
*Elite Footman by Levigeorge1617
*Spear of Justice icon by The_Silent
*Teeth Necklace icon by LifeguardLeroy
*Health Bar by Avatars Lord
*Dark Void by JetFangInferno
*Black Glow by Deolrin
*Black Mass icon by morbent
*Black Balverine by Kuhneghetz
*Power Carapace icon by PeeKay
*Crow Light Armor icon by PeeKay
*Autumn Adversary skin by erwtenpeller
*General Gilneas by Ujimasa Hojo
*Skillz icon by l3lackDeath
*Battlemage of the Crimson Order by Denu


*Flesh Juggernaught by Denu
*Werewolf icon by Marcos DAB
*coffin by chilla_killa
*Villager Male Grey icon by graystuff111
*Holy Crest icon by PeeKay
*Felguard by Dionesiist - oopl
*Tuskarr skin by Dr.Destruction
*Nature Mastery icon by PeeKay
*Circlet of nobility item by terrio
*YellowBlade by bigapple90
*OrangeBlade by bigapple90
*Elite Spell Breaker by Grey Knight
*Antler icon by Stanakin
*Enhance Body icon by PeeKay
*Yrden icon by Muoteck
*Holy Blast effect by JesusHipster
*Troll Sight icon by PeeKay
*Ruined Highborne House by MatiS
*Buckler by Blood Raven
*removed - repl w Windwalk Blood by Mythic
*Water Walker by Stanakin
*Tier2 Sword icon by PeeKay
*Faceless One Cultist icon by Scias
*Divine Barrier by JesusHipster


*Murgul Missile by JesusHipster
*Sea Giant icon by Murlocologist
*Orb of the Night icon by ChevronSeven
*Mask of Chaos by D.ee
*House Var1Up2 by Amigurumi
*DragonHuntersHelmet by NFWar
*Greathelm by Forgotten_Warlord
*Ring icon by ~Nightmare
*Snow Pile by Blood Raven
*Fire Temple Keeper by icewolf055
*Fire armor icon by Mc !
*Footman icon by Murlocologist
*Bone Impale by JesusHipster
*Scythe icon by Raging Ent
*Death Ward by alfredx_sotn
*Soul Armor by JesusHipster
*Scarlet Champion and Scarlet Recruit by HerrDave
*Uther icon by Murlocologist
*Potion of Greater Mana by Xazuki
*Icons to Models Pack by KAIL333XZ
*HouseVar2Up1 by Amigurum
*Scroll Red by Evil_BuddhA
*TrollGate by Buster


*Bush03 by stonneash
*Colonel Scythelic by Jigrael
*Castle Stairs by Tranquil
*Runic Blade icon by CrazyRussian
*Fire Hawk skin by chr2
*Varian icon by Murlocologist
*Ancient Tutor icon by Marcos DAB
*Tiki Mask by Solu9
*Fountain by Mike
*Demonology icon by PeeKay
*Blood Curse icon by Hellx-Magnus
*Pirate Sword by HappyTauren, paradise.engineeri
*Pond by Solu9
*Spirit Claws icon by Freezer
*Panther Prowl by Jaccouille
*Farm & Pigfarm by Shadow_killer
*HelmetDt by DTugur
*Agility Berserk icon by CrazyRussian
*Harpoon Arrow by NFWar
*Harpoon by kola
*Rune Spear icon by PeeKay
*Warchief Rend Blackhand by HerrDave
*Magic Circle / Pentagram by The_Spellweaver
*Heresiarch by Miseracord and General Frank
*Spiritual Rage icon by Mr.Goblin


*Skull Demon by Daenar7
*Flesh Juggernaught icon by CrazyRussian
*Runic Rhinox by Daenar7
*Winged Blight by Daenar7
*Tornado icon by viiva
*Staff of Ages by Usedwell
*Magic Aura icon by CloudWolf
*Ancestral Guardian Missile Blue by Chevron Seven
*D&D Cleric by HerrDave
*D3 Monk icon by Taylor_Mouse
*Send to the Void icon by morbent
*Dragonbloodbadblood icon by CrazyRussian
*Troll Manhunter by -Grendel
*Troll Mage by Stefan.K
*WC2 Knight icon by loktar
*Mountain Legend icon by shiiK
*Worgen Leap icon by Kimbo
*Campaign Wall by -=Emergenzy=-
*Black Legion Captain by AhhFreshWeed
*Goblet of Mystic Powers icon by PeeKay
*Mystic Potion by PeeKay
*Bless effect by Thrikodius
*Cloak of Shadows icon by PeeKay
*Footman icon by stonneash
*Reaper's Weapon icon by The Panda
*Purple Bloodlust by terrio
*Vampiric Grail icon by San
*Venom Dagger icon by Static


*Tidecaller Blade icon by bu3ny and Blizzard
*Blue Slow by JetFangInferno
*Tide Shell icon by CrazyRussian
*Tide Flow icon by CrazyRussian
*Tide Weir icon by CrazyRussian
*Whirlwind icon by M0rbid
*Glass Firefly by CrazyRussian
*Enchanted Glaciar Dagger by PeeKay
*Cosmic Touch by Daelin
*Water Temple Keeper by icewolf055
*Wisp Glyph by JesusHipster
*Book with Water Spells by PeeKay
*W Amulet icon by Heinvers
*Wind Armor icon by PeeKay
*Book with Earth/Nature spells by PeeKay
*Dragon Carapace icon by Kimbo
*Agility Berserk by CrazyRussian
*CRWarp6 icon by CrazyRussian
*Moonblade2 icon by Volvox
*Water Shot by Azure Phoenix
*Replenish Staff icon by Mr.Goblin
*Troll Far Seer icon by Stanakin
*Water Elemental icon by D.ee
*Volatile Waters by Darkfang and Blizzard
*Stormcrow Rider icon by Muoteck
*Hammer Thrower by Ujimasa Hojo
*Caveman by The_Silent
*Beehive by chilla_killa
*Hornet by Em!
*Nature Barrier Sphere icon by JollyD
*Belted Cape by Sunchips*Shield icon by PeeKay


*Half Armor of Darkness icon by PeeKay
*Viper Dagger icon by PeeKay
*Plate Gauntlet icon by PeeKay
*Barbarian Brutal Slasher icon by PeeKay
*Spiked Armor icon by PeeKay
*Dullahan Omega icon by PeeKay
*Feather icon by Golden-Drake
*Forest icon by BlazeKraze
*Assassin's Weapon icon by NFWar
*Arcane Nova by dhguardianes
*Giant03 icon by PeeKay
*Tier 4 Sword icon by PeeKay
*Shaman by shockwave
*Rotting Rifleman icon by Friky
*Shaman icon by CrazyRussian
*The Chronosilentore by Kail333xz
*Tiger Roar by BlazeKraze
*Kodo Stampede missile by Saelendious
*Gnoll Slash icon by Kimbo
*Wings of the Nightmare by Usedwell
*PhoenixAxe64 icon by PeeKay
*Axe item by terrio
*Raging Tauren icon by Chen
*Nether Swap icon by 4enNightmare
*Shaman Armor icon by MC !
*War Stomp icon by -Berz-
*Terror Troll icon by Jaccouille, Sephiex
*Primitive Wand by Epimetheus
*Forest Blessing by user xYours Trulyx
*Holy Sword icon by CrazyRussian
*Summon Demon by Nealdros


*Warcraft Crusader by HerrDave
*Questioner by HerrDave
*Generators by Tranquil
*Stonehenge by purparisien
*Twilight Sparkle by ILH
*Warcry icon by CrazyRussian
*Hysteria icon by CrazyRussian
*Rotten Zombie icon by Sin'Dorei300
*Dragon Carapace icon by Kimbo
*Mystic Snake icon by Darkfang
*Dungeon Well by The_Silent
*Teamcolored pulse Aura by Malvodion
*Avatar of Storms by HappyCockroach
*Returned Mage by 67chrome
*Invis Pot icon by PeeKay
*Incantate Ghost icon by Paladon
*Blood Ritual by The_Spellweaver
*Gladiator icon by shiiK
*Poisonous Plant by PrinceYaser
*Spirit Crusader icon by Dr.Death
*Mitochondrial Stalker by Misha
*Decay the Plague Bringer by Alpain
*Big bad voodoo by viiva
*Poison Touch by excite
*Prisoner by The Weird Human
*Death Knight icon by Murlocologist
*another Death Knight icon by Murlocologist
*Gondor Knight by Cloudwolf
*Brown Eagle by Hayate
*Swarm icon by The Panda
*Toxic Substance icon by zbc
*Runic Tome icon by CrazyRussian


*Shadow Raze icon by BlazeKraze
*DKKeeper icon by PrinceYaser
*Elite Plague Cloud by EvilCryptLord
*Scarlet Crusader by Cloudwolf
*Ranger by Direfury and Radagast
*Cape icon by Mr.Goblin
*Undead faceless icon by CrazyRussian
*Mindpoison icon by D.ee
*Fel Runed Cloak by Raging Ent
*Nature Short Blade by PeeKay
*Emerald Staff by PrinceYaser
*Innaturelle Druidness icon by JollyD
*Tear of the Forest icon by PeeKay
*Dreamhuntress by Redsteel1
*Arcane Spell icon by Null
*Demon Hunter icon by CloudWolf
*Firebrew Master by Black_Stan
*Scythe of Elune by TheRanmar
*Crosscharge icon by CrazyRussian
*Dreamweaver Staff by Epimetheus
*Ujimasa Hojo by Ujimasa Hojo
*Monk icon by StormyG7
*Mantle of Divinity by Sunchips
*Enchanted Blade icon by PrinceYaser
*Zword icon by NFWar
*Wind orb icon by The Panda
*Golden Idol icon by Deon
*Bubbles icon by Anachron
*Scroll of Oblique icon by Frengers
*Faceless Madness by SinDorei3000
*Jellyfish icon by The Panda


*Faceless One Gladiator icon by Marcos DAB
*Scythe icon by KingB00ker
*Griffon humanoid by Tillinghast
*Righteous Guard by xYours Trulyx
*Skeletal Dragon by Mister_Haudrauf and olofmoleman
*Dark Breath by JetFangInferno
*Tidal Lord by Tarrasque
*Green Pterosaur by Hayate
*Aqua Spike by JetfangInferno
*Life Drain icon by L_Lawliet
*Arm Push icon by zbc
*Potion3 icon by Mr.Goblin
*Alliance Force icon by JollyD
*Torrent icon by 4enNightmare
*Lizardman Shaman by Gluma
*Faceless icon by JollyD
*WaterEnchant by UgoUgo
*Deepwater Crab Armor by Pretor
*Water Blade by Kitabatake
*Body Enhancement by PeeKay
*Water Breath by JetFangInferno
*Water icon by Skrik
*Footman's Helmet by Shadow1500
*Mail Armor by Sunchips
*Helmet by Kitabatake
*Empty Orb by Darkfang
*Blademaster's Blade by Murlocologist
*Nerubian Carapace by Blood Raven
*Nerubian Headwear by Blood Raven
*Monster Hunter's knife by Land-Sengklek
*Grand Blade by Tonberry
*Gold Pile by HerrDave


*Amphibious Seal by Epsilon
*Rapier icon by Novart
*Bladed Shield icon by Novart
*Orc Wortfruit by Supa-
*Destructible Plant by HappyTauren
*Arcanite and Thorium items by Grey Knight
*Heavy Footman by Asssssvi
*Faceguard of the Hawk by Deolrin
*Metal bow by Kitabatake
*Wooden bow by Kitabatake
*Log Bench by Deolrin
*Combat icon by Skrik
*Lotus icon by JollyD
*Wooden Hornbow by NFWar
*Demonic Adornment by Antinous
*Star Breath Damage by JetFangInferno
*Fel Grunt Blue by Grey Knight
*Demon Hunter Demon Form icon by Murlocologist
*item Bow by HerrDave
*Knight icon by Murlocologist
*Paladin icon by Murlocologist
*Magic Wand by Thrikodius
*Tribal bird headdress by Forgotten_Warlord
*Grey Smoke by Ergius
*Birch var 3 by Fingolfin
*High Res Barrens Tree by takakenji
*Azshara tree by acapulco
*Ashen Fern by eubz
*City Building 1 by HappyTauren
*Empower Weapon - Waterfall by 00110000
*Tide Sruge by 00110000


*Orb of Water icon by mortal
*Dark Malice by 00110000
*Darkness Rising by xYoursTrulyx
*Skull Shroud by Sunchips
*Blood Sprinkle icon by PrinceYaser
*Bone Armor Pauldrons by InfernalTater
*Scythe by Epimetheus
*Cold Ritual by The Spellweaver
*Breath of the Dying icon by Novart
*Dark Nights DNC light models by The_Silent
*DeathCoilMissile by Callahan
*Purple Snail by Gottfrei
*Acid Bottle icon by NFWar
*Kutsche by Borric
*Ephemeral Cut by Mystic
*Rings_Dirt by HerrDave
*Log Bridge by Mephestrial
*Fir Trees, Lush Trees and more doodads by Talavaj / HybrisFactory
*Captain Marwyn by Direfury
*Sunken Ruins Tower by Matis
*Blood Elf Spellthief by shockwave
*Bladestorm Icon by CrazyRussian
*Warrior's Blessing icon by NFWar
*Blood Sword icon by CrazyRussian
*Stefan Knight icon by Murlocologist
*Blood icon by CrazyRussian
*Human Bloodlust by CrazyRussian
*Acolyte Pack by Ujimasa Hojo
*Blood Spike icon by Kwah
*Bank by Mike
*Wooden Axe icon by kola


*Mine by Mike
*Armored Hippogryph by Ujimasa Hojo
*Scorpion by Loktar
*Stone Tablet pack by Goblinounours
*Evil Spell by CrazyRussian
*Orb of Poison by General Frank
*Grass Animated by Sunchips
*Blood Beetle by Kenntaur
*Sharp Blades 2 icon by bigapple90
*Oldschool Daemon icon by Artork312
*Cropion by Lineage
*Orb of Water by General Frank
*Corpse Blood Missile by Frotty
*Bloodpool icon by CrazyRussian
*TimeUp icon by Ogerfaces
*Elemental Stone icon by Novart
*Tauren Slam icon by NFWar
*Bloody Fang by Judash137
*EliteFootman icon by GhostThruster
*Hard Attack icon by Flying Sheep
*Necro Walker by Afronight_76
*Heretic by KeT
*Demon Spawn by zbc
*Ragnaros icon by Murlocologist
*Medieval Helmet icon by PrinceYaser
*FleshKnight Hero by FrancK
*Inquisitor by KeT
*WorgenHunter by Sellenisko, Cavman
*Curse icon by Mr.Goblin
*Lothar icon by Murlocologist
*Charon icon by GooS
*Bird by Black Whirlwind


*Power Orb by Kitabatake
*Fel Lord by FerSZ
*Orb of Ice by General Frank
*Ice icon by JJ Entertainment
*WotK Cottage by HerrDave
*Academy by Mr. Bob
*Owl by Hexus
*Faerie Dragon skin by ~Nightmare
*Tavern by Mr.Bob
*Leech hood icon by Pyramidhe@d
*Fish icon by darkdeathknight
*Hound by shiiK
*Amphibious Felstalker by MN Lahmar
*Doom Ravager by MN Lahmar
*Pandinus Imperator by Grendel
*AcidFleshEater icon by Its Ryan Boi
*Naga Dragon by Bloody_Turds
*Warrior Strength icon by Marcos DAB
*Demon Dragon icon by Kimbo
*Magma Diver by Pins
*Frost Revenant by WhiteDeath
*Deathwing icon by XenoStalker
*Hydra Siren by grunt
*Fel Warlord by grunt
*Frost Spellblade icon by NFWar
*Orc Felhound Rider by General Frank
*Jawbone cap by GooS
*Pole of Impaling by Blood Raven
*Roc with two heads by Ujimasa Hojo
*Grand Stone Path by Avahor


*Leshi by IKS, Ket
*Naga Slave Master by Friky
*Ice Giant by Suselishe
*Ice Giant by Friky
*Naga Assassin by icewolf055
*Hero FelStalker by icewolf055
*Sea Murgul by grunt
*Sky Witch by Ujimasa Hojo
*Naga Archer by Ujimasa Hojo
*Demon Horns icon by Sin'dorei300
*Throwing Axe by -Berz-
*Brown Dragon wing by Windrunner29
*BloodyRubyRing by Akolyt0r
*Raptors by Hayate
*Wraith icon by donut3.5
*Ogre Clubs by Stanakin
*Golden Woodbow by NFWar
*Wood Wall by Mephestrial
*Stone Fence Pack by Geries
*Companion Wolf Dire icon by darkdeathknight
*Frostwolf rider icon by Mr.Goblin
*Icey Bow by The Panda
*Ice Staff icon by NFWar
*Witch Hut by communist Orc
*Gilneas House by bakr
*Naga Whaler icon by Prince Yaser
*Greed Raptor by Cavman
*Trident Strike by Sharkarsh
*Murloc Eye by Maxwell
*Water Pearl Staff by Marcos DAB


*Axeman by JesusHipster
*Najanids by Hayate and Misha
*Blood Elf Hawkstrider Knight by Himperion, Direfury and Reflex
*Teamcolor Goldmine by ILH
*Wild Elephant by Fro
*City Ruins Golem with Column cap missile by ILH
*Alliance Sorceror by Himperion
*Villager Pikeman by Wandering Soul, Hermit
*Maghar Barracks by Forgotten Warlord
*Round huts by Mechanical Man
*Treant Mage by Levigeorge
*Barbarian by FrancK
*Izual by IronMaiden
*Chaos Huntress by Roketsa
*Cone Tower by Tranquil
*Orb of Venom by Ugo Ugo
*Archangel Arcana by RavenBlackbird edited by Galadgod
*Arcane icon by KelThuzad
*Wild Elephant by Gollum_KoMe
*Spirit Orb by 00110000
*Hourglass icon by Novart
*Healing Touch icon by zbc
*Wind Blade icon by lelyanra
*Rugged Arthas by Hapless
*Shiva's Enchantment by JetFangInferno
*Mystical Knight on Pegasus missile by Asssssvi
*Spear Attack icon by Static
*Blueberries by NFWar
*Arcane Frost icon by Sin'dorei300
*Arcane Sphere icon by Darkfang
*Mana Vortex aura by UgoUgo
*Black Hole by Fingolfin


*Whirlpool by Mc !
*Doomguard icon by LordGandulfo88
*Draenei broken worker by Nichita_00
*Death Knight felguard by CloudWolf
*Chaos marauder by Dionesiist
*Medivh by Black_Stan
*Stone Hurler by HerrDave
*JainaWhite by Daenar7
*ShroomStub and item by Franck007
*Dreamspire by Kino
*Inferno Staff icon by Hadeis
*Fire Plate Armor by Novart
*Ruby Amulet by Novart
*Firequeen Ring by Darkfang
*Harbinger Staff Mace by Prince Yaser
*Red Plate Armor by Sunchips
*Moron Eater by Judash137
*ChaosWarrior by Free man and Kwaliti
*Fudo by Totoro
*Ember icon by Sansui
*Orb of the Sun by Darkfang
*Orb of Fire by General Frank
*Arcane Protector by Ujimasa Hojo
*Shadow Orb by Snirou
*Mirror of Truth by bisnar13
*Griffon Knight icon by Eagle XI and Hayate
*Rune Clock by Kino
*Naga Royal Guard War Stomp icon by Sin'Dorei300
*Battle Priest's hammer by NFWar
*Pirate Cutlass by The_Silent
*Orc Horde icon Pack by Ceterai
*Crown of Gold by PeeKay


*Plate Armor02 by NFWar
*Dark Troll Master Witch Doctor by johnwar
*Garotte icon by The_Silent
*Imola Blade by BlackSky
*Rondache 1 by PeeKay
*White Sword by dsalbertoj1291
*Hypnotize Icon by Revolve
*Amulet icon by -Berz-
*Paladin with Runeblade icon by Murlocologist
*WC1 Conjurer by loktar
*WindWalknew icon by Felghast
*Runeblade 2 by bigapple90
*Kamikaze icon by Yoru
*Throwing Knives icon by -Berz-
*Enchanted Dagger by Tranquil
*Raptor Loyalty icon by Kimbo
*Ogre Gladiator by Filip95
*Summon Skeletal Grunt icon by Grunts_Fadora
*Outcrysummon by PrinceYaser
*Battle Shout icon by Riki
*Leather Whip icon by BlackSky
*Weapon Switch icon by CrazyRussian
*Studded Quiver by Blood Raven
*Roar icon by Light-Fang
*Wrath icon by aki15
*Etheral Dragon by Somnium
*Serpent's Touch icon by The Panda
*Nature Beam Missile by DragoonZombie
*Werewolfstare icon by Kimbo
*Druid's Clothes by Sin'Dorei300
*Steel Axe icon by PrinceYaser
*Electrosword icon by KelThuzad


*Flame Skeleton icon by Its Ryan Boi
*Murder icon by 00110000
*Supreme Agility icon by CrazyRussian
*Orb of Life icon by enjoy
*Troll icon by M0rbid
*Fire splash icon by PrinceYaser
*Royal Helmet icon by PeeKay
*Acid2 icon by bigapple90
*Arcane Dust icon by The Panda
*Brutasaurus by Hayate and HerrDave
*Emphemeral Slash by Mythic
*Guard icon by Dark_Spyro_003
*Resized attribute icons by FheZone
*Elemental Spin icon by ~Nightmare
*Sweep Attachments by Hate
*Monster Seed icon by Darkfang
*Plainstrider Cloak by War_Golum
*Blood Sword icon by CrazyRussian
*Mana Burst missile by Direfury


*Legion of the Damned by Dionesiist
*Warcraft1 Temple icon by loktar
*Imperius by Grey Knight
*Angel icon by Norinrad
*Spirit Aura icon by KelThuzad
*Blademaster Missile by xyzier_24
*Spinning ball icon by Frengers
*Blue Aura by CloudWolf
*Summon Water Elemental icon by Lembidi
*Ward icon by mstreil
*Water Blast icon by JesusHipster
*Executioner by Tillinghast
*Knight Blade icon by Heinvers
*Emerald Blade icon by IxamS
*Hammer icon by PrinceYaser
*Sorcerer by tillinghast
*Frozen Sword icon by Regnera
*Ghost Strike icon by terradont
*Shield of Light icon by SG0d


*Armor Penetration by Vinz
*Doom Lord by Explobomb
*House by Tiodor
*crVeeR7 icon by CrazyRussian
*WarCry icon by PeeKay
*Solar Shield icon by ~Nightmare
*Move icon by zolga
*Nasty Shiv icon by NFWar
*Sunlight icon by EternalEpix
*Gold icon by Dristitia
*Iron Horde catapult by Ujimasa Hojo
*Demetria by FrancK
*Flag stand by JB McKnight
*Arrow Shower icon by The Panda
*Silver Arrow icon by Marcos DAB
*Statue by Grey Knight
*Empress icon by Alexen
*Wizard hat icon by NFWar
*The turtle lair by Ceterai
*Empowered Hammer by PrinceYaser
*Villager top half by Infernal Tater
*Decapitated corpse by Hellish Hybrid
*Sphere icon by inhuman89
*Sphere of Divine icon by PeeKay
*Sylvan Guard by Sellenisko
*Righteous Blessing icon by PrinceYaser
*Magic Bronze Armour icon by Juan_Ann
*Blue Coastal Murloc Warrior by Direfury
*Murgul Warlock icon by Killcide, Mr.Goblin
*Slam icon by Coinblin
*Dark Numenorean blade by Uncle Fester
*Rock icon by The_Silent


*RuneGem by RightField
*Gondorian Archer by HerrDave
*Spade icon by Mike
*Human spellsteal icon by lion man
*Death Knight icon by Null
*UndeathReluctance icon by The Leader
*Fury of the Air by Darkfang
*Myrdraal icon by Nightmare2077
*Mage Orb icon by Darkfang
*Mindor Elemental Shard by 8512590215848
*Spirit Skull icon by Darkminnion
*Elven Robe icon by PriceYaser
*Gem by CrazyRussian
*Frost Sphere Orb by Darkfang
*Soul Lich icon by Somnium
*Arcane Familiar / The Archivist by Direfury
*Flying Seal, EntMushroom, Mammothbeast and flying salamander by grunt
*Air Elemental by alfredx_sotn
*Achilles Armor by Darkfang
*Demonic Circle icon by Skycex and Alexander
*GolemStatue undead Vrykul by Sellenisko
*Sea Serpent by Sellenisko
*Elite Light Armor by SinDorei3000
*Fallen One Shaman by Sellenisko
*Elemental Convergence by Darkfang
*Arcane Resurrection icon by The Panda
*Seed of monstrosity by Darkfang
*Fallen One Imp by Sellenisko, concept by Blizzard
*Dark Archer by Roketsa
*Avatar of NZoth by Ayaal
*Villager Man blademaster by SatX
*Whirlpool icon by Iyzz_Fryzz


*Wail of Banshee by Crazyrussian

*Soulsteal icon by 4enNightmare

*Fiery Touch icon by Juan_Ann

*Dark Blade icon by The Panda

*Ring, Dagger icons by 8512590215848

*Ring model by republicola

*SoulBlade icon by KelThuzad

*Icy Touch icon by LazZ

*Coldfire Ring icon by 8512590215848

*Ghost by mrdragon113vn

*Falchion icon by Solu9

*Seer Staff icon by 8512590215848

*Wizard Spike icon by Darkminnion

*Crimson Butterfly by judash137

*Dark Akama by DarkClaw

*Castlevania Devil icon by 67chrome

*Orc Lich by Truespin Fishbrain

*Shadow icon by Strateg

*Dark Seal icon by AesirJenssen


*HeroTrollWatcher icon by r.ace613

*Void icon by -Berz-

*FistofDeath icon by Darkminnion

*Troll Rune icon by Crowolf

*Alpha Dreadlord by DarkClaw

*Scarlet Hound by Kangyun

*Dark Akama by DarkClaw

*Apothecary by DarkClaw

*Und Nec icon by Tenebrae

*Riderless Dragonhawk by Chen

*Black Bear by Hayate

*Naga Sorceress by JesusHipster, unit version by Unknown102


*RuneStone icon by Somnium

*Black Bear by Val_09

*Fire Axe Slash by ~Nightmare

*Gecko icon by BlazeKraze

*Anger icon by Ginufe

*Stone Shield by JesusHipster

*Swordmaster by Villagerino

*Ice Troll Juggernaut by Jaccouille

*Swamp Effect icon by PrinceYaser

*Corpse by Pichu

*Warrior's Axe by eubz

*Cosmos Eye by Judash137

*Divine armor icon by PrinceYaser

*Light armor icon by PrinceYaser

*Plate armor icon by NFwar

*Ravage icon by PeeKay

*Blood Splatter icon by PerditionsEdge

*Tauren and Tauren Caster by Plunder

*Grimtotem Tauren by HerrDave

*Light under blood icon by EternalEpix

*Floating grassphere by Solu9

*Lava Elemental by Hayate

*Demonic Furbolg by Juice_F

*Wight by Villagerino

*Renewal Calling icon by PrinceYaser

*Wc2 Human Mage by unknown rewrapped and fixed by stein123

*Demon Taskmaster by Villagerino

*Caucasian magi by Urain

*Bandit Enforcer by johnwar

*Divine Golem by Villagerino

*Dark Titan by OrcWorks Inc


*Bonechewer Ogre by Mister Haudrauf

*Mask of the Dead icon by PrinceYaser

*Nightmare by Callahan

*Spirit Walker Enchantment icon by Golden-Drake

*Skeleton Warrior icon by Murlocologist

*Saber Toothed Cat icon by Kuhnegetz

*Dark Troll Brute by Tillinghast

*WarlockShield icon by Darkminnion

*Reaper's Claws by Vinz

*Frenzy Cut icon by Praytic

*Magical Crystal icon by PrinceYaser

*Phoenix Emblem icon by PrinceYaser

*Map icon by kola

*Revenant Covenant by Rhapsodie

*Frost Revenant Helm by Ceterai

*Bonecrusher by GooS

*Faceless Leader by Callahan

*Infernal Bulwark effect by Yours Truly of Hive

*Goliath icon by Ceterai

*Leather Armor icon by NFWar

*CRLsword icon by crazyrussian

*Spooky Hood icon by Mad

*Steel Helmet icon by bigapple90

*Power Infusion effect by Shyster

*Hawk icon by Dmazz

*Golden Light Archer by ~Nightmare

*Blind Beast skin by Grendel

*Flail icon by Solu9

*Spell Thief by Ujimasa Hojo

*Wizard by Ujimasa Hojo

*Faerie Dragon Ancient by Ujimasa Hojo

*WCII Mage icon by Rubellu Sidus


*Night Flyer icon by Nightmare2077

*Failed Magus by Ujimasa Hojo

*Wizard (no mount) by Ujimasa Hojo

*Dark Cloak icon by ThePanda

*Sphere of Storm icon by RvzerBro

*Runic Dreadcannon skin by Daenar7

*The Almighty Lizard skin by Daenar7

*Link icon by 67chrome

*Glacial Breath icon by Darkfang

*Obsidian Overlord by Grendel

*CryptStalker icon by Darkfang

*Superior Mage Robe icon by NFWar

*Blind Beast skin by Grendel

*Necrohelm icon by Big Dub

*SoulReaver icon by KelThuzad

*Greenpike icon by Dmazz

*Stonemaul Battlemagi icon by r.ace613

*Barbarian Axe by NFWar

*Ice Fissure icon by The Panda

*Wing of Darkness icon by Darkfang

*Skeleton Footman B by Villagerino

*Returned Captain by 67chrome

*High Elven Advanced Hides icon by Sephyrius2412 and Blizzard

*Iron Lance icon by Wildfire

*Decorated Antler 2 icon by Stanakin

*Mage icon by Murlocologist

*Clawman by Tillinghast

*Returned Archer by 67chrome

*Ogre Warrior by Mc !

*Wizard icon by 67chrome

*Chelid by Grendel and credit also to twilac and ThompZon for helping to fix the model's normals.

*Mummy icon by 67chrome


*Lordaeron Spearman icon by Asssssvi
*Flame Aura icon by CloudWolf
*Saracen Attack icon by AbstractCreativity
*Blue ogre Enrage icon by Marcos DAB
*Magic Explosion icon by The Panda
*Troll Bonecaster by frostwhisper
*Cave Claw by HerrDave
*blue gloves icon by bigapple90
*LOTR Snow troll by HerrDave
*Polar Shaman by Ilya Alaric and Ujimasa Hojo
*Dwarven Warrior Pack by Ilya Alaric and Ujimasa Hojo
*Dreamcatcher icon by Stanakin
*Forsaken Sword upgrade icons by Null
*Magma elemental ghostly icon by SuPa-
*Sword with blood icon by Prince_Webby
*Forbidden Magic demasqued icon by JollyD-
*Tauren totem icon by Darky29
*Powerup icon by CrazyRussian
*Murloc Behemoth by ~Grendel
*Undead Overlord icon by LordGandulfo88
*Lightning Elemental by alfredx_sotn
*Thunder Roll icon by -Berz-
*Stormwind Footman by johnwar
*Sentry Amulet icon by Villagerino
*Infernal Mask icon by Belendor
*Supreme Strength icon by CrazyRussian
*Golden Eye icon by CrazyRussian
*Dragonblood Benediction icon by CrazyRussian
*Selfbuff FX by Glen Elendra
*Unholy Armor by loktar
*Troll Godslayer by PROXY
*Sylvanas skin by 67chrome


*Burning Throne icon by JollyD
*Shield icon 2 by bigapple90
*Frozen fountain by Elenai
*Elven Dire Dragonhawk by Himperion
*Riderless Dragonhawk icon by Null
*Furbolg Bone Elder by johnwar
*Runeimpact by doom_sheep
*Affliction by doom_sheep
*RPG Tauren by Misha
*Black Tauren Shaman by b17rider
*Devil by b17rider
*Mammoth Brawler by Skipper
*Titans Mask icon by Blarf
*Lotus Clan Worker icon by HanBu
*Gnoll Brawler icon by Mephestrial
*Gnoll camp by Mephestrial and Ujimasa Hojo
*Fly Agaric icon by Ceterai

*All other art resources: Blizzard Entertainment


Eldritch Temple Hero Defense (Map)

Seems like a neat defense map with much custom stuff. Maybe could be spiced up with a bit more game modes and stuff to do and buy. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules...
Level 13
Jul 12, 2018
Here's an example of a hero and a faction from the map.

This is the Cabaal.





Primary attribute: Intelligence
Range: Varies with skill use (ranged)
Q: Summon Soul Harvesters
- Release a swarm of [3-30] Soul Harvesters which slash at random enemies for 25 damage per hit. Lasts [12-20] seconds. 45 second cooldown.
W: Summon Frenzied Daemon
- Direct aoe damage spell. Summons a Frenzied Daemon with Cleave to fight your enemies in melee. Hit points [440-1200], attack DPS [68-220], Explodes on death for [50-250] damage. Your hero intelligence affects its stats.
E: Summon Flying Daemon
- Sends a flying daemon to tear up your enemies with piercing attacks. Short lived attack summon. Your hero intelligence affects its stats.
R: Pact
- Transform into a powerful daemon that attacks in melee for a short time. Progressively more powerful forms with levels.

D (Limit Break): Summon Ancient Daemon
- Summons an Ancient Daemon to exact your vengeance upon the enemy. Deals ranged damage in AoE and summons smaller daemons when hit. Your strength improves its damage and your agility improves its armor.

F (Spellbook):
F-Q: Banish Daemon - Causes 250 x hero level damage to a summoned Daemon. If cast on your own summons, the spell restores your mana by 25% of the damage dealt. Does not affect Ancient Daemons.
F-W: Spirit of Malice - Summons a tiny spirit of malice which may spawn a larger daemon when it dies, if it is allowed to grow.
F-E: Runes of Binding (passive) - Each time the Warlock levels up, his summons gain 3% attack speed and 6% hit points.
F-R: Ritual Sacrifice - Lose half of your current hit points to boost all of your current summons.
F-A: Trap Imp - Use your guile to lure an imp into your service with false promises.
F-S: Boon of Malice (passive) - The Warlock has a chance to gain a small amount of life and mana any time one of his summons die.
F-D: Capture Daemon - Captures the spirit of a summoned daemon, binding it to you, making its lifespan indefinite and letting you recall it.
F-F: Release Daemon - Summon the daemon you've captured.

Tier 1 spawn unit:


Role: Basic melee
Armor type: Medium
Damage type: Cutting
Special: Spawns Imp's Soul on death, which heals an ally for 45 hp once before fading.

Tier 2:


Role: Basic ranged
Armor type: Unarmored
Damage type: Corrosive
Special: None.

Tier 3:


Role: Melee DPS
Armor type: Light
Damage Type: Cutting
Special: 1. Cleaving attack. 2. Say Doom: Periodically give nearby allies +10% damage for a short time.

Tier 4:


Possessed Cultist
Role: Melee DPS, two-form unit
Armor type: Heavy
Damage Type: Blunt / Cutting
Special: Very fast attack speed, life degeneration, cleaving attack.

Tier 5:


Hell Invoker
Role: Ranged DPS
Armor type: Unarmored
Damage Type: Magic
Special: Every 3s add extra damage to attack, summon a Winged Imp from killed enemies.

Tier 6:


Enforcer Daemon
Role: Heavy tank
Armor type: Heavy
Damage Type: Blunt
Special: 1. Cleaving attack. 2. Destructive blade: use mana to cause extra damage in larger area.

Tier 7:


Daemon Noble
Role: Long ranged DPS
Armor type: Medium
Damage Type: Magic
Special: Line damage, long range. Damage reduction. Spell shield. Spell resistance.

Tier 8:


Oppressor Daemon
Role: Giant DPS
Armor type: Unarmored
Damage Type: Piercing
Special: Fast attack, cleaving attack. Damage reduction. Spell shield. Spell resistance.

Tier 9:


War Daemon
Role: Giant tank
Armor type: Fortified
Damage Type: Cutting
Special Cleaving attack. Damage reduction. Spell shield. Spell resistance.


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
Seems like a neat defense map with much custom stuff.
Maybe could be spiced up with a bit more game modes and stuff to do and buy.


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Level 13
Jul 12, 2018
Seems like a neat defense map with much custom stuff.
Maybe could be spiced up with a bit more game modes and stuff to do and buy.
Thanks, i feel like that's a fair review and am working on the next ver. It will have more item progression, fixes for some minor bugs regarding a few bosses and boss items, and i'm thinking about a mechanic to give finished players a little more action while they're waiting for someone to kill their last.